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The annihilation of a colony of humans leads Captain Lexia of the Starship Sunfire and her second in command, Parallax, on a journey to discover those responsible. Meanwhile, the remaining crew explores the Universe through the unpredictable behavior of a traveler with extensive knowledge of the past, present, and future.

Two paths of discovery lead to ancient life forms, each appearing to be benevolent in nature, but only one will prove to be an ally.

Lexia must discover who she can trust, who will betray her, and save the lives of all on board the Sunfire before it’s too late.

Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character.


What follows is a collection of songs that are the soundtrack to this novel.

Sunfire Chronicles 1.jpg

This is the opening for the third season of the Sunfire Chronicles as a television series. The opening credits of each season will reflect the changing cast of characters and allow for the opportunity to make numerous references to pop culture when it comes to science fiction and sci-fi, as well as introduce the characters.

An epic battle both on a planet and in orbit between the Cosmic Union and some unknown threat. The Sunfire streaks into the scene, zooming inside the control room where Lexia is casually enjoying a drink as Parallax is intensely focused on dealing with the threats. Then they land as the song ends, the crew disembarks.


This is Lexia's theme song. Nothing is impossible in her mind. She is the kind of person who will leap off a tall building and figure out how she's going to survive on the way down. She's fearless, determined, refusing to accept defeat, and always pushing herself to do the right thing no matter the risk.


This song inspired a "deleted" scenario that does not occur in the novel but would be ideal visually for a movie or television series based off the book. This will add to the experience for the visual representation of the book. Learn more about this new addition below under the "Bonus Scene" section of this page.

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This song is ideal for the antagonists in the novel, giving them this sense that what they're doing is for the greater good. They come across as benevolent and helpful when in reality they're responsible for horrible atrocities. The haunting tone reflects the utopia that they offer but at such a tragic, horrifying cost.

A year before the book was written, I first heard this song. I knew then how it would end, long before I began writing it. Dryad is trapped, alone, isolated, separated from anyone else with no hope in sight. The song reflects this desperate cry for help, sending out a message, pleading for someone to find her before it’s too late.

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Parallax's Paradox?

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Parallax's Paradox? 

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Parallax's Paradox : The Movie



Played by:

Zendaya is an actress that can reveal the subtle elements between Lexia's complex personality. She can embody the painful past, the playful humor, and the serious-minded leader. She can handle the physical demands of the role while expressing the depths of emotion that is Captain Lexia of the Starship Sunfire.



Played by:
Francesca Reale

Dryad is one of those characters that opens up a world of wonders for an actress in that the character is constantly developing, learning, and exploring new aspects of her personality as well as growing list of talents. Francesca has that wide eyed, innocent look to her that is ideal for this unique individual.



Played by:
Adam Rodriquez

He can be the action hero persona, but also portray a man who lets immediate concerns be like background noise that he ignores as he stays focused on the objective. He can show that yearning to be more emotional and expressive, but still show that reserved uncertainty that would fit Glen so well.



Played by:
Jim Parsons

Jim can portray the innocence and curiosity that this character is often motivated by. He can bring forth a genuine humanity to what would be a rigidly robotic role. He could play that fine line between being reserved and exploring emotional connections. Brent’s persona would play so well with this actor’s strengths.



Played by:
Vivienne Acheampong

Gold has been alive for thousands of years, bringing with her a relaxed, calm understanding of the Universe. Vivienne has that presence that I hope for Gold to bring to screen. Wise, comforting, gentle in her tone, a guide, a counselor, someone willing to say what is needed, and a powerful individual in a subdued, subtle way.



Played by:

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Bonus Scene: Not Found In Book

In a movie/television presentation of Parallax's Paradox... In a scene not in the book, after landing on the planet for Lexia and Parallax to find transportation and the others to find a job. Dryad wanders into a type of dance club filled with animal like beings. After finishing her meeting with Waka, Lexia goes in search of her. Dryad slowly moves through the crowed, entranced by the music. As the music nears the climax of the song, Dryad's eyes begin to glow as a representation of her psychic ability that affects all those around her. Realizing that animals eat plants and her crew member could be in danger, Lexia works her way through the crowd to reach her. That is when the captain becomes affected by this psychic projection. This leads to her, Dryad, and a large group around them to dance together as the song ends.


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