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Belinti appears to be a confident, powerful figure that exudes strength and self-confidence. However, looks can be deceiving, for beneath the surface is a shy, timid man from a small Irish village, drawn to London where he will reveal his skills as a dancer at a talent contest that will be aired across the globe. With the support of his eight older sisters and loving parents, he must overcome his anxiety of the fast-paced life of the city to achieve his dreams.

Music becomes the key to opening a gateway between parallel worlds as two souls are reunited once more.

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Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character.


What follows is a collection of songs that are the soundtrack to this novel.


In CHAPTER 2 Belinti is encouraged to dance by a female singer who is also there to perform. The author drew a lot of inspiration concerning the character from Toni, the real life singer behind the music that he dances to. The song, Dance Monkey, is an upbeat, energetic tone that felt ideal for this scene.

In CHAPTER 3, Tammy plays her version of the song from the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, The Inner Light. A story is told of an Irish legend that is parallel to the events that take place in the television show. Her flute is a tin whistle, mimicking the one from the show, which is why it was chosen.


At the end of CHAPTER 3, Belinti dances to a song using a wide range of styles which reveals his skills as a performer. This song is ideal for that in that he is so vibrant, energetic, finding joy in everything around him. He tries to not let the troubles of the world to burden him or to weigh him down.


During the interview in CHAPTER 4, Belinti tells the story of how his grandfather would get up out of bed each day with a dance, a traditional Irish jig. He approached his friend, Tammy, who plays a tin whistle flute to help him demonstrate. This is a traditional Irish jig played by a similar instrument.


For his audition before the four judges in CHAPTER 6, Belinti dances to this song. He starts out with one more traditional styles of dance then shifts to break dancing. This leads to another form before he shifts once more to a faster footwork with Irish roots. All of it accumulates in an explosive conclusion.

In CHAPTER 8, Belinti is invited to a party by a woman he meets. This song begins to play and he is asked to dance with her. At the end of the song, he sees someone else, not the woman he is with at the time. This is the beginning of his connection to a mysterious person from another world much like his own.


In CHAPTER 9, Belinti performs in front of the judges to this song while dressed like he’s from America from the early 1920s in a stylish suit. He mimics the dance styles of multiple famous male performers as a homage to all those who had inspired him. The audience would be challenged to figure out who all he was matching.


CHAPTER 11 explores the idea of an empty room that is suddenly filled with individuals while two people are focused on one another. The flute sparked the idea that there was something bigger going on that is hinted at for the audience to discover. What triggers this magical moment is connected to music itself.


The idea of a big song and dance presentation sparked memories of this movie. Since Belinti had a large family, it was an ideal opportunity to have them make an appearance in CHAPTER 12 felt perfect. In the book, each member of his family is given an opportunity to sing two lines as he dances.

The four men and the woman singing are given a small cameo of sorts in CHAPTER 14 as they play this song with Tammy. The author wanted to use it for this book practically from the beginning but kept choosing other options throughout. He was happy to find a way to include it as inspiration for the book.


The author knew from the beginning that the final song would be this one. Even in early drafts when the story was much different, this song was still in mind as to concluding the story. The themes, the lyrics, everything fit as a perfect conclusion in CHAPTER 15 for Twin Flame with an incredible final performance.

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This song inspired a "deleted" scenario that does not occur in the novel but would be ideal for a movie or television series based off the book. This will add to the experience for the visual representation of the book on screen. Learn more about this new addition below under the "Bonus Scene" section of this page.


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Belinti grew up in a small town in Ireland, the youngest of nine children and the only son of his parents. He is inspired to go to London, entering a talent competition to show the world his skills as a dancer. Little does he know that the reason for choosing this location is because another soul is calling out to him, his Twin Flame.

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Tammy has entered the competition with the goal of sharing her music with the world. Her talent is using a tin whistle. She is drawn to Belinti, not just because of his appearance, but for the gentle soul she feels in his presence. She senses his hesitation and doubt, wanting to encourage him to fulfill his dreams as a dancer.



Elbert is meticulously detailed to the point that he has an obsessive-compulsive disorder in that each detail of his life must be in perfect order. As a judge, he focuses on exacts, such as the correct pitch in music, the perfect angle during dancing, and specifics that in his mind must be technically correct.



Manal loves creativity, self-expression through the arts, and discovering new forms of presenting ideas to the world. She likes to be caught off guard by the unexpected, the unusual, and those who are willing to push the boundaries. She loves poetry, literature, music, dancing, painting, among many other interests.



Janis grew up in a home that opened up her mind to spirituality. She claims that she can see the aura of someone in the form of a glow of energy that surrounds them. As a judge at the competition, she seeks the soul of a presentation, someone who cares dearly for what they have created and are passionate about their art. 



Nico loves people of all types and is encouraging of any who come on stage to present their talents. They are openly flirtatious with men and women alike, enjoys the sensual details of the body, and doesn't hold back with a compliment. Friendly, outgoing, and is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams. 

Bonus Scene: Not Found In Book

In a movie/television presentation of Twin Flame, the conclusion of the story takes place after the final scene of the novel. It's a celebration of music, with people who participated in the competition throughout the movie/television series appearing on stage for one final performance. Artemis and Belinti are together, he dances while she sings the song "Symphony" by Clean Bandit as mentioned earlier along with others who add a chorus of voices. This novel has been influenced, inspired by, and in some instances, directly responsible for individual scenes throughout the book. This final song represents the joy that music brings to everyone.

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Hidden Author

Where would the Author make a cameo?

Stan Lee is notorious for making a cameo in movies and television series based off his written works. With that in mind, where would the author of this novel make an appearance in a visual adaptation of the book?

Television talent shows are notorious for revealing people who may not be as skilled as others. They are allowed to audition before the judges for comical reasons or to create something interesting to add to promotional videos. A great way for the author to make an appearance in Twin Flame is to be one of those comically entertaining acts in between the featured talents of Artemis and Belinti? Now then, the question one must wonder, what would his talent be? 

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