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After recovering from a near death experience, the unconscious mind of Dryad becomes the gateway into other realities. The multiverse awaits her.

In a galaxy far away, a powerful new threat is born from hatred towards those responsible for a tortured existence. Revenge becomes a guiding force for an unrelenting living weapon.

As events unfold far beyond her control, Captain Lexia of the Starship Sunfire attempts to prevent what has been set into motion. As the barriers between realities are pierced, the fate of the Universe rests upon the actions of an unlikely crew of misfits, refugees, and lost souls.

Inside Maze

Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character.


What follows is a collection of songs that are the soundtrack to this novel.

Live like Legends ruelle.jpg

This is the opening for the fourth season of the Sunfire Chronicles as a television series. The opening credits of each season will reflect the changing cast of characters and allow for the opportunity to make numerous references to pop culture when it comes to science fiction and sci-fi, as well as introduce the characters.

The opening of the book visually would be this song playing with flashbacks to what happened at the end of the previous novel. It cuts to Dryad recovering from those events and having moments of waking in other realities. It becomes a montage of struggling to recover while coping with these visions of the multiverse.


The song, Who Will Save You Now, starts out as this somber, sorrow sounding melody speaking of survival. This inspired the entire story arc involving Parallax in the first third of the book and her dealings with the Oria. When it becomes intense, that is her anger, her hatred lashing out at those who tortured her for the last time.

Dryad's Dream 8 (Who will save you now).jpg
Dryad's Dream 5.jpg

This song will play at the conclusion, the final scene as it reveals the aftermath of all that has occurred. The lyrics works on so many levels, setting the tone for the conclusion of this story. It represents the sorrow of loss, the determination to keep going forward and to reclaim all that has been lost. This is not the end.

Earth from Spaceship

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Dryad's Dream?

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Dryad's Dream? 

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Dryad's Dream : The Movie



Played by:

Zendaya is an actress that can reveal the subtle elements between Lexia's complex personality. She can embody the painful past, the playful humor, and the serious-minded leader. She can handle the physical demands of the role while expressing the depths of emotion that is Captain Lexia of the Starship Sunfire.



Played by:
Francesca Reale

Dryad is one of those characters that opens up a world of wonders for an actress in that the character is constantly developing, learning, and exploring new aspects of her personality as well as growing list of talents. Francesca has that wide eyed, innocent look to her that is ideal for this unique individual.



Played by:
Adam Rodriquez

He can be the action hero persona, but also portray a man who lets immediate concerns be like background noise that he ignores as he stays focused on the objective. He can show that yearning to be more emotional and expressive, but still show that reserved uncertainty that would fit Glen so well.



Played by:


Vin Diesel

The character would need a voice actor with a rumbling voice. His portrayal of the robot in the Iron Giant would be ideal in that this inhuman character proves to be compassionate with this rumbling voice. It would be a challenge to maintain a relatively monotone voice yet reveal emotional depth.



Played by:
Jim Parsons

Jim can portray the innocence and curiosity that this character is often motivated by. He can bring forth a genuine humanity to what would be a rigidly robotic role. He could play that fine line between being reserved and exploring emotional connections. Brent’s persona would play so well with this actor’s strengths.


Played by:



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Bonus Scene: Not Found In Book

In a movie/television presentation of Dryad's Dream... Hopefully, in time, a scene will come to mind that would be an ideal addition to this narrative. However, as of yet, none has been established. If you have read the novel and during your experience with this incredible world, you have come up with a potentially "deleted" scene not found in the book, an idea for the opening, or an interesting way to close out the story, then contact us at this address. If we like the idea, it will become cannon with you credited as creator of this scenario.

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Leaf Stem

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