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Silhouette of the Moon

Sebastian, Nathaniel, and Zoe had thought that their days of heroism had come to an end.   Having survived the cursed soul of an ancient king and the wrath of a maleficent sorcerer, they have found sanctuary within a city shrouded in mystery.  However, their journey has just begun.

Psychic vampires, feeding upon memories, transform their victims into horrid abominations.  Wolves that take human form hide within human civilizations.  Spirits of the dead haunt the living as ancient sorcery guides the final days of the Age of Shadows. 

There is no haven to turn to.

So much for the quiet life.

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Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character.


What follows is a collection of songs that are the soundtrack to this novel.

The song creates a tone that is perfect for the opening of the movie. Scenes from the previous movie are displayed to fill in for those who didn't see the first one plays during the opening credits. It’s a perfect reflection of a story element where a powerful vampire has arrived in a region to provide aid to the locals.

The theme song for Leandra, playing during her approach to the City of Shadows. She is a mutant in a world where vampires become grotesque monstrosities. She is one of two that remained relatively human instead of becoming one of these creatures. People stare at her in curiosity and disgust.

There is a large scale war that occurs near the end of the novel. There is nothing optimistic or hopeful about this war. Going into it, the protagonists believe that there is no way they'll survive. They feel they may not be able to stop what is about to occur. This reflects the hopeless feeling of those involved with the war.

Members of the cast reenact parts of the original music video on the set during the making of the movie. It would be a way to let off some of the stress of making a movie and to bring that fun back to the experience of creating something special. It would play after the ending the movie, during the credits or as a bonus material.

Near the end of the book, the protagonists must confront a great evil that is attacking a nearby city. There is a sense of foreboding doom, a melancholy that washes over those who are preparing for battle. The odds feel impossible with zero chances at survival. Yet, they are the world’s only hope.

Silhouette of the Moon : The Movie



Played by:


Chris Pratt

His ability to blend charming sarcasm while playing a sympathetic, likable character is a necessary component. He can fluidly interact with other characters, ranging from serious to silly depending on the setting. His ability to portray bravery in the face of danger while being funny makes this actor an ideal choice for the role.



Played by:


Paul Rudd

Nathaniel is a blending of a hero and comedy relief which describes the strengths of this actor. He can be a noble character at heart, wanting to do the right thing, but hesitating to sacrifice himself to do so. He would be able to portray a character that is not a coward, but that voice of reason to the absurdity of such decisions.



Played by:


Alicia Vikander

Alicia will be able to both a strict action hero one moment and a warm, charming friend in the next scene. This combination of savior to two often inept companions while being a close friend for them to connect to as a trio, allows this actress to bring the two sides of the character's persona together in an ideal way.



Played by:


Noomi Rapace

She can be a powerful woman who can instantly silent others with a look. She has such a unique look to her that helps her stand out as someone that is unlike the common man. She can play around with dialogue to create a unique accent that will be tantalize the imagination and has the ability to handle action sequences.



Played by:

 Peter Dinklage

He is able to present a snarky, sarcastic tone to what is an otherwise a serious moment. Adam speaks in a serious, nearly monotone voice, but what he often says is comedic in nature. Peter can present this dry wit, a sharp remark that can be both insulting and provocative, a perfect balance for the character.



Played by:


Henry Cavill

Vincentius is a centuries old vampire living in the shadow of a great evil for hundreds of years wanting to find a noble path while barely keeping himself on the ledge that would plunge him into the abyss. Henry can be this powerful presence as well as reveal the duality that his character is struggling with.



Played by:



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Played by:


Jason Momoa

He has a presence to him that would bring Ferot to life without being aggressive about it. The character is a dominating force without needing to prove it. He would be able to create this sense of power ideal for a character. He could embody a wolf in human form, not the typical werewolf which is a human taking wolf form.



Played by:



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