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So, you've made it this far, have you? It takes dedication to find this page hidden deep within the Tagonist Knights Website.


As a reward, I present to you five new ways to immerse yourself within this novel. Some of it is insightful, other aspects of it is meant to make you laugh and smile. Hopefully, by the time you're done, you'll be eager to explore the book if you haven't already, or take a moment to read through it once again knowing what you do now.

“Never in my wildest imagination would I think that one day the Statue of Liberty would be talking to me. Then again, here I am with Frankenstein’s creation after he just told me that Ebenezer Scrooge was real.” - Quinn

Say Hello - The Cast of Meteorite of Fire

“I am not a man. I am spirit bound to mortal flesh that cannot die.”


Imprisoned Spirit

“To quantify someone in any way diminishes them. By accepting a certain label given to you by society is limiting you and who you can become.”



“End of the world and you guys are talking about dating preferences? Are you serious?”


Spirit in a Teenage Body

“For those who do not see the limitations of this world, anything is possible.”  


Immortal Warrior

“Fire consumes flesh. Earth shatters bones. Water washes away what remains. Air forces the spirit from this world. Nothing remains of the person.”


Computer Specialist

“Winnie-the-Pooh told me.”


Psychic Savant

“We may be amateurs, but we’re amateurs with hope, not willing to give up. You, you’re some sort of professional that has given up already and that to me is useless.”


Artifact Collector

“Don’t worry, kiddo, this isn’t the first end of the world scenario that I’ve helped stop, probably won’t be the last.”


Demon Hunter

“Did Frankenstein’s monster just ask me to knock out the surveillance? That is so cool…”


Technology Savant

“Didn’t you say this is the Sanctum Sanctorum of Infinite Possibilities? Shouldn’t that mean nothing is impossible?”


Normal Human

“Every moment with you is like an eternity that I cherish. Whatever the future may bring, know that I will always be by your side.”


Human Vampire

“I am certain there is much in your past that has left scars upon your psyche. How we grow as individuals, to cope with what has taken place, should not be ridiculed.”


Human Fenrir

“You should not fear death. It is a transition from one form of existence to another. One you should embrace when the time comes.” – Prometheus

Relevant Images

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“The world must be about to burn to ash and dust if you’re involved. I knew things were bad, but you’re proof that we’re about two steps shy of shaking hands with Satan himself.” - Linda


Origin Story:
Set Up For Success

I had set up this novel in the last third of the previous book. I knew the title and cover design would revolve around the element of "Fire". Beyond that, I had no clue where the story was going when I started. I knew i wanted to gradually bring the group back together after having some time with their various separate stories.

The fate of Henry's mother and Aethel near the end was originally revealed but I wanted to leave myself the opportunity to see where that story goes and not restrict myself too much as to where that aspect of the story may develop in the next book.

I knew about the big reveal at the very end. I even had to edit the previous scene where Velkin is getting medical attention to properly set up that final moment.

Originally what happens to Esper is unexpected. She has to leave in a rush and is caught off guard by the sudden attack. Yet, I wanted to empower her and make her a more formidable figure in her being prepared for such an event.

The biggest surprise for me was realizing that what I had planned to be a four-book set, one for each element, would not end there. I knew that there was a lot that still needed to happen. A lot of major losses and shocking moments that I thought would occur in this book but would be reserved for the next one. With all that in mind, I knew I had to write a 5th book for the arbiters represent the balance between all five and that would be the final book in the series. The Quaternity reunited as one.

“The flow of knowledge should not be coveted and withheld. We must open our eyes to the truth, both the parts we gladly embrace and the dark stains upon human history that most would try to avoid.” - Prometheus

Easter Eggs and Inspiration

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Man or Monster?

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is also titled "The Modern Prometheus", which is why he is named that way.


Royal Myth

Aethel's life inspired many King Arthur myths, many are fictional stories rooted in fact.


I see Dead People

The term "psychic" refers to anyone who can see and/or interact with a spirit.


Scifi/Horror Author

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was an English novelist who wrote the Gothic novel Frankenstein in 1818.



Henry is named after Indiana Jones, Henry Jones Junior. His father's family is inspired by that lineage.


Hunter Mother

Linda is named after Linda Hamilton and inspired by her character, Sarah Connor.


Demon Hunter

The concept of what Linda does, being a hunter, was inspired by the show: Supernatural.


Artifact Collector

The idea of artifacts and artifact collectors was inspired by the show: Warehouse 13.


Irish Vampire

Carmilla is named after the first female vampire in literature.


Quirky Namesake

Milo is named after the main protagonist in the movie, Atlantis: The Lost Empire.


Artifact Storage

Sanctum sanctorum of infinite possibilities is greatly inspired by the show "Warehouse 13".


Avenging Angels

Seraphim are angelic beings, regarded as belonging to the highest order, associated with light and purity.

Legacy Cover Full_edited.jpg

Sunfire Crew

Page 28, "...misfits, refugees, and lost souls?" refers to the back of book text for Lexia's Legacy.


Son of a God

Fenrir is a giant wolf from Norse mythology.


Ancient King

Page 34, Gilgamesh was a hero in ancient Mesopotamian mythology and his story is considered the oldest surviving notable literature.


Prominant Actor

Francis is named after Ron Francis Pearlman, who played Vincent in a Beauty and the Beast TV series that the character is modeled after.


Riddle Me This

Page 44, a "question" man beaten up by a man dressed as a bat refers to the Riddler and Batman.


Divine Warrior

Orthia was a local goddess only found at Sparta and Messene who was later identified with Artemis.

OIP (1).jpg

Romantic Heroes

Page 54, "issues, lots of issues" scene is from Justice League with Batman and Wonder Woman.


Prolific Conquerer

Genghis Khan was the founder and first leader of the Mongol Empire.


Death Spirit

In Greek mythology, the Keres were the goddesses who personified violent death.

R (1)_edited.jpg

Specialized Blade

Page 74, The kukri or khukuri is a type of machete with a distinct recurve in its blade.

R (2).jpg

Endless Space

Page 98, the bag and the nanny mentioned refers to the movie: Mary Poppins. 


Wish Fulfillment

On page 103, the kid living under the stairs refers to the Harry Potter book series.


Death Awaits

Page 104, the Grim Reaper sign underwater was inspired by real life underwater locations.


My Precious

On page 135, the guide to the mountain is Gollum who led Sam and Frodo to Mount Doom.



Page 156, Henry nearly mentions the Fortress of Solitude, home of Superman.


Rugged Riders

 Harley-Davidson originated in 1903 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Seemed like a good place for the hunters.


Savage Druids

Page 167, the plague unleashed by the druids was the "black plague", a pandemic during 1346–1353.



Page 178, Esper thinks of the dark side of the... A reference to the Force from the Star Wars.


No Place Like Home

The silver slippers used by Quinn are featured in the novel: The Wonderful Wizard of OZ.


Unlucky 13?

Page 204, the mention of a 13th location refers to Warehouse 13, the inspiration for the Vault. 


Howey Paner

Page 209, my father was a fan of cowboy movies and this reference is a homage to him.


TV Show

Page 213 refers to the show, Beauty and the Beast, featuring Ron Pearlman and Linda Hamilton.


Strike me down...

Page 215, Henry is referring to the original Star Wars movie.

Road Trip!

Page 220, Milo's memories of a station wagon reflect my own experiences as a kid.


Spartan Goddess

Orthia was a local goddess only found at Sparta and Messene who was later identified with Artemis.


Divine Name

Airmid is the name of an Irish goddess with connections to herbal remedies and healing.


On the Road

Page 220, the song Quinn is singing is "Life is a Highway" by Tom Cochrane.



Page 251, the wolf head battering ram refers to Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.


See the Future

Page 255, the "time machine" movie is Paycheck.


Man vs. Machine

Page 259, John Henry was an American folklore tale about a man who outpaced a machine.


Lot 665!

Page 260, the music box is from the story: The Phantom of the Opera.


Sight Seeing

Page 271, the group is staying at the Teepee Hotel in Arizona.


Heroic Uniform

Page 288, Esper's outfit is inspired by and refers to the character: Batman.

And now... My Favorite.

On page 288, Esper's failsafe program is named after the final two-part episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, "All good things..." The code she uses refers to the final air date of the series: May 23, 1994. This reveals that the series existed in her reality, and she was a fan of it as much as I was. I often make references to the series since it provided an optimistic view of the world. It represented hope, when often reality provided on despair and pessimism. That is why even at the end of the book, when everything feels like there is no chance of a happy ending, there is hope... It is my way to tell the audience that even though this is the end, there is hope that htings will get better.


“You will have to make a deal with the devil, signed in blood, pledging your immortal soul as payment.” - Gretchen

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