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Separate worlds, parallel realities, two stories in one. Meet Beltini and his friend Tammy. Explore their thoughts through provided quotes. Learn of this fascinating narrative through related artwork. Delve into the story behind the story with insight into the making of this novel. Discover the hidden truths and Easter Eggs that add a new level of understanding.

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Two stories, separate realities, and parallel worlds. Meet Artemis and her friend Nashota. Learn  more by delving into their thoughts. Discover more about this incredible tale through provided images. Learn about the creation of this book with behind the scenes knowledge. Uncover unique information and veiled concepts that will enhance your experience.

“What we create. What we bring into this world. The lives we have experienced. All of which may provide a light in a dark world to guide others towards achieving their dreams.” - Artemis


Fan Favorite

A scene selected from the book.

When the two realities begin to overlap, what is occurring in one story is happening in real time in the other world. Belinti and Artemis both exit into the hallway of the hotel both are staying in. He feels her presence and she can sense him being close by but neither knows what is happening. At one point they end up on the elevator together, sort of... Each in their own reality. When she speaks, he screams in fear of the unknown. Here is this seven-foot tall, muscular build, powerful presence sort of figure of a man and he is terrified of what he thinks is a spirit of someone who passed away is haunting him. This leads the pair to an empty ballroom when music plays, and they see one another for the first time.


“Sometimes what makes us unique isn’t easy to see on the surface. We must hide it from the world and in turn, we ourselves become lost to what we are rather than embracing who we are.” - Manal

Relevant Images

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“The only way I will ever emerge from the darkness is to expose my light to the world, and not let it be hidden any longer by a cloak of shadows.” - Artemis

Origin Story:
A Different Idea

The original concept was that the story starts out with a man having recently lost his wife to a long term illness. This would later be reflected in the death of the mother of Artemis in how she knew she was dying months before she passed. The man joins the talent competition to honor the memory of his wife who was a singer that never fulfilled her dream of doing so on stage.

He has no singing talent at all but goes anyway because he wants to feel a connection with her. When he attempts to sing, much to his surprise, he does so beautifully. The spirit of his wife gives him the ability to accomplish this miracle. Eventually people see her with him on stage. This is reflected in the final chapter where the Artemis and Belinti are together, one being a type of spiritual light.

The story was too depressing to write. Starting off that way was too painful for the author to proceed with the idea. So, he shelved the idea for years until he discovered the concept of a Twin Flame. That led to the idea of two people from separate parallel worlds existing next to one another, aware of the other's existence. Connecting with each other on a spiritual level felt perfect.

 The author wanted them to be unique and that's when he thought of the sun and the moon. That concept molded their appearance. Also, it was then he had the idea of bringing Gemini, the Tagonist Knight, into the story playing a role in both narratives. Her name meaning "twin" each time hinting at the truth.

By pure coincidence it was his 20th book published at the end of 2020. Twins, Twin Flame, Two, all being themes. He couldn't have planned it better. Perfect.


“Sometimes how we connect with someone else can't be put into words, it is an experience that only the soul can feel.” - Tammy

Easter Eggs and Inspiration


Belinti gets his name from Bel, a Irish god of the sun that reflects his Irish heritage.


The second half of Belinti's name is Inti, the sun god of the Incan Indians which reflects his mother's heritage.


Belinti is meant to represent the sun. Red hair, golden eyes, bronze skin, energetic, and a powerful presence.


Artemis is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, twin sister of Apollo who was the sun god.


The mask that Artemis wears is a homage to the one worn by the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera.


Artemis symbolizes the moon, which is why she has her particular skin tone and sensitivity to light.

starryai-0-1014340979-1-0-photo (1).png

Tammy means "Twin" which hints at the truth of why she is there at the competition.


Belinti along with his siblings represent the nine muses from Greek Mythology.

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Beltini mentions his father is the 7th son. The 7th son of the 7th son is the "Luck Child" in Irish folklore.


Artemis begins the story wearing all black to represent the darkness of a new moon.

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The name Nashota means "Twin", hinting at the truth of her being at the talent contest.

Violin Shop

Nashota plays the violin because it is the favorite instrument of the author.


Page 12, 990 refers to 1990, the year the episode of Star Trek: TNG Transfigurations first aired. 

Page 12, 992 refers to 1992, the year the episode of Star Trek: TNG: The Inner Light first aired.


Tammy plays a tin whistle due to inspiration of "The Inner Light" episode. 


On page 11, 909 and 910 refers to 1909 and 1910, the years the Phantom of the Opera was first published as a serial in '09 and as a book in '10.


On page 11, 986 refers to 1986, the year the Phantom of the Opera musical was first performed.


In Chapter 2, the man Nashota is referring to is Logan, from the novel: Eye of the Beholder.


Antoinette is inspired by Toni Watson, known as Tones and I. 


Antoinette refers to Belinti as "bright and shiny" on page 18, another comparison to the Sun.


The narrative told by Tammy of the man seeing his culture vanish is the plot to the Star Trek: TNG episode: The Inner Light.


Nashota dancing while playing a violin is inspired by a Lindsey Stirling.


Eternal Illumination is a play on the title "The Inner Light", which the song's backstory refering to that TNG episode. 


Selene is a moon goddess representing the moon itself.

R (7).jpg

Nicolaus Copernicus was an astronomer who was the first to place the sun, not the Earth, as the center of the Universe.

OIP (1).jpg

Carl Sagan was an astronomer, cosmologist, author and professor.


On page 33, Belinti's grandfather doing a jig refers to Grandpa Joe dancing in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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Neal Armstrong is the first man to step foot on the moon.

Twin Girls

Tomasa and Didymus are names that mean "Twin".


The story of Nashota's grandparents is based on the opening of the movie "Up".


The camera man is named after Benjamin Bratt, the voice of Manny in the movie: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.


Anna is named after Anna Faris who did the voice of Sam Sparks in the movie: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.


Belinti's maternal grandparents were born on May 21 and became engaged on June 21. The astrological sign, Gemini (the twins), is May 21-June21.


Elbert is named after Elbert Frank Cox, the first black person in the world to receive a PHD in mathematics.


Elbert’s last name is honor of Katherine Johnson, who did mathematics for NASA.


Elbert Johnson represents the left side of the brain, reading, writing, and mathematics.

Matthew_Allen_Dickerson - Copy.jpg

The story of Felicty and Christopher told by Tammy is found in the novel: In a Heartbeat.

Star Cluster

Danica, Hokulani, and Zornitsa are all names that mean "star". Belinti is the sun, another star.


On page 65, the pairing of animals and a large boat is a reference to Noah's Ark.


Manal is named after Manal Al Dowayan, a contemporary artist from Saudi Arabia


Manal's last name is in honor of Dia Azzawi, a painter and sculptor from Iraq.


Manal Azzawi represents the right side of the brain, creativity and problem solving.


Janis Nicks is named after Janis Joplin who was a singer and songwriter from the 60s and 70s.


Janis Nicks is named after Stevie Nicks who was a singer and songwriter from the 60s and 70s.

Difference-Between-Soul-and-Spirit_Figure-2 (1).jpg

Where the first two judges are the mind, Janis represents the soul/spirit of a person.


Nico is named after Nico Tortorella, an actor who came out as gender fluid.


Nico's last name comes from Asia Kate Dillon, a non-binary actor.


Where the others represent the mind and soul, Nico represents the body and the physical self.

R (8).jpg

The non-English words that Belinti uses are of the Quecha language.

R (2).png

Belinti makes a reference to a leprechaun rather than a genie to hint at heritage with Irish folklore.