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It takes dedication to find this page hidden deep within the Tagonist Knights Website.


Explore life as a mage in a world much like our own by meeting the individuals that this novel is about. Share insights into who they are and what they encounter through multiple quotes found below. Memes and related artwork give a fun and fascinating way to delve into this reality of magic and myth. Explore the history behind the creation of this book and insight into the series. Lastly, you can learn of hidden treasures and secrets throughout the book in the Easter Eggs section of this page. Your journey has just begun!

“Zombies! Why didn’t you start with that? How about, hey, there is an army of dead people about to kill everyone and oh, wait… We also found your friend.” – Nick

Say Hello - The Cast of Arcane Inheritance

“I’m not a hero. I survive situations I’m thrust into, but that doesn’t make me heroic.”


Human Mage

“Come on, we got things to do, dead people to see…”



“I may look differently then you, labeled as a different race, but my ancestors were just as human as yours were.”


Elf Mage

“Sometimes in life we are forced to step forward into an unknown world without the safety of a guide to protect our steps.”


Human Mage

“You mages are all wackadoodle weird with your magic stuff.”


Goblin Technician

“I’ve already lost one arm to this sort of insanity, it should be interesting to see how much of me will become mechanical before I finally kick the bucket.” 


Human Geomancer

“If I am human, as you claim, I am an abomination of nature, one unaccepted by any society.”


Winged Human

“I never admit defeat, for in death I will be more powerful than in life.”



“You’re all a bunch of freaks of nature that should be broken into small pieces to make sure you don’t find some way to come back to life.”


Human Warrior

“I’m about three seconds away from having a brain explosion or a heart going clatter clack boom. If I knew the technical medical terms for all of that, I would use it, but I don’t, so there you have it.” – Nick

Relevant Memes/Artwork


“Never doubt the power within you and never think that anything is impossible.” – Myrddin

Origin Story:
An Old Idea

The author had been playing around with the idea of the last descendant of Merlin ever since he saw the made for television series: Merlin. He loved the concept they presented and the idea that those events took place in our history was one of many elements that went into creating what eventually became the Human Born series.

An older version, not related to this series, involved the basic concepts of the ancestor of Merlin and his shape shifting Jinn. The plot was that his family was murdered and a group dedicated to using them for their own dark purposes was pursuing him. Much of the original elements from it was never used. The cult that worshiped the ancient goddess in the opening of the book is a reflection from this other book concept.

Much of the Human Born series was written years before coming back to it. A fifth book was began but it never went beyond the first hundred pages before the series came to an end. The author was able to salvage much of the original ideas. Although most of the first drafts were completely re-written or dramatically changed, this novel remained relatively the same with some minor alterations keeping several scenes. Acolytes became Blood Oath. Prodigal Son developed into Arcane Inheritance. Children of Gaia was renamed to Garden of Gaia. The unfinished book idea was transformed into Replicating Life.

It was during this novel that larger world building took place. The Greek Empire reflecting the author's interest in Greek Mythology.

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Origin Story:
Past and Present

Although most of the narrative remained the same, a large portion of text was removed involving a secondary story concerning the politics of the Greek Empire. There was a dozen of so characters, beginning with the geomancer who reacted to the lion illusion in an early scene in the final draft. Eventually Clive leaves to be a part of that narrative that essentially added nothing to the main plot. Removing it didn't affect anything other than having to move Clive to follow the group of mercenaries rather than being involved in the Greek Empire story arc.

Another major change to the original was the ending. The first draft was heavy handed wish fulfillment where Geoffrey fights an army of magically formed creatures by himself. At one point, he summons the Lady of the Lake who gives what was then the leader of the castle, Ritter, Excalibur to defeat Mordred. It was so horribly cringe worthy that the author felt the need to remove it completely and try again.

Originally, Geoffrey breaks the curse of David's staff and in doing so, unlocks his godlike magical abilities. The strangest part is how Jinx became mortal. She just did. No explanation given. Making Geoffrey's reaction to the potential threat to his life leading Jinx to do so on his behalf, was an ideal way to explain how she became human as well as providing a more realistic response to this potential threat to his life.

The ending had Revedac taking Morgan prisoner to some unknown fate. The revision allowed Murberec to return to the series.

“Earn my respect and be worthy of my admiration by treating others who would be your ally in this confrontation against a mutual enemy with the same care and concern as your dearest friend.” – Vincent

Easter Eggs and Inspiration

R (9).jpg

Geoffrey is named after Geoffrey of Monmouth, one of the major figures to help establish the stories of King Author.


Jinx is named after the author's cat, who was named after a court jester and illusionist from a much older story.


Myrddin Wyllt was the name of the historical figure from legend that is considered the inspiration for Merlin.

Ball Python

Geoffrey being sacrificed to a snake was inspired by a plot element found within the movie: Conan the Barbarian.


The main antagonist, the summoned spirit, was greatly inspired by Mab from the 1998 Merlin Miniseries.


Revedac is the word cadaver spelled backwards.


Harrison is named after Harrison Hagan Schmitt, an astronaut and geologist, who set foot on the moon.


Galen derives his name from the letters in the word, Angel, rearranged to make his name.


On page 28, Jinx speaks of a ring or a lamp, both refer to a genie from the original Alladin story.


The general look of Nick was inspired by the goblins portrayed in Magic: The Gathering.


Jinx refers to Myrddin as "Master" as a homage to the TV series, "I dream of Jeannie".


Morgan is named after Morgan Le Fey, a character from the King Arthur legends.


Athena is named after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War.

View of Zagreb - J. Duval.jpg

Zagreb is an actual place on the map near the border of what would be the European Alliance and the Greek Empire.


Mage vs. Mage combat was inspired by the Magic: The Gathering novel: Arena.


The scene set within a labyrinth was inspired by an episode of Batman: The Animated series. 


One page 151, Jinx introduces herself as Katherine, the name of a cat the author adopted.


On page 163, the sharing of memories was inspired by the movie: The Dark Crystal.


The staff found at Camelot, previously owned by David, is from the novel: Blood Oath.


Kira and Karma, as well as John and Ritter who are mentioned, are featured in the previous book: Blood Oath.


On page 224, Nick says, "Why don't you wiggle your nose?" It is a reference to magic used in the TV series: Bewitched.

Mordred is named after a treacherous knight from the Arthurian legends.


On page 247, the code “Abraham 1897” refers to the publication of Bram (Abraham) Stoker’s Dracula.


The "liquid" human remains Nick trudges through was inspired by an episode of of the show: CSI.

paradoxdreamer  Emerald Intrigue 1 (1).jpg

The references to dragons found in New York hints at the events of the novel: Emerald Intrigue.

Matthew_Allen_Dickerson - Copy.jpg

On page 304, Melody says the word "evoltseraed". This was used in the novel: In a Heartbeat.

paradoxdreamer 1 (1).jpg

Melody's ability to connect to other worlds through her dreams is expanded upon in the novel: Dryad's Dream.

The final phrasing at the end of the book is a play on something the author have included in several books. “Somewhere, sometime, and on some dimension of existence, anything that is fantasy to us, is real to someone else.” He liked the concept of teasing the audience with the existence of the Mattiverse. This is all building up to something much larger. But… As they say, that’s a story for another day.

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“The greatest adventures happen when someone is lost and uncertain of where to go next.” - Melody

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