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Captain Lexia has been left for dead. Her crew murdered or missing. Hope for the future has been shattered.


Five years later…


The Oria, once thought to be the greatest threat to the Universe, now faces extinction at the hands of a living weapon of their own creation. A lost soul seeks vengeance as intergalactic allies must unite to stop this relentless force. All that stands between a devastating power that can destroy planets and the annihilation of all life is a human woman determined to achieve the impossible.


The final voyage of the Starship Sunfire is nearing the end…

Looking at the Sun

Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character.


What follows is a collection of songs that are the soundtrack to this novel.


This is the opening for the fifth season of the Sunfire Chronicles as a television series. The opening credits of each season will reflect the changing cast of characters and allow for the opportunity to make numerous references to pop culture when it comes to science fiction and sci-fi, as well as introduce the characters.

The opening of the book is a mysterious figure trudging through this crystal like substance. They're encased in a crude suit keeping the person safe. This song represents the five years since Lexia lost the Sunfire and her journey to recover it. She has been seeking information on how to stop Parallax.


Dryad is desperately trying to get Brent to awaken, this song plays. She's staring at him, crying out to him to hear her voice. She wants him to open his eyes and look back at her. She feels regret not being there to prevent what happened to him. She wishes to see him one last time before she is forced to depart.


The confrontation between Lexia and Parallax is summarized in this song. "Losing my best friend..." It's this heart wrenching moment when must realize that the woman she once thought of as a close friend, ally, and sister, is gone. All that remains is anger, hatred, and a need to destroy her perceived enemies.


After facing the death of Glen at the hands of Parallax, Lexia is forced to confront the pain that she has been avoiding for the past five years. She must accept his death and the mixture of anguish, anger, and yearning for revenge burns deeply within her. This song reflects her emotions after that event.

This music begins playing as Jamahe reveals that he has something to show Lexia. A barrier hides the truth. As they pass through, its revealed that thousands of ships responded to her call for aid. She stares at them with tears in her eyes, as the full strength of this music plays to accent just how profound this moment is.

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Rua'So'Nid's Return?

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Dryad's Dream? 

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Flaming Sword

Rua'So'Nid's Return : The Movie



Played by:

Zendaya is an actress that can reveal the subtle elements between Lexia's complex personality. She can embody the painful past, the playful humor, and the serious-minded leader. She can handle the physical demands of the role while expressing the depths of emotion that is Captain Lexia of the Starship Sunfire.



Played by:
Francesca Reale

Dryad is one of those characters that opens up a world of wonders for an actress in that the character is constantly developing, learning, and exploring new aspects of her personality as well as growing list of talents. Francesca has that wide eyed, innocent look to her that is ideal for this unique individual.



Played by:


Adam Rodriquez

He can be the action hero persona, but also portray a man who lets immediate concerns be like background noise that he ignores as he stays focused on the objective. He can show that yearning to be more emotional and expressive, but still show that reserved uncertainty that would fit Glen so well.



Played by:
Jim Parsons

Jim can portray the innocence and curiosity that this character is often motivated by. He can bring forth a genuine humanity to what would be a rigidly robotic role. He could play that fine line between being reserved and exploring emotional connections. Brent’s persona would play so well with this actor’s strengths.



Played by:
Vivienne Acheampong

Gold has been alive for thousands of years, bringing with her a relaxed, calm understanding of the Universe. Vivienne has that presence that I hope for Gold to bring to screen. Wise, comforting, gentle in her tone, a guide, a counselor, someone willing to say what is needed, and a powerful individual in a subdued, subtle way.



Played by:

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Bonus Scene: Not Found In Book

In a movie/television presentation of Rua'So'Nid's Return... Hopefully, in time, a scene will come to mind that would be an ideal addition to this narrative. However, as of yet, none has been established. If you have read the novel and during your experience with this incredible world, you have come up with a potentially "deleted" scene not found in the book, an idea for the opening, or an interesting way to close out the story, then contact us at this address. If we like the idea, it will become cannon with you credited as creator of this scenario.

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