Casting Call: Tagonist Knights Movies

For those who have read any of the books published here at Tagonist Knights publishing may have thought, "What if this was a movie?  Who would play which character?"  The ultimate casting call to not only inspire "What if this was turned into a movie?" but aiming for "When it is turned into a movie."


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The Elder Man : A mysterious figure that appears early on in the book hinting at triggering the end of the world.  His eyes are youthful while his age is shown in his face.  At times he is seen by humans, often interacting with them, but other moments he goes unnoticed even when he's standing in a crowd of people.  There is a gentle kindness and warmth in his presence, bringing an instant sense of relaxation and feelings of being at peace.  It is hinted that he knows much more than he ever truly reveals. 

Patrick Stewart : He would be an ideal choice in casting in that he can bring both the strength of conviction when making decisions that he may not feel comfortable with doing, but feels it necessary.  He has a commanding presence and yet, his range can be both playful, warm, and friendly, all the way to the extreme of intense and dominating.  The elder man in Tapestry of the Second Born needs an actor like that, to have the full range of emotional expression and depth that Patrick will be able to bring fully into the role.  

Daemon : He toys around with those around him as if they are his playthings.  He cares little about the lives that are destroyed, for he hates everyone.  He is convinced of his superiority to all those around him and how he feels that what he deserves most was taken from him.  Jealousy, hatred, and a yearning to destroy lives is his greatest motivations.  When told that the world is coming to an end, he rejoices, revels in this fact, for finally his suffering will be over.

Tom Hiddleston : He has proven he can be the cruel, uncaring, jealous, and angry antagonist.  However, he can bring into the role a playfulness, a joy in what he's doing that a purely serious approach just wouldn't fit.  He will also be able to reveal an emotional depth that is reflected in a few scenes that hints at a much deeper reasoning behind his motivations and behavioral traits.  That blending of cruel hatred, playful joy in what he is doing to others, and the sympathetic aspect of this character that is vital for making Daemon such a fascinating individual would be the perfect role for Tom.

Julius : Cold an emotionless on the surface, but deeply passionate to the point of fanaticism concerning his loyalty to Brotherhood of the Crimson Dragon.  He is the head of a guild of assassins that have been in existence for centuries, waiting for the end of days and that time has finally come.  Used to create chaos and eliminated Alexander's rivals, he becomes a tool in the eventual destruction of our society.

Hugo Weaving : Julius needs someone who can convey power and strength with his voice and presence alone.  He isn't an expressive person, often hiding in the shadows.  The way Hugo speaks when conveying an idea, there is a steady, firm pace he sets as if each word is just as important as the one to come before it.  He commands respect, fear or admiration, any time he is in a scene, whatever the role may be.  It is an ideal fit for Hugo who will bring out that deeply grounded passion that Julius feels towards what guides his actions. 

Mr. Gates : Money management and economic specialist, Alexander uses him to help manipulate the local economy, but with ramifications expanding on a global scale.  With a conglomerate of businesses and operations throughout the country, he uses the advice from Gates to completely eliminate the middle class.  Soon, everyone in the country would be destitute, barely surviving off what little money they could gain, or a part of an elite  few with a consolidation of power bringing back the era of nobility and peasants who served them.

Jeffrey Combs : He has a unique style to his acting in that invokes someone who is constantly thinking about something running through his mind.  As an antagonist, this comes across as his plotting out what horrible thing he will do next.  As a leader, he presents this as considering strategy for what will come next.  As a madman, its voices in his head driving him insane.  I believe he would be able to add so much to Mr. Gates, showing a range with the character, a fascinating character to observe.  

James :  As a child and teenager, he lived the life of luxury.  That was until his 18th birthday when his father was arrested by federal agents, revealing that his world was built upon corruption and greed.  With everything he once knew stripped from him, James has been forced to rebuild from nothing.  However, his past will haunt him as his connections to Alexander Elrod surfaces.  He is the first to realize the horrible truth behind actons of a man he once called friend.

James Franco : Franco has the ability to play a duality of personalities.  Sleazy, backstabbing, untrustworthy, and dangerous.  However. he has also proven that he can reveal genuine emotion, concern, a yearning to play a heroic role at the cost of his own life.  James, the character, begins as the first and soon reveals himself to be more virtuous than he first appears.  This actor has the talent to slowly reveal the depths of this troubled soul.

Patrick Eldrod : Father of Alexander Elrod, he has spent a lifetime building a corporate empire that spans across the globe.  He is ruthless in his yearning to accomplish any goal he sets for himself.  Governments turn a blind eye to any actions he takes as long as the money flows into the right hands.  Despite his actions, he is not a cruel man, his unwavering focus often comes across as a malevolent force.  As the master of his domain, having achieved all that he once planned to do when he was younger, only now does he realize the hardship he has caused as he gained his power.  However, this change of heart may be too late as his son eyes the throne built by his father.

John Rhys-Davies: He has a talent to come across as dangerous, ruthless, commanding, in control, while choosing either this to be a benevolent force or one of a threatening nature.  John will be able to convey this man who has spent a lifetime creating a dream only to realize its a nightmare he has built.  That emotional depth and range this actor can achieve will add both that firm disciplined control while adding a genuine, sympathetic humanity underneath the surface.

Gabriel : The silent observer.  He has a unique, dispassionate viewpoint of the world around him.  Curiosity drives him and yet he's unable to do anything to affect the outcome.  He is knowledgeable about the intricate details that makes up humanity and is fascinated with the final days of existence.  When death claims the life of a mortal being, it is he who is there to guide the life now detached from the world to its destination, experiencing both salvation and damnation.

Benedict Cumberbatch: Portraying Gabriel is going to be a tricky task, in that he has a emotionless reaction to all that is playing out around him.  His dialogue is the most fascinating, however, in that he makes unique observations about what is happening throughout the world and his insights are incredible to listen to.  Benedict can bring this fascination with what is going on without interjecting too much emotion into the scene.  He will be able to breathe life into what would typically be a difficult character to embody in a movie.

Thaddeus : Assistant to the coroner, he has dedicated his life to the exploration of information provided by the dead.  He has an emotional detachment when it comes to death.  As strange things begin occurring around the world, he takes on the challenge to piece together what he considered to be clues like a detective, trying to figure out the thread that connects so many lives from so many different walks of life and the answers it may bring.  

Matthew Gray Gubler: Thaddeus is one of the key components to the story in revealing the truth of what is happening.  Matthew has proven time and again that he can present information in such a way that the audience doesn't feel like they are being lectured to.  He will be able to reveal clues that draws in an audience with that "Oh, isn't this interesting..." manor of his.  He is also ideal in that he can bring a genuine warmth and companionship to the scenes where he is interacting with Julie and Joshua, the character's closest friends.

Bartholomew : A city bus driver for most of his life, he enjoys the casual interactions with the wide spectrum of people that comes and goes throughout his travels. He is contemplating retirement, getting an R.V. and traveling the country with his wife, Sally.  He is easy going and friendly to all those he meets.  Whenever asked how he is doing, his response, "I'm doing dandy."

Forest Whitaker : He has the ability to bring the jovial friendly warmth to the character as well as tackle the more serious scenes when they occur. That ability to come across as a friendly grandfather with a deeply soulful presence to him is ideal.  However, when need be, he can bring an intense, heartfelt reaction to traumatic situations that rounds out the character perfectly.

Sally : Owner of a small cafe that has been around since the early 1950s, having inherited from the previous owner, she is seeking to pass on the business to someone she can trust as she considers retirement with her husband, Bartholomew. She is friendly, nurturing, with a lively energy that inspires others to smile and feel better about their day. As trouble begins around the city, her cafe becomes a sanctuary for many as she provides guidance in these troubling times.

Octavia Spencer : She has the perfect blend of subtle strength and sassy energy that will breathe life to Sally in ways no other actress properly could. She can be a motherly figure while also a friendly coworker that is both encouraging and stern, depending on the situation. This strong presence she brings to the part combined with that natural energy the actress possesses, will make the character all the more lovable.

Thomas : A college professor who has devoted his life to the ancient world, his specialty is the translation of languages of those realms. His curiosity leads him forward as he attempts to find a balance between his analytical logical mind and the fact that something beyond this world has found its way into his hands. Within an ancient book, its origins shrouded in mystery, he must set aside his skepticism as he seeks answers within.

Kelsey Grammer : The way he speaks, delivers his dialogue, will add a heart and soul to what is often text read from the pages of a book. He can avoid the stale presentation of a college professor and provide an energy that few actors could do with such a character. That twinkle of excitement of discovering something new, that smile of, "Oh! What do we have here?"  Kelsey has the talent to bring an emotional depth to Thomas that will complete his journey as an individual. 

Janine : Unknown to the world, the end of days begins with the death of her father. From that point forward, this mother and housewife, is thrust into a series of tragic events. For a woman who is comfortable with her calm, quiet life, being drawn into these chaotic events pushes her to her emotional limits. She is the first of many threads that begin to weave together to form the Tapestry of the Second Born.

Sally Hawkins: Janine is a difficult character to play in that throughout the book she is coping with loss, the discomfort of what is the growing chaos around her, and the moments of serenity she experiences with those closest to her. Sally Hawkins throws herself completely into the roles she plays, embodying the character fully from her subtle mannerisms to the depth of emotion expressed in her eyes and face. She will be able to convey to the audience an aspect of someone who is not coping well with the events occurring throughout the story that will draw them in with a sense of, "What if this was happening to me?"  

Cindy : Fourteen year old Cindy is coping with what she believes to be the rejection of her father after her parents divorce as he has exited her life completely.  With her mother recently getting remarried, she finds herself feeling more isolated, turning to friends to escape her family.  It is during these troubling times for the girl that she begins writing in other languages, gains the ability to read ancient text with ease that would take scholars years to decipher.  This newfound talent provides an unexpected insight into the strange events unfolding throughout the city and soon, the world.

Millie Bobby Brown : Cindy is a complicated character for any actress to approach in that she must be taken seriously by adults when she begins experiencing the radical changes in newfound abilities.  She is the youngest of the cast to be thrust into a deeply troubling situation.  Millie has a unique talent of being intensely focused and a powerful presence on screen.  At the same time, she is naturally a charming and outgoing girl.  These components when combined will create the embodiment of this character, allowing great depth behind her persona. 

Andrew : Son and grandson of a soldier, his life centered around taking orders without question. Promoted to special operations, all of which was considered to not exist and denied by the government, he was the ideal soldier. That is, until the mission 

he was asked to assassinate a little girl. From that point forward his faith in the life he had chosen for himself wavered, soon shattering. He is the first of many to realize that at the center of the growing destruction of the modern world is Alexander Elrod, who must be stopped at any cost before the world is forced to kneel before him or be exterminated.

Thomas Jane : Andrew is emotionally detached, reserved, a soldier and warrior. He soon develops into the action hero of Tapestry of the Second Born as his confrontation with Alexander escalates from suspicion to a declaration of war.  Thomas can fulfill this role perfectly, but what is also needed is to reveal his humanity beneath the hard exterior. Despite his gritty outer appearance, Thomas can smile, be charming and warm when he wants which will be ideal in rounding out this highly disciplined character.

Ferot : His ancestors were native born wolves as nature intended for them to be.  However, after being experimented upon by sorcerers, his ancestors were the first to be able to transform into human form.  He is the alpha/leader of his pack and is fiercely loyal to the preservation and protection of those who rely on him for survival.  

Jason Momoa : He has a presence to him that would bring Ferot to life without the need to be aggressive about it.  The character is a dominating force without without needing to prove it, just walking into a room, he would be able to create this sense of power that is perfect for a character.  He could embody a wolf in human form, not the typical werewolf which is a human taking wolf form. 

Dargom : A member of the first generation of entities given life by progenitors who used magic to summon beings into existence, he is the only one to remain loyal to his creator, Vurian. He plays the part of assistant, aiding where he can to find a solution to what is slowly killing the southern realm and the demonic entities that infest its lands. Soon the events that take place in the west sparks interest for the ancient sorcerer, leading Dargom to seek out the reluctant heroes.

Ben Kingsley : What makes him ideal is his ability to be prim, proper, in control, and aloof while at the same time, charming.  He can bring to the character this unique blend of "I'm only doing my job" without being rude about it but at the same time, "I dearly care about the outcome." He will be able to make Dargom a lovable character that the audience will enjoy watching while still being this emotionally reserved, matter of fact, kind of individual that is fulfilling the needs Vurian.

Vurian : The last surviving progenitor, a group of sorcerers that treated magic like a science that can be harnessed to create new life.  Betrayal led to the downfall of his society and with time all hope seems to have been lost.  It is only with the death of the one responsible for the atrocities inflicted upon the southern realm does he find hope that he can undo all that which he blames himself for creating.

Ian McShane : He has such a unique voice, resonating, powerful, and wise.  He has the ability to reveal a playfulness even in dire situations.  As an actor, he can add a depth to the character that I think few men in his place could properly do.  The painful suffering of his past, the glimmer of hope in a bleak situation, and a commanding presence guiding three unlikely heroes towards a goal they want nothing to do with.  I think of wide variety of talents as an actor would add such a richness of character to Vurian on an emotional level.

Zoe : Born into privilege as the daughter of one of the ruling families of the City of Light, her rejection of her father's wishes soon leads her on a path from city guard to rebel, where she learns skills such as combat and survival in the wilderness.  It is her knowledge of both sides of the world she was born into, from the covetous and greedy elite to the suffering of the poor that are all but forgotten that she becomes a hardened soul.  She is a shadows following the actions of friends she once thought lost to her, keeping them alive even if they are unaware that their good fortune is because of her expertise.

Alicia Vikander : She has proven that she can be the action hero, pushing herself to the limits to prove herself in many scenarios that require her to fight for her life.  However, what is ideal about this actress is her ability to be warm, friendly, the playful friend towards those she cares about that will make her such a lovable character.  Alicia will be able to bring that humanity, that friendship needed to allow Zoe to bloom when spending time interacting with Sebastian and Nathaniel.  This combination of savior to two inexperienced and often inept companions while being a close friend for them to connect to as a trio, allows this actress to bring the two sides of the character's persona together in a ideal way.

Sebastian : He has spent most of his life finding a way to survive in the streets of the city. Making friends with a fellow orphan, Nathaniel, the pair used their quick wit and sharp tongue to keep one step ahead of the city guard. As adults, they not only help themselves, but others in need, often risking their lives to aid those starving in the streets while the elite exist in the life of luxury. He is charming, sarcastic, and the first to make a joke, all to mask the fear and anxiety within him. He puts on a brave front in the face of danger, but is secretly seeking out the quickest way to escape. He certainly is no coward, when the time comes, he'll fight tooth and nail, but why risk his life when there is a back door calling out his name?

Chris Pratt : Essentially, Chris is Sebastian in real life. He could be himself on set, never having to push himself too far beyond his boundaries of what he would normally do in real life. His ability to blend charming and sarcasm while playing a sympathetic, likable character is a necessary component for Sebastian. The way he can fluidly interact with other a characters, ranging from serious to silly, makes him ideal for the role. This character along with Nathaniel are both comedy relief and heroes in the two novels. His ability to portray bravery in the face of danger while being funny is hard to pull off, but this actor definitely has proven he can do so with incredible skill.

Nathaniel : There is a duality within Nathaniel. A noble soul dwells within a man who wants nothing to do with heroism. Yet, he is often thrusting himself into dangerous situations in the hope of changing the world for the better. When confronted with a threat, his usual response is escape and avoid it all costs. Nathaniel will not allow an innocent life to be harmed for his benefit, often risking his life to protect those who cannot protect themselves. A man with the potential to be a valiant hero, but is often talking his way out of such noble acts in the hopes of living to see tomorrow.

Paul Rudd : Nathaniel is a blending of action hero and comedy relief which describes the strengths that Paul has proven to be able to do perfectly. He can be a noble character at heart, wanting to do the right thing, but showing that the hesitation of fear that such decisions may lead to his untimely death. The idea of Paul playing off Chris, their ability to improvise in any scene and how perfectly they would play off one another's personalities and personas, its the ideal combination that would bring these two characters to life. To have heroic characters that don't want to be heroes, yet are often thrust into the position of needing to be noble is difficult. He would be able to portray the character is not a coward, but that voice of reason that the average person would ask, "Wait, what???" He would be able to do so while making the character lovable to an audience.

Glen : Sold into slavery at a young age, he grew up on a planet considered the most dangerous not only in its quadrant, but throughout the universe.  It is here that he meets Lexia at a young age, the two becoming the only person that the other put any trust or faith into as the pair helped one another to survive.  He didn't take much seriously, having lived a life where tomorrow could be his last, so enjoy it while it lasts.  An expert swordsman and skilled fighter, he was an ideal companion to Lexia in that he knows of the hardship she has endured in the past, and shared in her unique sense of humor.  Just when love began to bloom, tragedy drove them apart.  Was that the end of his story or are old friends about to meet once more? 

Adam Rodriguez : He can play the part ideally in that he has that strength of personality and presence that would be needed to match Lexia.  What is unique about this actor is that he can be action hero persona, but also portray a laid back, joking kind of man who lets immediate concerns be like background noise that he ignores as he stays focused on the objective.  He can show that yearning to be more emotional and expressive, but still show that reserved, holding a lot back, uncertainty that would fit Glen so well.

Tinker : Born a human nearly a thousand years ago, Tinker first crosses path with Lexia as an amalgamation of machine and alien body parts.  For the most part, he is a cyborg, nearly half of his body constructed from what appears to be crudely cobbled together machinery including a mechanical eye, robotic arm and hand, and a synthetic leg.  He also possesses the ability to fuse body parts from any organic species to replace lost limbs, such as an arm.  He is a technical genius with over nine hundred years of secrets.  At his heart he is a southern gentleman that is loyal to a strict moral code.  

Jim Beaver : Starting with a core of a character being a kind, fatherly figure, and a gentle southern gentleman, plays perfectly into how Jim presents himself.  Add in his natural sense of humor and casual joking around attitude, will help make Tinker a more enduring, funny, and charming character to watch for an audience.  Lastly, his ability to be gruff, abrasive without being mean about it, that "tough love" mentality plays perfectly into the character's persona that Jim does so well.  I think he would have a lot of fun being such an inhuman character on the surface, but a man struggling with so many years of memories.  That emotional depth of coping with the past is where this actor will truly shine in that he can express so much with a single look on his face or through the resonance of passion in his voice.  

Dryad : Dryad is the embodiment of purity in both thought, emotion, and her reaction to the world around her. She is a plant based life form that has developed into a human form, having made an empathic bond with Lexia.  She possesses the natural talent of being able to read and sometimes transmit emotions.  She has a fascination with what all she encounters, which is why she loves being on board the Sunfire, exploring new realms and interacting with new creatures throughout the Universe.  She provides a much needed beacon of hope for the crew that often finds themselves on the edge of disaster.

Francesca Reale : It was said that if someone tried to describe Dryad to a sketch artists, the image of his actress is what would be drawn.  Dryad is one of those characters that opens up a world of wonders for an actress in that the character is constantly developing, learning, and exploring new aspects of her personality as well as growing list of talents.  I think of Francesca with pale green skin, dark green eyes, and vines as hair and now I have trouble thinking of any other woman to play the role.  

Brent : An android created by a race of androids known as the Erocatad, he serves on board the Starship Vostok as a member of the Cosmic Union of Intergalactic Civilizations.  His vast knowledge of multiple subjects make him an ideal science officer as he explores his understanding of the Universe.  He is capable of experiencing emotions and is patient, sympathetic, and deeply curious individual.  

Jim Parson : Jim can portray the innocence and curiosity that this character is often motivated by.  The blending of a childlike wonder with the pure scientist, adding a humanity to what would be a rigidly robotic role.  He could play that fine line between rigid and reserved, but heartfelt and warm at the same time.  He is also ideal for a comedic role in that his reactions to the less than subtle, initially abrasive behavior of Lexia would be perfect.  Also, he can bring a depth to the character in the scenes when he connects with Lexia on a personal level.  

Leandra : Born a human in the mountains in the eastern realm, a psychic vampire sent to explore the uncharted lands fed upon her family, soon transforming them into the monstrous creatures that attacked them.  Leandra, however, became something else, an unexpected mutation that was brought before the Witch of the north.  Throughout the centuries, she has learned to master her magical talents, becoming a powerful sorceress as well as deadly with her enchanted sword.

Noomi Rapace : She creates the image of a powerful woman who can walk into a room and instantly silent those who gaze upon her.  She has such a unique look to her that helps her stand out as someone that is unlike the common man.  An intensity in her eyes and can play around with dialogue to create a unique accent that will be tantalize the imagination of the audience.  She has the ability to handle action sequences, which Leandra does get into multiple combat scenarios, but also create a feeling that yes, she could go toe to toe with the first and most powerful vampire of this world and not only survive the fight, but walk away the victor.

Adam : His origins is shrouded in mystery, even the man is hidden away under layers of thick armor, practically a knight encased with the thick leather and metal plating.  A loyal companion to Leandra with close ties to her past, he has traveled with her for centuries, fiercely defending a woman that needs no protection.  He is sarcastic, snarky, and often gets himself into trouble with his quick wit and sharp remarks, but his skills with a sword often silence those who would dare threaten him or his dearest companion.

Peter Dinklage : The way he speaks, able to present a snarky, sarcastic tone to what is otherwise a serious moment is perfect for the role of Adam.  He speaks in a serious, nearly monotone voice, but what he often says is comedic in nature.  This dry wit, a sharp remark that can be both insulting or provocative plays perfectly into Peter's style of acting.  He can be both serious in one moment, but adding a flare of a biting remark or off hand statement that out of context, would be grave, but with perfect timing, would be hilarious.  He would be able to achieve that perfect balance in presenting the character to the audience.

Mina Kensington : Mina struggles with expressing herself emotionally beyond providing a frigid response. She has the persona of a warrior about to go to battle, putting forth a tough exterior to protect herself from what may come next. However, buried deep within her is the yearning to connect with others, form a strong emotional bond with those she cares about. She is brave to the point of being fearless, reserved with her opinion but strongly speaking her mind when provoked. There is this hard, cold outer shell she uses as a shield.

Perdita Weeks : She has this range of expression that can properly embody Mina's fierce warrior like mentality when the audience first meets the character. Yet, as Mina changes, grows, develops and becomes the woman she wants to be, Perdita has proven that she can reveal this gradual change. She is able to express so much emotional depth with a look in her eyes or a flicker of a smile. She can be one person around Mitch, letting her guard down a little while being defensive around others. As the books progress into Queen's Court and Dearly Beloved, Mina begins revealing her romantic, sweet, even playful side to her while still being this strong person and the actress can do amazing job showing this range in a believable, realistic way.

Victoria : Mina's room mate can come across as sweet and innocent one moment, then viciously attacking with poisonous words to be said with a snarl to her lips.  She thinks of the men in her life are disposable and are there only to serve her wants and needs.  She does this through a keen insight into human behavior, able to decipher someone quickly and know how best to win their approval.  Once hooked, she manipulates them until she gets bored and moves on to the next gain her interest.  When Oliver crosses her path, she finds a most interesting challenge to conquer.

Aubrey Plaza : She fulfills the role of a dominant, in control, strong willed woman extremely well.  At the same time, she has the talent to initially come across as friendly, warm, and sweet, that can fade instantly with a look in her eyes.  That ability to play a threatening woman in a subtle way combined with her talent to come across as inviting, kind, and a much more gentle character, even if it just a ruse, allows for both sides of Victoria to surface when interacting with others throughout the book.

Edward : The crew discovers him to be a unique form of life that forms a body through a holographic projection. In his mind, he is from the 1950s of Earth which is based upon television and movies of that era. He is uncomfortable around alien life forms and feels that women can't handle positions of authority or situations better suited for men in his mind. 

Patrick Warburton : He is a perfect choice for the role in that he can be the dominating, business suit wearing, serious character of the 1950s. He could portray that version of how men behaved in television and movies, even over acting in the way they did back then. Also, at one point, a second feminine personality takes over from time to time creating perfect comedic moments. He is one the few actors who could shift fluidly between his male persona and impersonating Dryad's behavior. 

Suzie : She is a dangerous overlord with a small army of jellyfish creatures at her beck and call along with a large hulking beast named Frank who enforce her will. Those who have business dealings with her are the most dangerous, vile, horrible individuals throughout the Universe and she likes it that way. Her name strikes fear just at the mere mention of it. In reality, she's a blue eyed, blonde haired done up in pigtails, little girl in a dark blue dress who is an android who was originally created by Tinker, a former member of the Sunfire crew. 

Kitana Turnbull : I had not thought about casting of Suzie until I stumbled upon this actress portraying a bratty, self centered, and verbally abusive little girl in the television series, A Series of Unfortunate Events. Take that character and blend it with the "Off with their heads!" kind of aggressive, broad sweeping, kill anyone who gets in my way, attitude of the Queen of Hearts from Alice and wonderland and you have Suzie. So, it would be fun for this actress to create a character that people both think, "She's dangerous?" But then realize, "Oh yeah, I hate her!" 

Frank : Essentially the character is this massive, block like character that is named after Frankenstein's creation. He is the amalgamation of several alien species merged together as a patchwork construct. He rarely speaks, what he says is usually one or two words at a time, and often refers to Susie, his benefactor that he's deeply loyal to. What is great about his character is that despite working for an evil person, he is essentially a naive, innocent soul with the potential to be good and does make benevolent decisions at times.

Vin Diesel : I am strongly influenced by his role as the Iron Giant, being able to convey heartfelt warmth, compassion, and this naive curiosity all in a few words. He has that deep, rumbling voice that would be ideal for Frank since the character would either be a puppet like creation or a CGI character, so a voice actor would be needed. He's proven he can reveal a lot of emotion, depth, and characterization all through his voice rather than the often limited dialogue that his characters may be used to speaking.

Katherine Kent : Mother of Alice and Oliver, the head of a global conglomerate with connections in nearly every country. She has established herself as a highly respected and in some cases, feared individual that uses her power to gain what she seeks. She presents herself as a queen, a powerful figure ruling over the kingdom she has created for herself.

Cate Blanchett : Her style of acting is firm, in control, dominant without being aggressive. She can reveal a biting, sharp comment with a edge to what she has to say presenting strength without raising her voice. She creates this presence in scenes involving her that demands respect with a lingering stare. She can embody the character of Katherine with such perfect presentation that I can't imagine anyone else playing the part better than Cate could in fulfilling the role.

© 2017 by Matthew Allen Dickerson


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