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Gemini :

Knight of the Rose

Beyond is a realm born in the depths of the heart and soul. It is here that true love was first discovered. Enter into a world where such concepts as soul mates are not just hopeful dreams, but a reality from which divine happiness is embraced. Love becomes so much more than a simple word, it is an expression of an individual's ardent belief in another, an unconditional trust and faith one finds in the eyes of their kindred spirit. It is here that happily ever after is not just found in the pages of a fairy tale, but in every day lives of people who believed in something that the world around them had long since given up on. Walk among the roses of my garden, see in each a story of renewed faith in romance and the unwavering trust of one soul forever connected to another. True love is born from the depths of passionate desire, comforting serenity, and unrivaled excitement. Through its divine beauty, we find strength, courage, and the ability to overcome all obstacles to discover the magic within each of us to experience eternal joy in the embrace of a dream come true.


Contemporary Romance

The daughter of a cheating husband and his mistress, Mina shields herself behind a mask of frigid indifference. She thinks of love as a weakness,

refusing to become a victim of its influence.

Oliver was given the ultimatum by his ruthless matriarch: Choose a life of luxury or to follow his heart into an unforgiving world. However, what was meant to be happily ever after ended in tragedy,

leaving him a broken man.

Fate guides two lives who are about to cross paths, their future shrouded in uncertainty. 

In the depths of winter’s desolate landscape,

a heartbeat begins to sound.

Can love survive the winter cold?

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Alice is a modern-day princess, born into privilege.  Having broken free from a dominating matriarch, she lives in fear of what her mother will do next. When a mysterious man crosses her path, she is inspired by his noble soul buried under self-doubt.

Hoven has never known love. Abandoned by his parents, abused by all who entered his life. Each day he thinks of suicide, a man without hope. An accidental meeting leads to a glimmer of happiness in a world of despair.

Can a chance encounter reveal a future no longer shackled by uncertainty before it’s too late?

Discover the strength of a noble soul.

Click on the crown!

Oliver is an idealist with an unwavering faith in true love. Mina considers herself a pragmatist, questioning the world around her with skepticism. Together they have formed a union of passionate harmony.


The scars of the past provide each with reasons to hesitate as they consider the possibility of matrimony. In these moments of doubt, the opportunity of lifetime presents itself. Mina must choose between a career on the other side of the world or the life she will be forced to leave behind.


Fate began their journey together, but now they must decide if two paths will become one.

Is happily ever after possible?

Click on the ring!

Suffering from domestic abuse from an early age, a vision of hope inspires Logan to escape his tortured existence. Now a respected artist, he is driven by his passion for a woman he believes only exists in his mind. 

Kimberly found freedom from the rigid life of her youth through her drawings of a boy she dreamed about. As an adult, she has found sanctuary as an artist for a global comic book industry, famous for the mysterious man appearing in her work.

The lines between fantasy and reality become blurred as these two strangers are about to meet.

Let hope guide your path in life.

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Yaretzi is a software developer that is hidden from the world, haunted by her memories. Her anxiety is made worse by a scar across her face, a reminder of a tragedy that nearly ended her life and took her family from her.


A chance encounter leads her to meet a mysterious man after his life is shattered by betrayal. As their unique connection grows, hidden truths of his past and identity soon force her to confront a shocking revelation.


She must face her fears if she is to achieve her dream that will one day affect the lives of millions.

Can Yaretzi overcome her anxiety?

Click on the tunnel!

Science Fiction Romance

Curiosity has led Felicity down through the pages of antiquity to an obscure figure that she believes to be the inspiration behind many of the greatest turning points in human history. Her research has developed into obsession. Her thoughts are fixated on a man she believes to be the cornerstone of the utopia she now lives within. 

To have the opportunity to meet him, she embarks on the next step in human exploration. However, her journey to discover the truth will lead to a startling revelation.

The future meets the past as two souls transcend time to find one another.

Is it too late to find true love?

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