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A divine will knows that humanity is at a turning point, plunging into an existence without hope. To avert this inevitability, they are given an opportunity to alter the course of preordained events, to deter the point of no return that rapidly approaches.


Time and again a single life, one small choice, has changed history.

A prophesy is fulfilled, those chosen among the second born seek salvation. They attempt to avert Armageddon as they confront the brutality of a mortal conqueror.


The angelic host gather to witness the fate of not only the mortal world,

but to existence itself.

Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character.


What follows is a collection of songs that are the soundtrack to this novel.


The song sets a somber, funeral like tone which is ideal for the opening of the movie. The lyrics continue to hint that the world is coming to an end. Time is running out. You might not see tomorrow. Prepare for the end. The low-key resonance of the singer's voice as if he's mourning the passing of the world.

The song addresses the idea of, what if this was your last day, what will you do with the time that remains? Those in the novel face this possibility, that the world will end and they must confront the possibility of what will they do with the limited time that remains. Do you embrace joy or cower in fear of the final moments?


This version takes the original Beatles song creates a spiritual choir feel to it. A woman singing, pouring her heart and soul into the song, which feels perfect. This is ideal for a novel that centers around biblical events, forces people to question their humanity, angels are involved, and has God is a character.


This is a remake of an older song typically sung by Ralph Stanley. This version takes the same lyrics, creates a greater sense of dread and power before what is being spoken of, and the haunting tone of the woman singing it only adds to the eerie feeling portrayed. It parallels the unexplained deaths throughout the world.


The haunting quality of the music alongside the lyrics creates a beautiful tone for the end of the book. As the world faces greater threat to its conclusion, humanity face a question. Will they make it out alive? Will humanity survive what it is about to happen next? The conclusion is shocking.

The lyrics concerning "listening for that angel choir" is perfect for the theme of the novel. One Sunday, Andrew is sitting in the pew of a church dealing with the inner turmoil he's struggling with. It sets the tone for him in that his trying to figure out what to do with his life, coping with his past, and facing tough decisions.


This song inspired a "deleted" scenario that does not occur in the novel but would be ideal for a movie or television series based off the book. This will add to the experience for the visual representation of the book on screen. Learn more about this new addition below under the "Bonus Scene" section of this page.



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Elder Man

Mankind was given the ability of free will, the opportunity to make a choice between virtue and malevolence. Yet, societies have slipped into realms of suffering and despair. To prevent generations of a world without hope, he has decided to end the world. Humans are provided a final test, one last chance to prevent Armageddon.



Joshua has struggled to make it in New York City ever since he moved there from a small town up north. He works for a retail store which he feels trapped in. His attempts at a career as an artist has met with failure so he keeps his job to pay the bills. He works with Julie, who he is in love with but is afraid to tell her how he feels.



Julie works as an associate at a retail store. She feels that she has a unique connection with everyone she meets in that she feels a close bond with them. In her words, she loves all of humanity as if they were her family. She is kind, generous, charitable, patient, empathetic, and is a gentle soul with a soothing affect on others.



Michael is an obedient and loyal son to his father. He fulfills any request made without hesitation. It is through his actions that the four horsemen are unleashed upon the world and the disasters that will eventually destroy the planet is set into motion. His faith in the righteousness of his actions is unparalleled among the First Born.



Daemon possesses a deep rooted disdain for humanity. He considers them a favored child undeserving of admiration. He is cruel, dangerous, and manipulative of others if only to prove that the Second Born are unworthy of love. Beyond the surface, he is a lonely son longing to be connected with his absent father. 



Gabriel is a philosopher, curious about the fate of humanity with an emotional detachment of a scientist observing animals in the wild. He finds them fascinating, his curiosity occupying his mind as he fulfills the task of ushering the dead beyond the mortal world. Because of this, some think of him as the angel of death.



Alexander is a narcissist with a god complex who feels that he deserves mastery over the world. He is willing to destroy millions of lives, force the world to bend to his will, and watch as global civilizations crumble to gain the level of control he seeks. All that stands in his way is his father. With his death, a new messiah bathed in blood will rise.



Leader of the Brotherhood of the Crimson Dragon, a cult of assassins that worships death, Julius is selective of those he provides their services to. Alexander proves to be an ideal choice. With his guidance, the organization soon brings chaos to the city of New York with the intent of doing the same to the world.


Mister Gates

All aspects of life can be quantified in the mind of Mr. Gates. Everything can be boiled down to numbers, mathematics providing the answer to what may appear to be chaos. Free will doesn't exist to him, it is a matter of understanding the clockwork patterns of human behavior. He feels that his genius is unparalleled.



Bart is a grandfather that enjoys a slow-paced life. He learned how to drive a bus at a young age. Some days he would travel with his father throughout a route, encountering others from around the area. He enjoys connecting with other people, meeting those along the way that he considered both friends and family.



Sally hails from Louisiana, having moved to New York in her early twenties, working as a server and cook. When the owner retired, she took over the business. Since then, the restaurant has continued to be a favorite among the community. Her plan for the future after selling her diner is to travel the country in an RV.



Janine has never wanted more from life than being a good wife to a loving husband and providing care for her children as an ideal mother. Yet, when her two kids are grown and starting lives of their own, Janine finds a job as a secretary to Patrick Elrod. In her time working for him, she is quick to learn to fear the wrath of his son.



Andrew is the latest in a family who has been involved with the military for generations. After leaving his position in a covert operations unit, he has taken up a position as security for the son of Patrick Elrod. He is concerned that the younger man is a threat but uses the CEO as a shield to protect himself from his former employers.



Jessie has felt trapped by the life imposed upon her by her parents. In their desire to keep her safe, she has led an isolated life. While attending college, living on campus has given her a sense of freedom. She avoids being in the shadow of her family's legacy as she discovers new possibilities for her future. 



Patrick has built a corporate empire from shrewd choices, questionable business practices, and a willingness to do anything to increase his control. He has taken over several smaller companies in an expanding industry giant that has made him the most powerful man in the country. His only concern is the threat of his son.



As a teenager, Melanie was involved with theft, vandalism, and alcohol abuse in rebellion against her father's life as a police officer. When he was killed in the line of duty saving the lives of a dozen people, confronted her future. Inspired by his noble sacrifice, she pursued a new life, becoming a New York Detective.



Thaddeus has an inquisitive mind that is always looking to learn something new. At a young age, his parents saw him as a savant and pressured his brilliant mind to become a doctor. It was his morbid curiosity with death that led him to being a medical examiner for the coroner's office. He is charming, witty, and sympathetic.



Rosalyn's curiosity has dominated her thoughts as she sought solutions to questions left unanswered. This led her to pursue a career in journalism, seeking assignments that would challenge her. After failing twice to prove Alexander Elrod guilty of wrongdoing, she is determined to link him to his father's murder. 



The medical staff of the local hospital saved Simon's life after an accident. From this experience, he was inspired to become a doctor, to help those in need and to ease the burden to those who are struggling. He sees his job as an opportunity to help heal the world, one individual at a time by providing kindness and compassion.



Tina graduated college with a degree in business with lofty goals in starting up her own company and turning it into a multimillion-dollar industry. Attempts to do so failed, leading her to get a job as a waitress at a cafe. It was during this time in her life that she met Simon, her boyfriend, whose job puts a strain on their relationship.



James grew up with wealth, status, and luxurious comfort. That world came crashing down around him when his father was arrested for links to a criminal organization. Abandoned by his mother, he was forced to lead a humble life. He was recently promoted to serve as the manager at a local retail store.



Ancient cultures have fascinated him since the earliest days his grandfather exposed to him to his library of tombs and ancient scriptures. As a professor at a prestigious New York college, he teaches religious studies, exploring theological concepts through an objective viewpoint of a scholar, curious about its history and origins



A freshman in high school, Cindy is struggling with the divorce of her parents. She is aware that her father, who is currently in prison, was abusive towards her mother. She resents the fact that her mother remarried and isolates herself from her family life, focusing on her friends that she spends most of her time with.



Psychological and physical abuse led to a divorce from Cindy's father. His life slid into criminal activities that led to him being in prison. She has tried to move forward with her life, healing from the past as she met an editor at a newspaper. She has found joy in her new marriage, but now struggles to connect with her teenage daughter.

Bonus Scene: Not Found In Book

In a movie/television presentation of Tapestry of the Second Born, the song mentioned earlier on this page, If Everyone Cared, is playing after the last scene of the novel. Pairs of individuals are shown, standing next to one another as they look at the camera. The name of each actor is displayed below. Usually they're couples, like Bart and Sally, Simon and Tina. Others are just those who had a connection to one another like Michael and the elder man. The song is a sign of hope for the future, that this dark chapter of human history has come to an end. It is meant to represent hope in the future to come, one that will be a utopia where kindness, compassion, and love guides humanity.

Couple with Kids
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Hidden Author

Where would the Author make a cameo?

Stan Lee is notorious for making a cameo in movies and television series based off his written works. With that in mind, where would the author of this novel make an appearance in a visual adaptation of the book?

At the end of the book, Thaddeus and Jessie speak of their favorite author of "Light Within Darkness". A flashback could provide the writer an opportunity to make his cameo. Also, in the final scene, there is a mural depicting all who had been involved in the narrative throughout the book. From major protagonists and antagonists to those who are in only one scene. Among them would be an image of the author.

#2 X-Men

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