Raven :

Knight of the Shadows

You have stepped into a world that greets you with the screams of the tortured souls of the damned.  In the distance, terrified shrieks of innocent lives will guide you on a path of a cursed fate and the possibility of a grim demise.  Face your inner demons, confront your nightmares, become at one with the shadows lurking within you.  Do not fear the darkness, for there are many creatures that find sanctuary within the embrace of the night.  It hides them from those that would show ruthless scorn under an unforgiving light.  Death, decay, a world of creatures lurking in the darkest of sanctums, step into a realm that welcomes you as predator or prey.  The strongest among you will find allies in the unlikeliest of forms, dangers that will test what little courage remains in your heart, or your venture into the macabre shall end in an infernal eternity for those who do not heed my warnings. Walk among the gravestones of those who have come before you, read of their tales of glorious triumph and woeful failures. Explore worlds shrouded in darkness, where a single spark of light is a beacon of hope in an unforgiving existence.

Psychological Horror

Prisoner of Silence

One will live. One will die. Choose life or death. Or the decision will be made for you.


Demons break through mortal flesh. Dolls once playthings for children spring to life with vicious intent. The dead of animal and human alike lash out in malevolent wrath. A multitude of horrors are inflicted upon Avita as she is forced to choose before it's too late.


Why do they have to die so I can live?

Who or what is doing this to me?

Is there a way to escape?

How did I get here?

Where am I?

Speak to



Paranormal FictioN : Contemporary Horror

Seed of Earth

At the dawn of human civilization, four separate tribes joined together to form the Quaternity. They have guided mankind throughout the centuries, responsible for such events as the rise of the Roman Empire, the Black Plague, and the Industrial Age. The tenuous peace between them has shattered, forcing those aware of their existence to prepare for war.

Spirits of the dead, beings known only in myth, and a legendary immortal are drawn to five-year-old Emma who is the key to the salvation of the world. Through her, hope is rekindled as the journey to reunify the primordial elemental artifacts begins.

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Dark Fantasy : Horror/Fantasy

Eclipse of the Sun

The spirit of a murdered princess is in need of noble warriors to free the cursed soul of her father.  An ancient sorcerer seeks aid in stopping his son who is determined to exterminate all sentient life.  What they find is Nathaniel and Sebastian, a pair of con artists and thieves, that wants nothing to do with acts of heroism.

Did destiny make a mistake in choosing these two? 

Probably, but it’s too late now. 


Silhouette of the Moon

Sebastian, Nathaniel, and Zoe had thought that their days of heroism had come to an end.   Having survived the cursed soul of an ancient king and the wrath of a maleficent sorcerer, they have found sanctuary within a city shrouded in mystery.  However, their journey has just begun.

Psychic vampires, feeding upon memories, transform their victims into horrid abominations.  Wolves that take human form hide within human civilizations.  Spirits of the dead haunt the living as ancient sorcery guides the final days of the Age of Shadows. 

There is no haven to turn to.

So much for the quiet life.


Urban Fantasy : Horror/Fantasy/Sci-fi

Blood Oath

David, a blind oracle who can predict the future, has gathered hunters from around the globe to confront a growing threat upon Earth. A vampire nation has taken control of much of the world, extending its influence throughout the nations dominating the modern era.

A mage, a warrior, and a werewolf strike out against immortal opponents. A scientist, a paladin, and a druid struggle to find a way to reverse vampirism. An elf works alongside animated corpses of a necromancer and his loyal assistant.

The races of the human born will be forced to choose sides as a global war begins. 


Arcane Inheritance

Geoffrey is the last descendant of a mage shrouded in legend. He has been tasked by a jinn that is both his mentor and companion to explore the world of the human born races to find the fragments of his ancestor’s staff. 

From the crypts of the Greek Empire to a modern-day Camelot defended by vampire hunters, he races against time to reassemble this ancient artifact. Without it, the world will fall prey to the return of a malevolent spirit.

Fables, folklore, and mythology become reality as those who wield the power of magic alter the course of history.


Emerald Intrigue

Three mythical objects have been discovered by Silvermane, a vampire who desires to use them to eliminate the goddess that created him. Before he can unlock their secrets, they are stolen by someone determined to spark a global war.


Two close friends, Jenna and Max, are innocent lives trapped between those vying for control. Liz, a cyborg haunted by her past, is thrust into a deadly conspiracy. Their survival will depend on discovering unexpected allies in the form of a goblin and a jinn.


The fate of the human born nations hang in the balance as the truth is revealed.


Garden of Gaia

In the depths of a forest secluded far from Human Born civilizations, a family unlike anything known of in the world has found refuge to raise their triplets. They have been provided sanctuary by a benevolent deity.

They live in secret near a community of beings that are human in shape and form but have a closer kinship to plant than animal. This unique race lives a quiet life, protected by a mythical being they only know of as Gaia.

This tranquility is shattered by the arrival of a mysterious stranger. A vampire created by a malevolent goddess has arrived.

Gaia (2).jpg