Phoenix, Knight of Revelation

The Realm of Adventure and Mystery

We are born into the world filled with excitement and curiosity of what lays beyond the boundaries of what we know of as children. As we grow up, our sense of wonder fades as we are told that what is before us is all that exists. I present to you worlds within our own reality that is just beyond our reach. The woman you pass on a street with angelic wings that brush past you without your knowledge. A puff of air of a frustrated man behind you coming out of the snout of a minotaur that magically disguises his presence. The alien that is no bigger than your fingertip, building an entire civilization all within the confines of a single house next door to where you live. You never know what may be there, right next to you, taking advantage of your lack of curiosity and wonder. Explore the world and you will discover great monuments, made by man and nature alike. Walk along the paths less traveled and discover things that the world has nearly forgotten about, rekindling that spark of inquisitiveness you once had. Maybe then, you will be prepared to greet the truly fantastic things that are all about us, to have faith that the limits of your imagination is only the beginning.

A divine will knows that humanity is at a turning point,

plunging into an existence without hope. To avert this inevitability,

they are given an opportunity to alter the course of preordained events,

to deter the point of no return that rapidly approaches.


Time and again a single life, one small choice, has changed history.

A prophesy is fulfilled, those chosen among the second born seek salvation. They attempt to avert Armageddon as they confront the brutality of a mortal conqueror.


The angelic hosts gather to witness to the fate of not only the mortal world,

but to existence itself.

Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character. What follows is a collection of songs that I believe to be the soundtrack to each of the novels revealed here in the Realm of Adventure and Mystery.


Click on each image for a link to hear each song.


If Everyone Cared : By Nickelback

For the novel: Tapestry of the Second Born

I picture this playing at the end of the movie based upon the book as the credits are rolling. The credits will be to one side, and on the other will be pairs of characters. This reveals the vast cast seen throughout the book and the aftermath of the events. The lyrics are perfect for the resolution of the story, encompassing how the events culminated with the conclusion that occurs by the final pages of the story. To me its an incredibly inspirational song to go with what I hope to be an inspirational novel for my audience.


Let it Be : By The Beatles

For the novel: Tapestry of the Second Born

The version of the song I would use for this book would be inspired by the movie, Across the Universe. It takes the original Beatles song and creates a spiritual choir feel to it. A woman singing, pouring her heart and soul into the song, is the tone I want to set. I am not certain where exactly in the book it would be used, but a novel that centers around biblical events, forces people to question their humanity, and literally has God as a character in the novel, I thought this was incredibly fitting addition to the movie based off the original story.

O' Death : By Jen Titus

For the novel: Tapestry of the Second Born

This is a remake of an older song typically sung by Ralph Stanley that creates a much different approach. His version sounds more like a soulful southern country song where a man is speaking of confronting death in his later years. This version of the song takes the same lyrics, creates a much greater sense of dread and power before what is being spoken of, and the haunting tone of the woman singing it only adds to the eerie feeling portrayed. I can picture this song playing as the events of people dying throughout the world is shown.


Soldier : By Fleurie

For the novel: Tapestry of the Second Born

I thought of Andrew when I first heard this song. The lyrics concerning "listening for that angel choir" is perfect for the theme of the novel. I picture it playing during the scene where one Sunday he's sitting in the pew of a church dealing with the inner turmoil he's struggling with and the elderly man speaks to him. It sets the tone for his character so beautifully in that his trying to figure out what to do with his life, coping with his past, and facing hard decisions.


Ticking Bomb : By Aloe Blacc

For the novel: Tapestry of the Second Born

Originally I had a much different song picked out to play at the opening of the movie based upon the book. The visual concept stayed the same, but when I heard this song, it set a somber, funeral like tone which is more in tune with how the story flows than an aggressive rock song. The lyrics are so perfect for the novel in that it keeps hinting that the world is coming to an end. Time is running out. You might not see tomorrow. Prepare for the end. Add in the low key resonance of the singer's voice as if he's mourning the passing of the world. Perfect for this book.


Will I Make It Out Alive : By Tommee Profitt

For the novel: Tapestry of the Second Born

The haunting quality of the music alongside the lyrics creates a beautiful tone for the end of the book. As the world faces greater threat to its conclusion, the main characters do face this question. Will they make it out alive? Will humanity survive what it is about to happen next? The conclusion is shocking an unexpected.

© 2017 by Matthew Allen Dickerson


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