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Dearly  Beloved

Oliver is an idealist with an unwavering faith in true love. Mina considers herself a pragmatist, questioning the world around her with skepticism. Together they have formed a union of passionate harmony.


The scars of the past provide each with reasons to hesitate as they consider the possibility of matrimony. In these moments of doubt, the opportunity of lifetime presents itself. Mina must choose between a career on the other side of the world or the life she will be forced to leave behind.


Fate began their journey together, but now they must decide if two paths will become one.

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Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character.


What follows is a collection of songs that are the soundtrack to this novel.

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To introduce the movie, there would be a montage of memories, a camera panning across framed images depicting the blossoming relationship between Oliver and Mina. From the moment they met, he felt she was perfect, that she did not have to change anything about her to deserve to be loved.

Oliver sees Mina as the source of his strength, his protector, his guardian angel, a fierce warrior that can handle the challenges of the world when he falters. One of his greatest insecurities is that he's not strong enough, not good enough for her. The path he takes is discovering what role he wants to play in her future.

Mina and Oliver is at an airport as she is preparing to leave for months, uncertain of when they will be reunited. Memories flood their minds, time spent together, pledges of devotion made, words of love spoken. Each time we say goodbye to someone, it may be the last we ever see them. A farewell said with love.

There is a period of time during the novel that Oliver feels isolated, separated from Mina, he doesn't know how to cope. During this time, he begins to struggle with several personal concerns and it slowly wears him down to a near breaking point. He is still only human, able to endure only so much before it's too much to handle.

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Oliver confesses to Mina that he's been hiding the problems he's been coping with from her. He didn't wish to burden her with what was troubling him. In his attempt to shield her from what he was enduring, he was suffering in silence. This song expresses her response, telling him that he doesn't have to do it alone.

There is a time that Mina is in Europe and Oliver remains in America. He says he talks to her when she’s not there, hoping that she could somehow hear him. This song is about someone talking to the moon, knowing that person they care about is looking up at the same sky may hear them reflects this.

Mina has struggled to trust another person, let alone allowing herself the level of vulnerability it takes to truly love someone. She is facing her own insecurities and doubts. It takes bravery to be willing to put your faith in someone, to trust them completely and unconditionally as she wants to do with Oliver.

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This reflects the emptiness of what Oliver is confronting. He is willing to sacrifice everything to make Mina happy, to help her, to support her, to provide her what she needs. He must risk losing her, possibly forever. The song speaks of that willingness to let someone go if you truly love them and want what is best for them.

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The final scene in the movie version of Dearly Beloved would be the first dance between Oliver and Mina on their wedding day. During the credits, scenes from the reception will bring closure to all the characters that people have loved and enjoyed being a part of their lives throughout this experience.

Dearly Beloved : The Movie


Mina Kensington

Played by:


Perdita Weeks

She can properly embody Mina's fierce personality when the audience is first introduced to her. As Mina develops into the woman she wants to be, Perdita has proven that she can reveal this gradual change. She is able to express so much emotional depth with a look in her eyes or a flicker of a smile.



Played by:


Aubrey Plaza

She has the talent to play a threatening woman in a subtle way. Combine this with her ability to come across as inviting, kind, and a much more gentle person, but then shift instantly to a cruel individual is ideal for who she will represent. She can allow both sides of Victoria to surface when interacting with others.


Alice's Mother

Played by:


Cate Blanchett

Her style of acting is dominant without being aggressive. She can speak with an edge to what she has to say presenting strength without raising her voice. She creates this presence in scenes that demands respect with a lingering stare. She can embody Alice’s mother with such a perfect authority and control.

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