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So, you've made it this far, have you? It takes dedication to find this page hidden deep within the Tagonist Knights Website.


As a reward, I present to you five new ways to immerse yourself within this novel. Some of it is insightful, other aspects of it is meant to make you laugh and smile. Hopefully, by the time you're done, you'll be eager to explore the book if you haven't already, or take a moment to read through it once again knowing what you do now.

“You are the breath that sustains me, the heartbeat in my chest, and the warmth that protects me on a chilly night. When I speak of how I feel, it is your name that crosses my lips, for it is the embodiment of what I cherish most in my life.” – Oliver

Say Hello - The Cast of Dearly Beloved

“I will be your guide into this beautiful realm of majestic tranquility that is true love.”

Alice Kent

Aspiring Queen

“Congratulations, you screwed up big time. Now, before you ruin your life and end up where I was a few years ago, fix it.”


Wounded Soul

“You do realize the only reason I put up with you is that I’m mentally undressing you right now.”


Alice's Roommate

“Where there is true love, there is hope.”

Oliver Kent

Romantic Optimist

“Mr. Kent, if you’re going to be a part of my life, you need to learn to walk beside me, not in front or in back. I want a companion in life, not a leader or follower.”

Mina Kensington

Passionate Pragmatist

“I can enjoy the double dose of eye candy, like two scoops of delicious ice cream, lathered in hot fudge. My boyfriend and that beautiful divine beauty talking to him. I am in heaven.”

Mitch Bulsara

Resteraunt Manager

“As human beings, we are flawed, every one of us, and that is why we need to connect with others, to find those missing pieces to make us whole.” – Alice

Relevant Artwork/Memes

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“The scars of your memories are etched upon your soul, but they do not define who you are.” – Alice

Origin Story: A Trilogy?

I didn't plan for a sequel, let alone a trilogy. However, after Queen's Court, I wanted to return to Oliver and Mina's relationship again to complete the narrative that began with Heart of Ice. I knew the book would end with the wedding vows ceremony and that Mina would go off to Europe at one point during the storyline. That's all I knew going into writing the book.

This was the first novel I used a three-act structure. Introduce those involved in the first 100 pages, Mina leaving for the second, and returning for the proposal/marriage to take place for the last third.

I thought the novel would be just about Mina and Oliver, but it quickly revealed itself to me to be a mixture of a sequel to both Heart of Ice and their relationship as well as a sequel to Queen's Court to explore the relationship between Hoven and Alice which turned out great.

I used a method of "who hasn't been in a scene together" approach. That's how Hoven and Mina ended up in a scene together or Mitch alone with Oliver. I would set it up and see what would happen next. Mina and Oliver's mother at the end was unexpected but exciting to see how that developed. I think the final resolution, Oliver not gladly forgiving his mother was realistic in his reaction.

Having the cast of, Eye of the Beholder, was exciting for me. It was hinted at that Penelope was Mitch's sister in Queen's Court, but this formally connects the books.


“Not all lives lost to the darkness should forever be damned for the mistakes they have made in their past.” – Alice

Easter Eggs and Inspiration


What is in a name?

Oliver is named after the cat from the movie:

Oliver and Company.


Man of Steel

Alice and Oliver's last name, Kent, is derived from Clark Kent.


Down the Rabbit Hole

Alice is named after the central character from Alice in Wonderland.


Be a Queen

Mitch's last name, Bulsara, is the birth name of Freddie Mercury, lead singer of "Queen".


Guest Stars

Penelope, Kimberly, and Logan were first introduced in the novel: Eye of the Beholder.

paradoxdreamer  Heart of Ice 1.jpg

Fragile Flower

On page 26, Mina compares Oliver to a flower, a reference to the front cover of the novel: Heart of Ice.

Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream

Oh So Good

On page 36, Oliver mentions Cookie Dough ice cream, which is my favorite flavor.


Mystery Solved

Mystery Alliance is featured in the novel: Eye of the Beholder. Penelope and Kimberly are the creative team behind it.


Video Game #1

Cara plays two online games, the first is Mystical Alliance, based on the novel of the same name.


Video Game #2

Cara plays two online games, the second refers to the novel: Eclipse of the Sun.

Matthew_Allen_Dickerson - Copy.jpg

From the Future

On page 150, Hoven reads to Alice the same story left for Christopher's parents at the end of the novel: In a Heartbeat.

R (2).jpg

Oh no!

On page 181, the phrase "a series of unfortunate events" was intentionally referring to the book series of the same name.



On page 196, Mitch refers to three ghosts visiting Oliver’s mother, a reference to the book: A Christmas Carol.


Rude Guy

In Chapter 11, Roy is named and modeled after a character from the television show: Wings.


Lady Cat

Katherine is named after my first cat, an all-black female stray we adopted when I was a kid.

And now... My Favorite.

The elder man who is doing the ceremony for the wedding has the exact same description given to the elder man from the novel: Tapestry of the Second Born. For those who have read that book, they know that the elder man in that novel is essentially God. Who better to fulfill the role of the wedding ceremony? I thought it was a perfect choice.


Important Date

November 18th, when Oliver proposes, is the release date of the movie: Oliver and Company.

Special Day

May 25th, the day of the wedding, is the day Tagonist Knights Publishing first launched.

Paradoxdreamer_front (3)_edited.jpg

Poetic Soul

Oliver's wedding speech, is a poem I wrote years ago and wanted to include in my book.

“True love will not fix the damage done in the past. It won’t erase the scars upon the soul or heal the tortured existence created within the mind. However, it will provide a guiding light to escape the mental prison that many are trapped within. It will give strength to shed the darkness that cloaks many as a second skin. In the end, it is up to us to follow that path, to seek that guiding light, and to take the first steps towards something beautiful that each of us can in turn, share with another, equally wonderous soul.” – The Storyteller

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