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Heart of Ice

The daughter of a cheating husband and his mistress, Mina shields herself behind a mask of frigid indifference. She thinks of love as a weakness, refusing to become a victim of its influence.

Oliver was given the ultimatum by his ruthless

matriarch: Choose a life of luxury or to follow his heart into an unforgiving world. However, what was meant to be happily ever after ended in tragedy,

leaving him a broken man.

Fate guides two lives who are about to cross paths, their future shrouded in uncertainty. 

In the depths of winter’s desolate landscape,

a heartbeat begins to sound.


Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character.


What follows is a collection of songs that are the soundtrack to this novel.

This is a reflection of Mina's feelings in that she wants to be more emotional, connect with others, but is afraid to do so. The lyrics speak of someone who would do these things if they didn't have to fear being hurt. That fear of being hurt, choosing to shut off that part of herself led to her heart of ice.

This would be used in the final scene of the movie where the group is attending a public karaoke location and Mitch is up on stage singing this song. At one point, Mina does a solo dance, showing off her moves. Then Oliver responds with a beautiful waltz with her, reflecting their different personalities.

This is the theme song for Mina. It reflects her strength and independence. In the opening of the movie she starting her day as the audience gets some insight to her day to day life. At one point, she's dancing with a man, having a romantic interlude in her mind, before snapping out of her distracted thoughts.

This reflects the duality of Mina as she struggles with being independent while yearning to connect with someone. The song plays with the concept of being this strong, independent person. Yet, they are asking for this person in their life not to leave, to give them a chance. This is her connection with Oliver.

Mina earns herself the title of the Ice Queen. She represents a powerful woman, someone who is in control of her life, won't allow anyone to control her, and is someone who demands respect. She fears that letting down her guard, letting someone into her life romantically, may strip her of that strength.

There is in a scene mentioned in the novel but not described. In a movie version of the book, it would play out as the two main characters are dancing together for the first time. The lyrics reflects Mina's struggle to allow love into her life and the connection she feels with Oliver. Her contradicting of feelings revealed.

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Heart of Ice : The Movie


Mina Kensington

Played by:


Perdita Weeks

She can properly embody Mina's fierce personality when the audience first meets the character. As Mina develops into the woman she wants to be, Perdita has proven that she can reveal this gradual change. She is able to express so much emotional depth with a look in her eyes or a flicker of a smile.



Played by:


Aubrey Plaza

She has the talent to play a threatening woman in a subtle way. Combine this with her ability to come across as inviting, kind, and a much more gentle character, but then shift instantly to a cruel individual is ideal for Victoria. She can allow both sides of Victoria to surface when interacting with others.



Played by:



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