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Queen's Court

Alice is a modern-day princess, born into privilege.  Having broken free from a dominating matriarch, she lives in fear of what her mother will do next.  When a mysterious man crosses her path, she is inspired by his noble soul buried under self-doubt.

Hoven has never known love. Abandoned by his parents, abused by all who entered his life.  Each day he thinks of suicide, a man without hope.  An accidental meeting leads to a glimmer of happiness in a world of despair.

Can a chance encounter reveal a future no longer shackled by uncertainty before it’s too late?

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Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character.


What follows is a collection of songs that are the soundtrack to this novel.

Romance novels should end on a positive note and provide hope. That happily ever after that we may not find in real life, you can read about in the pages of a book. it is not the end but the beginning of a new life together as a couple. This is a wonderfully charming song to cap off the end of the book with a smile.

This reflects the relationship between Alice and Hoven. He is an isolated man who has built up this emotional barrier between himself and others. It makes it difficult for him to form new relationships. Alice wants to get through to Hoven and to help him break free from this prison he has created for himself.

In the opening of the movie, Alice is walking through the city she lives in, enjoying the richness of the world around her. The lyrics describe someone who is thinking about a future unburdened by the past. Alice is trying to figure out where she belongs in the world and this song reflects that about her.

Mitch is trying to teach Alice that a woman can feel empowered, in control, while wearing a dress if she so chooses. To prove his point, he wears a dress himself, complete with high heels. He does all of this with Alice in public during a montage of them throughout the city much to her delight.

The lyrics fit Alice's struggle with a strict childhood that nearly stripped her of her humanity. All she wanted was to be loved by her mother, who was cold, distant, and unforgiving in molding what she felt was an ideal daughter. When Alice sings on stage in the novel, it is this song that she is singing during that scene.

The movie version would end with this song. Alice begins singing while looking at a mirror, then steps outside and is joined by her friends. It shifts to Mitch dressed up at a large convention among those dressed in costume. Lastly, the scene ends with Alice on stage during karaoke with her friends behind her doing chorus.

The novel confronts the topic of depression and suicide. At one point Hoven is standing on a bridge, considering leaping off the ledge to end his life. Alice stops him from doing so by telling him, “I want you to stay.”  It is a scene that this song embodies beautifully by gently speaking to someone in need.

Queen's Court : The Movie


Mina Kensington

Played by:


Perdita Weeks

She can properly embody Mina's fierce personality when the audience first meets the character. As Mina develops into the woman she wants to be, Perdita has proven that she can reveal this gradual change. She is able to express so much emotional depth with a look in her eyes or a flicker of a smile.



Played by:


Aubrey Plaza

She has the talent to play a threatening woman in a subtle way. Combine this with her ability to come across as inviting, kind, and a much more gentle character, but then shift instantly to a cruel individual is ideal for Victoria. She can allow both sides of Victoria to surface when interacting with others.


Alice's Mother

Played by:


Cate Blanchett

Her style of acting is dominant without being aggressive. She can speak with an edge to what she has to say presenting strength without raising her voice. She creates this presence in scenes that demands respect with a lingering stare. She can embody Alice’s mother with such a perfect authority and control.