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Three mythical objects have been discovered by Silvermane, a vampire who desires to use them to eliminate the goddess that created him. Before he can unlock their secrets, they are stolen by someone determined to spark a global war.


Two close friends, Jenna and Max, are innocent lives trapped between those vying for control. Liz, a cyborg haunted by her past, is thrust into a deadly conspiracy. Their survival will depend on discovering unexpected allies in the form of a goblin and a jinn.


The fate of the human born nations hang in the balance as the truth is revealed.

Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character.


What follows is a collection of songs that are the soundtrack to this novel.


The reality in which this series takes place is a blend of the world as we know it, intertwined with magic, advanced technology, monsters, and fantasy creatures. This song establishes the tone for the whole series. Underneath the surface of what is "normal" is the fantastic at every turn.

This song inspired a "deleted" scenario that does not occur in the novel but would be ideal visually for a movie or television series based off the book. This will add to the experience for the visual representation of the book. Learn more about this new addition below under the "Bonus Scene" section of this page.


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Emerald Intrigue?

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Emerald Intrigue : The Movie


Lilith, Vampire Goddess

Played by:
Eva Green

Eva has such a powerful presence to her. She can easily convince an audience that she is a goddess responsible for the creation of all vampires. Eventually a prequel book will tell of her origins, and as an actress, she can reveal a gradual loss of her humanity into something dark, twisted, with no regard for life.



Played by:

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Played by:

Do you have a actor or actress in mind to play one of the characters in the novel?

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Bonus Scene: Not Found In Book

In a movie/television presentation of Emerald Intrigue, the story goes beyond the conclusion of the book with the song "Run Boy Run" as mentioned earlier on this page. It shows the pair of mothers with their children, the triples in dragon form, bounding around like excited puppies. One leaps at Emannuel, transforming suddenly into human form as she catches the baby. At one point, it shows Kaida running alongside two of the dragons, able to keep up with their speed in her human form. Then she begins transforming, revealing her dragon form for the first time for those watching. It's a way to wow the audience with a visual of this dragon family and a hint of what is to come in the next story.

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