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Phoenix :

Knight of Revelation

We are born into the world filled with excitement and curiosity of what lays beyond the boundaries of what we know of as children. As we grow up, our sense of wonder fades as we are told that what is before us is all that exists. I present to you worlds within our own reality that is just beyond our reach. The woman you pass on a street with angelic wings that brush past you without your knowledge. A puff of air of a frustrated man behind you coming out of the snout of a minotaur that magically disguises his presence. The alien that is no bigger than your fingertip, building an entire civilization all within the confines of a single house next door to where you live. You never know what may be there, right next to you, taking advantage of your lack of curiosity and wonder. Explore the world and you will discover great monuments, made by man and nature alike. Walk along the paths less traveled and discover things that the world has nearly forgotten about, rekindling that spark of inquisitiveness you once had. Maybe then, you will be prepared to greet the truly fantastic things that are all about us, to have faith that the limits of your imagination is only the beginning.


Contemporary Fantasy

A divine will knows that humanity is at a turning point,

plunging into an existence without hope. To avert this inevitability, they are given an opportunity to alter the course of preordained events, to deter the point of no return that rapidly approaches.


Time and again a single life, one small choice, has changed history.

A prophesy is fulfilled, those chosen among the second born seek salvation. They attempt to avert Armageddon as they confront the brutality of a mortal conqueror.


The angelic host gather to witness the fate of not only the mortal world, but to existence itself.

Unlock an ancient prophecy.

Click on the Earth!

In defiance of death, an immortal sacrifices eternal life to protect an innocent soul. An unexpected transformation occurs, leading two souls to a mysterious small town that is a sanctuary to individuals from around the world.

Most consider how their lives ended up there as coincidence, while others speak of divine intervention. For some it is a start of a new life, freed from painful memories. Others have escaped persecution, abuse, and those who would threaten their lives.

It is here that the tapestry of humanity that calls this place home provide a beacon of hope to those in need.

Discover a town's secret.

Click on the Angel!
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Artemis has led a sheltered life, secluded from the world due to a health condition that a single mistake could prove fatal. Inspired by the memory of her mother, she enters a contest to share her talents as a singer with the world.

Belinti appears to be a powerful figure that exudes strength. However, beneath the surface is a shy man from a small Irish village, drawn to London where he will reveal his skills as a dancer at a talent contest.

Music becomes the key to opening a gateway between parallel worlds as two souls are reunited once more.

Two stories, two worlds, one song.

Click on the halo of light!

Belinti appears to be a confident, powerful figure that exudes strength and self-confidence. However, looks can be deceiving, for beneath the surface is a shy, timid man from a small Irish village, drawn to London where he will reveal his skills as a dancer at a talent contest that will be aired across the globe. With the support of his eight older sisters and loving parents, he must overcome his anxiety of the fast-paced life of the city to achieve his dreams.

Music becomes the key to opening a gateway between parallel worlds as two souls are reunited once more.

One half of a unique experience.

Click on the glowing Sun!

Artemis has led a sheltered life, secluded from the world due to a health condition that a single mistake could prove fatal. A year ago, her mother died, leading her to spiral into depression. Her music provided the hope she desperately needed. Inspired by the memory of her mom, she enters a contest to share her talents as a singer with the world to prove to herself that she has the courage to overcome her fears and to achieve her dreams.

Music becomes the key to opening a gateway between parallel worlds as two souls are reunited once more.

One half of a unique experience.

Click on the blue moon!

Contemporary Romance

The daughter of a cheating husband and his mistress, Mina shields herself behind a mask of frigid indifference.  She thinks of love as a weakness, refusing to become a victim of its influence.

Oliver was given the ultimatum by his ruthless matriarch: Choose a life of luxury or to follow his heart into an unforgiving world.  However, what was meant to be happily ever after ended in tragedy, leaving him a broken man.

Fate guides two lives who are about to cross paths, their future shrouded in uncertainty. 

In the depths of winter’s desolate landscape, a heartbeat begins to sound.

Can love survive the winter cold?

Click on the ice flower!

Alice is a modern-day princess, born into privilege.  Having broken free from a dominating matriarch, she lives in fear of what her mother will do next.  When a mysterious man crosses her path, she is inspired by his noble soul buried under self-doubt.

Hoven has never known love. Abandoned by his parents, abused by all who entered his life.  Each day he thinks of suicide, a man without hope.  An accidental meeting leads to a glimmer of happiness in a world of despair.

Can a chance encounter reveal a future no longer shackled by uncertainty before it’s too late?

Discover the strength of a noble soul.

Click on the crown!

Oliver is an idealist with an unwavering faith in true love. Mina considers herself a pragmatist, questioning the world around her with skepticism. Together they have formed a union of passionate harmony.


The scars of the past provide each with reasons to hesitate as they consider the possibility of matrimony. In these moments of doubt, the opportunity of lifetime presents itself. Mina must choose between a career on the other side of the world or the life she will be forced to leave behind.


Fate began their journey together, but now they must decide if two paths will become one.

Is happily ever after possible?

Click on the ring!

Suffering from domestic abuse from an early age, a vision of hope inspires Logan to escape his tortured existence. Now a respected artist, he is driven by his passion for a woman he believes only exists in his mind. 

Kimberly found freedom from the rigid life of her youth through her drawings of a boy she dreamed about. As an adult, she has found sanctuary as an artist for a global comic book industry, famous for the mysterious man appearing in her work.

The lines between fantasy and reality become blurred as these two strangers are about to meet.

Let hope guide your path in life.

Click on the drawing!
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Yaretzi is a software developer that is hidden from the world, haunted by her memories. Her anxiety is made worse by a scar across her face, a reminder of a tragedy that nearly ended her life and took her family from her.


A chance encounter leads her to meet a mysterious man after his life is shattered by betrayal. As their unique connection grows, hidden truths of his past and identity soon force her to confront a shocking revelation.


She must face her fears if she is to achieve her dream that will one day affect the lives of millions.

Can Yaretzi overcome her anxiety?

Click on the tunnel!

Contemporary Horror

At the dawn of human civilization, four separate tribes joined together to form the Quaternity. They have guided mankind throughout the centuries, responsible for such events as the rise of the Roman Empire, the Black Plague, and the Industrial Age. The tenuous peace between them has shattered, forcing those aware of their existence to prepare for war.

Spirits of the dead, beings known only in myth, and a legendary immortal are drawn to five-year-old Emma who is the key to the salvation of the world. Through her, hope is rekindled as the journey to reunify the primordial elemental artifacts begins.

A hidden world within our own.

Click on the oval stone!
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An immortal arbiter alongside his protégé, enter the city of the dead. Separated from their mortal bodies, Aethel and Emma explore the Necropolis, where spirits exist beyond the boundaries of time. Along with their unique allies, they must discover the truth about themselves before it’s too late. Should they fail, billions of lives will be sacrificed to stop a growing threat to mankind.

With the Quaternity preparing for war, myths and legends begin to reveal themselves as King Arthur, citizens of Wonderland, and Frankenstein’s monster emerge to offer aid in a confrontation that will decide the fate of the world.

What do spirits have to teach us?

Click on the crystal!

A weapon fueled by spiritual energy threatens to erase the existence of billions of lives. Not just mortal death, but the removal of all traces of their presence upon the world. The keys to prevent this cataclysmic event will be discovered across the globe as unexpected allies are revealed.

The man who inspired Frankenstein’s monster. A hidden vault of artifacts guarded by a spirit and a vampire. An apprentice of the Alchemist. Demon hunters determined to end the world in bloodshed.

A unique group of companions led by the arbiters of the Quaternity will decide the fate of the world.

Who will watch the world burn?

Click on the fireball!

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