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A divine will knows that humanity is at a turning point, plunging into an existence without hope. To avert this inevitability, they are given an opportunity to alter the course of preordained events, to deter the point of no return that rapidly approaches.


Time and again a single life, one small choice, has changed history.

A prophesy is fulfilled, those chosen among the second born seek salvation. They attempt to avert Armageddon as they confront the brutality of a mortal conqueror.


The angelic host gather to witness the fate of not only the mortal world,

but to existence itself.

Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character.


What follows is a collection of songs that are the soundtrack to this novel.


The song sets a somber, funeral like tone which is ideal for the opening of the movie. The lyrics continue to hint that the world is coming to an end. Time is running out. You might not see tomorrow. Prepare for the end. The low-key resonance of the singer's voice as if he's mourning the passing of the world.

The lyrics concerning "listening for that angel choir" is perfect for the theme of the novel. One Sunday, Andrew is sitting in the pew of a church dealing with the inner turmoil he's struggling with. It sets the tone for his character in that his trying to figure out what to do with his life, coping with his past, and facing tough decisions.


This version takes the original Beatles song creates a spiritual choir feel to it. A woman singing, pouring her heart and soul into the song, which feels perfect. This is ideal for a novel that centers around biblical events, forces people to question their humanity, angels are involved, and has God is a character.


This is a remake of an older song typically sung by Ralph Stanley. This version takes the same lyrics, creates a greater sense of dread and power before what is being spoken of, and the haunting tone of the woman singing it only adds to the eerie feeling portrayed. It parallels the unexplained deaths throughout the world.


The haunting quality of the music alongside the lyrics creates a beautiful tone for the end of the book. As the world faces greater threat to its conclusion, the main characters do face this question. Will they make it out alive? Will humanity survive what it is about to happen next? The conclusion is shocking.

This song inspired a "deleted" scenario that does not occur in the novel but would be ideal visually for a movie or television series based off the book. This will add to the experience for the visual representation of the book. Learn more about this new addition below under the "Bonus Scene" section of this page.


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Tapestry of the Second Born?

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Tapestry of the Second Born? 

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Tapestry of the Second Born : The Movie


The Elder Man

Played by:
Patrick Stewart

He can bring both the strength of conviction when making decisions that he may not feel comfortable with doing but feels it necessary. The elder man in Tapestry of the Second Born needs an actor like that, to have the full range of emotional expression and depth that Patrick will be able to bring fully into the role.



Played by:
Tom Hiddleston

On the surface, Daemon is cruel, dangerous, and emotionally detached. Often, he has a playfulness to his interaction with others. Buried deep within is a lonely son longing to be connected with his absent father. Tom possesses the capabilities to reveal the multiple aspects of this complex character’s personality.



Played by:
Benedict Cumberbatch

Gabriel has an emotionless reaction to all that is playing out around him. His dialogue makes unique observations about what is happening throughout the world and his insights are incredible to listen to. Benedict can bring this fascination with what is going on without interjecting too much emotion into the scene.



Played by:


Hugo Weaving

Julius isn't an expressive person, often hiding in the shadows. The way Hugo speaks when conveying an idea, there is a steady, firm pace he sets as if each word is just as important as the one to come before it. His characters commands respect, fear or admiration, any time he is in a scene, whatever the role may be.


Mr. Gates

Played by:
Jeffrey Combs

Jeffrey has a unique style to his acting in that invokes someone who is constantly thinking about something running through his mind. Mr. Gates sees the world around him as a giant machine, each component playing a part that if properly arranged into place, he can do anything with. The actor can do this well. 


Patrick Elrod

Played by:


John Rhys-Davies

John will be able to convey this man who has spent a lifetime creating a dream only to realize it’s a nightmare he has built. The emotional depth and range this actor can convey will add both the firm disciplined control while adding a genuine, sympathetic humanity underneath the surface. A father facing a lifetime of regret.



Played by:
Matthew Gray Gubler

Matthew has proven time and again that he can present information in such a way that the audience doesn't feel like they are being lectured to. He will be able to reveal clues in a creative way. He is also ideal in that he can bring a genuine warmth and companionship to the scenes where he is interacting with his friends.



Played by:


Sally Hawkins

Sally Hawkins throws herself completely into the roles she plays, embodying the character fully from her subtle mannerisms to the depth of emotion expressed in her eyes and face. She will be able to convey to the audience an aspect of someone who is not coping well with the events occurring throughout the story.



Played by:
Forest Whitaker

He has the ability to bring the jovial friendly warmth to the character as well as tackle the more serious scenes when they occur. That ability to come across as a gentle grandfather with a deeply soulful presence to him is ideal. He can also bring an intense, heartfelt reaction to traumatic situations near the end.



Played by:


Thomas Jane

Thomas brings this intensity to his role that will bring Andrew to life. He has this compassionate, heartfelt soul trapped underneath the surface of this rigid exterior. That's exactly what this character needs to present to the audience. An ex-soldier that is coping with essentially the loss of his faith in what he devoted a lifetime to.



Played by:
Kelsey Grammer

The way he speaks, delivers his dialogue, will add a heart and soul to what is often text read from the pages of a book. He can avoid the stale presentation of a college professor and provide an energy that few actors could do with such a character. Kelsey can bring an emotional depth to Thomas that is vital for the story.



Played by:
James Franco

What is unique about James is that he can come across as friendly, but underneath the surface, you feel like you can't trust him. That misleading feeling of distrust will distract the audience from the truth. Is he a good person or not? Can he be trusted? Is he working for Alexander or is he just another innocent victim?



Played by:
Octavia Spencer 

She has the perfect blend of subtle strength and sassy energy that will breathe life to Sally in ways no other actress properly could. She can be a motherly figure while also a friendly coworker. This strong presence she brings to the part combined with that natural energy the actress possesses is ideal for the character.



Played by:

Do you have a actor or actress in mind to play one of the characters in the novel?

Send suggestions and ideas to:


Played by:


Do you have a actor or actress in mind to play one of the characters in the novel?

Send suggestions and ideas to:

Bonus Scene: Not Found In Book

In a movie/television presentation of Tapestry of the Second Born, the song mentioned earlier on this page, If Everyone Cared, is playing after the last scene of the novel. Pairs of individuals are shown, standing next to one another as they look at the camera. The name of each actor is displayed below. Usually they're couples, like Bart and Sally, Simon and Tina. Others are just those who had a connection to one another like Michael and the elder man. The song is a sign of hope for the future, that this dark chapter of human history has come to an end. It is meant to represent hope in the future to come, one that will be a utopia where kindness, compassion, and love guides humanity.

Couple with Kids
#1 Hulk TV_edited.jpg

Hidden Author

Where would the Author make a cameo?

Stan Lee is notorious for making a cameo in movies and television series based off his written works. With that in mind, where would the author of this novel make an appearance in a visual adaptation of the book?

At the end of the book, Thaddeus and Jessie speak of their favorite author of "Light Within Darkness". A flashback could provide the writer an opportunity to make his cameo. Or... In the final scene, there is a mural depicting all who had been involved in the narrative throughout the book. From major protagonists and antagonists to those who are in only one scene. Among them would be an image of the author.

#2 X-Men

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