This is not the end. This is only the beginning...

I want Tagonist Knights Publishing to become an ever expanding experience that goes beyond just the books themselves. I hope to be adding new music and actors for casting for each of the book pages. There is the goal to be adding a new hidden layer for each book that will delve into the history behind its creation, the story behind the story. Favorite quotes and tidbits of hidden information within each novel will be revealed. All of this adding for a fully immersive experience.

Where to next?

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Writers who want to contact the publisher: 

NO COST TO YOU: There are many publishing companies trying to trick you into publishing with them for a price. That is not the case here.  Tagonist Knights Publishing covers all costs so that you don't pay a penny. You will get a brilliant cover designer to create your book cover, complete with any and all revisions you request along the way and input as to the concept you want to use. Secondly, a professional editor will review your work and make sure everything is ready for publication. That is of course after I read through the work myself, so none of this rubber stamp stuff just to make a quick buck. This is publishing company dedicated to a positive change for the future of the writing world.  Every step of the way, the author will be involved. Every concern will be addressed and every idea will be considered. It may take some time, but you'll get exactly what you hope for. 

If you are wanting to become an author to be published through Tagonist Knights Publishing, don't be formal with your query letters. I want to eliminate that as a concern. When you send a query about your story, treat it casually as if you're messaging a friend. Keep it brief, I'm extremely busy and I don't want to read your novel in the first message. With that in mind, no attachments unless requested. It will just get it deleted without looking at it. If your work is "in progress", wait until its finished before you send anything my way. It doesn't have to be the final, perfect draft, but that first rough draft needs to be done from beginning to end. Try to explain to me in a paragraph or two why your story is unique.   Why do you love the story you're writing and maybe even tell me your experiences in why you are contacting Tagonist Knights Publishing.

Don't be shy, say hello!

Thank you for responding!

Need help exploring


the website? 

There is so much to explore and see throughout the website for Tagonist Knigths Publishing. Have you discovered all of its secrets? Let's explore all there is to see one step at a time in case you've missed something along the way. I shall serve as your guide on this wondrous journey through the five realms protected by the Tagonist Knights.

Let's go through the list:

Home page: This one is easy, its the first page you reach when you first come here.

Genre Pages: There are five genres of books. Some books have qualities of multiple genres, so will show up in more than one page.

Book Pages: These may be a bit harder to find. On each genre page, there is a little picture for each book. Click on it and you'll be able to explore all the wonders of each individual novel. These are filled with music and casting choices for live action versions of the story.

Genre Pages

From the home page, you can click on any of the five knights or from the selection bar below them to reach the genre pages.


Throughout the website, clicking on a book cover will take you to a website where you can purchase your own copy of the book!

Follow the Knight

All five genres are represented on the home page. Clicking on each Tagonist Knight will lead you to each genre page.

A Knight's Theme

Did you know each of the five Tagonist Knights have their own theme music? Click on the three shields icon to listen to each one.

Buy a Book

Each genre page has an option to purchase a copy of your own either by clicking on the Order Now button or the book cover.

A Hidden Gateway

On the genre pages, each book has a unique image below their main text. Click on each one to gain access to the book page.

Click and Listen

On each book page, there is a selection of music that fits each novel. Click on: Listen to Song, to hear each piece of music.

Who is that?

For the book pages that have actors chosen for the casting of the novel, click on each person's face to learn more about them.

Where to now?

Clicking on any of these three icons will lead you to Tagonist Knights Publishing on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook.