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So, you've made it this far, have you? It takes dedication to find this page hidden deep within the Tagonist Knights Website.


The puppets created by Jim Henson become the central inspiration for many individuals featured in this novel, most of which the audience may not catch. However, you can learn about these details in the Easter Eggs and inspiration section found on this page. Explore this fascinating universe through introductions of those involved and quotes provided. Entertaining images give a playful introduction to this sometimes bizarre reality. It is here that you can learn about the story behind the story as we delve into this ongoing series.

“You are absolutely the strangest, most peculiar individuals I have ever encountered. I like that. Now then, follow me. Might as well get this suicide mission over with.” – Zoon

Say Hello - The Cast of Parallax's Paradox

“Dad always said I had a little bit of chaos in me.”


Starship Captain

“I hope you do realize I have no interest in your validation for my actions.”


A.I. and Pilot

“Even if you decide, don’t follow me into the dark unknown, as captain I will feel that it is my duty to override such orders. I assure you. We will go looking for you.”



“The captain will be most displeased if Tedorn is eaten under my watch.”


Android Zenobiologist

"Ah’py ya’op ba’in wa’ta na’iv ma’!”


Large Talking Gerbil

“With each new life that enters the universe, hope is given strength."


Humanoid Plant

“The dead cannot learn.”


Pilot and Counceller

“You organic creatures are so limited in your understanding of what constitutes as a life form.”


Spherical Life Form

“I may be an idiot, sir, but I am not that kind of idiot!”


Synthetic Being

“Yay me, an entire race of godlike beings wants to kill me. I’m so happy I could scream with joy.” – Lexia

Relevant Memes/Artwork


“When you’ve gone up against something that could destroy the entire Universe, twice in a lifetime, being shot between the eyes doesn’t seem all that threatening by comparison.” - Lexia

Origin Story:
If only...

Parallax's Paradox was meant to be another stand alone story just like the previous two books in the series. Parallax would be tempted to become what she once was in the form of an artificial intelligence integrated into a computer mainframe, have a confrontation with Lexia, and somehow resolve their differences by the end of the story. If only it was that simple. Then again, if it was, there wouldn't have been four novels to finish the story arc. It was worth it.

The author knew going into the story how it would end for Dryad. He was inspired by a song that a fully developed scene played out in his mind nearly a year before writing the book. The idea of this tragic event leading to her opening up her mind to the multiverse felt perfect for a series that pushed the limits.

There were no plans as to where the story was going to develop beyond some basic concepts. It underwent several rewrites before its final version. At one point Dryad sneaks on board the Oria ship using the twins to cloak her position and she observes the fate of the Swogs. Parallax detects her presence and tries to save her using the twins to send her somewhere else, linking to the ending.

Another changed concept was that Parallax comes back with Lexia, then turns traitor. Having been tempted by the Oria, she attacks the captain, and that leads to Dobuho saving Lexia by going back in time. It led to Parallax to make an unexpected change of personality. The author hated the idea and had to fix it.

A minor change was Dobuho telling Dryad to bring her helmet, setting up for the end. A being that can see in the future allowed for a plot hole to be averted.


Origin Story:
The Muppet Show!

Going into the story, the author was in need of inspiration for new life forms and concepts for new individuals to be introduced to the series. He had been wanting to make a "Pigs in Space!" throw away joke for awhile. That one idea, a random thought, sparked an entire series of individuals that would later develop into a major influence of the series. From that point forward a multitude of those written about were directly inspired by the works of James Maury Henson, AKA Jim Henson. His full name inspired the title of the puppet master: Jamahe.

What was fascinating concerning what developed was that Jamahe brought these creations to life, each with their own personalities and yet, if he chose to do so, he could communicate through them. This is much like each individual puppet had their own personality separate from the puppeteer, yet it was the puppeteer controlling them. This seemingly random idea led a group who would continue to play a major role in influencing the future of the series.

Being a huge Jim Henson fan, having a version of Gonzo the Great joining the crew of the Starship Sunfire was a dream come true for the author. Adding a little bit more comedy in the form of Zoon also helped balance the grim, darker tones of what was happening at the end of the book. He had learned how to do this in the Age of Shadows books, humor to balance out the darker setting.

What begins as a small spark of an idea, such as wanting to tell a joke or explore a scientific phenomenon that is only theoretical in our reality, may lead to story concepts. The yearning to include historical events concerning space travel also serve as inspiration. The possibilities are limitless with the Sunfire Chronicles.

“Let us not speak of the cookie, for it may be the cause of a horrifying destruction on a level that not even I can possibly grasp, and I am well versed in the impossible.” – Dobuho

Easter Eggs and Inspiration


A "rotation" is one year, inspired by the phrase "rotation of the galactic axis" from the movie: Galaxy Quest.


The Cosmic Union was greatly inspired by the Star Trek Universe, The Next Generation being my favorite.


The scene with Lexia's legs propped up while Parallax pilots the ship is inspired by a panel from a Batman Comic Book.


Brent is named after Brent Spiner, who played Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation

R (10).jpg

The scene of the attack on the planet was greatly inspired by the movie: Starship Troopers.


The Starship Sunfire is named after my second car, a Pontiac Sunfire.


Officer Dean derived his name from the lead actor from Starship Troopers, Capser Van Dien. Yes, intentional spelling difference.


The red visor sliding into place and, “We die.” A homage to the movie: The Last Starfighter.

Paradoxdreamer_v2 - Copy.jpg

On page 4, Tinker, a former crew member is mentioned. He was in the first two books of the series.


On Page 9, Dryad's confrontation with a snake creature occurred in Book 2: Tinker's Treasure.


Tedorn gets his name from rearranging the letters in the word "Rodent".


Tedorn's species, the Nimrev, is the word "Vermin" spelled backwards.


Dryad activates her energy shields by saying, "Engage". This is a reference to Captain Picard from Star Trek: TNG.


Rua'So'Nid, a former crew member, left the series at the end of the second novel.


The race of androids that Brent belongs to is called the Erocatad. It is the words Data Core spelled backwards.


On page 14, Lexia says, "We're going to need a bigger gun." A reference to a line from the movie: Jaws.

Matthew_Allen_Dickerson_1 - Copy.jpg

This line spoken by Glen refers to the first novel, Lexia's Legacy, where her crew stole her ship.

Brown Insect

A Grootill that is mentioned first appeared in the opening scene of Lexia's Legacy.


Glen is named after the creator of Battlestar Galactica, Glen Larson, since he was once Nolyc.


Captain Stewart is named after Patrick Stewart who played Captain Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Frea and Ferno are former crew members that departed the series at the end of the first novel: Lexia's Legacy.