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Paradox :

Knight of the Cosmos

The world that you know is only the beginning as mankind unlocks its potential in an evolution of both society and the individual. As with all things, what is created is neither good, nor evil, for it is guided by those who would use it to satisfy their aspirations for the future. Exploration of the universe awaits us, seeking what lays beyond the limitations of our planet. We may discover we are not alone, a welcoming benevolence or those with malicious intent await us in the great empty void of space. Some desire a utopia built upon the foundations of grand philosophical ideas that will unify us as a whole. Others see the advancements of technology as avenues to new forms of power and control as the natural world vanishes under the weight of an ever growing ecumenopolis. Soon, time itself will be a plaything for those daring enough to risk not only their own lives, but the fabric of reality itself. Walk among the stars and gaze upon stories unveiling optimistic promises of the future, warnings of what may become of our world, or simply to answer the question, "What if?"


Sci-fi & Science Fiction

As a descendant of a legendary hero known for ending the greatest threat to the Universe, Lexia is granted ownership of her own vessel to travel between the stars. As captain, she forms an unlikely crew of misfits, refugees, and lost souls.

Just when she was getting comfortable with her new life, an ancient evil awakens. What can they do when confronted by what is thought to be an unstoppable force?

Their opponent is omnipotent. Victory against it is impossible. Their chances of survival, none.

Just another typical day for Captain Lexia and the crew of the Starship Sunfire.

Ready to explore the Universe?

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Captain Lexia and the crew of the Starship Sunfire receive a message from Tinker, the cyborg that once served as the ship’s engineer. It is a revelation of his greatest discovery and a warning that they must stop what has already been set into motion before it’s too late.

Encountering colossal giants, breaking into a high security prison, and being trapped in a holographic reality of 1950s Earth is only the beginning. Guided by a cybernetic ghost, they must confront a cataclysmic event that reaches beyond the boundaries of space and time.

Luckily for the Universe, Lexia loves a good challenge.

Discover a shocking secret!

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The annihilation of a colony of humans leads Captain Lexia of the Starship Sunfire and her second in command, Parallax, on a journey to discover those responsible. Meanwhile, the remaining crew explores the Universe through the unpredictable behavior of a traveler with extensive knowledge of the past, present, and future.

Two paths of discovery lead to ancient life forms, each appearing to be benevolent in nature, but only one will prove to be an ally.

Lexia must discover who she can trust, who will betray her, and save the lives of all on board the Sunfire before it’s too late.

Time travel, how is that possible?

Click on the android!

After recovering from a near death experience, the unconscious mind of Dryad becomes the gateway into other realities. The multiverse awaits her.

In a galaxy far away, a powerful new threat is born from hatred towards those responsible for a tortured existence. Revenge becomes a guiding force for an unrelenting living weapon.

As events unfold far beyond her control, Captain Lexia of the Starship Sunfire attempts to prevent what has been set into motion. As the barriers between realities are pierced, the fate of the Universe rests upon the actions of an unlikely crew of misfits, refugees, and lost souls.

The multiverse awaits you!

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Captain Lexia has been left for dead. Her crew murdered or missing. Hope for the future has been shattered.


Five years later…


The Oria, once thought to be the greatest threat to the Universe, now faces extinction at the hands of a living weapon of their own creation. A lost soul seeks vengeance as intergalactic allies must unite to stop this relentless force. All that stands between a devastating power that can destroy planets and the annihilation of all life is a human woman determined to achieve the impossible.


The final voyage of the Starship Sunfire is nearing the end…

The beginning of the end?

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As captain of the Starship Sunfire, Lexia has been forced to do the unthinkable. The burden of sacrifices she has made weigh heavily upon her as she nears her breaking point.


However, with one threat stopped at a severe cost, another lurks deep within the heart of the Cosmic Union as an enigmatic force emerges. A mystery reveals itself as the search for the survivors of an ancient civilization begins.


An unlikely crew is reunited as they determine the fate of the Universe. The past, present, and future converge as they prepare to finish what began a thousand years ago.

Can they save the Universe?

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The Starship Sunfire has begun its maiden voyage as the extraordinary crew who call it home explore the possibilities of the Universe.


The worlds in which Dryad, Brent, and Hallie originate from provide a unique insight into their potential. Gold serves as therapist for Parallax who is coping with the atrocities that she is responsible for as she confronts a threat lurking inside her mind. When Tedorn is temporarily appointed captain, Ter convinces him to visit a city dominated by corruption and greed. Meanwhile, Lexia and Glen follow information that may lead to answers concerning the mystery of her mother.

The start of a new beginning.

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Science Fiction Romance

Curiosity has led Felicity down through the pages of antiquity to an obscure figure that she believes to be the inspiration behind many of the greatest turning points in human history. Her research has developed into obsession. Her thoughts are fixated on a man she believes to be the cornerstone of the utopia she now lives within. 

To have the opportunity to meet him, she embarks on the next step in human exploration. However, her journey to discover the truth will lead to a startling revelation.

The future meets the past as two souls transcend time to find one another.

Is it too late to find true love?

Click on the clock!

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror

David, a blind oracle who can predict the future, has gathered hunters from around the globe to confront a growing threat upon Earth. A vampire nation has taken control of much of the world, extending its influence throughout the nations dominating the modern era.

A mage, a warrior, and a werewolf strike out against immortal opponents. A scientist, a paladin, and a druid struggle to find a way to reverse vampirism. An elf works alongside animated corpses of a necromancer and his loyal assistant.

The races of the human born will be forced to choose sides as a global war begins. 

Do you fear what lurks in the dark?

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Geoffrey is the last descendant of a mage shrouded in legend. He has been tasked by a jinn that is both his mentor and companion to explore the world of the human born races to find the fragments of his ancestor’s staff. 

From the crypts of the Greek Empire to a modern-day Camelot defended by vampire hunters, he races against time to reassemble this ancient artifact. Without it, the world will fall prey to the return of a malevolent spirit.

Fables, folklore, and mythology become reality as those who wield the power of magic alter the course of history.

The power of a mage awaits!

Click on the magic book!

Three mythical objects have been discovered by Silvermane, a vampire who desires to use them to eliminate the goddess that created him. Before he can unlock their secrets, they are stolen by someone determined to spark a global war.


Two close friends, Jenna and Max, are innocent lives trapped between those vying for control. Liz, a cyborg haunted by her past, is thrust into a deadly conspiracy. Their survival will depend on discovering unexpected allies in the form of a goblin and a jinn.


The fate of the human born nations hang in the balance as the truth is revealed.

Everyone is seeking this object!

Click on the mystery egg!

In the depths of a forest secluded far from human born civilizations, a family unlike anything known of in the world has found refuge to raise their triplets. They have been provided sanctuary by a benevolent deity.

They live in secret near a community of beings that are human in shape and form but have a closer kinship to plant than animal. This unique race lives a quiet life, protected by a mythical being they only know of as Gaia.

This tranquility is shattered by the arrival of a mysterious stranger. A vampire created by a malevolent goddess has arrived.

A hidden realm awaits your arrival.

Click on the woman!

The European Alliance is a technologically advanced utopia. It is here that Lilly, a neuroscientist who is haunted by the death of her father, has devoted her life to discovering the essence of existence. She was tasked with designing a replication of a human brain, part of a larger project to construct a synthetic being.

She never expected her creation to come to life.

He is now trapped within an unconscious body, unable to escape. Where science and technology has failed, an ancient magic may provide the answer. One found in the pages of a fairy tale.

True love’s kiss.

A synthetic man seeking true love.

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Sanctuary is ruled through violence and fear by a government of malevolent factions. A horrific death shatters a fragile truce as an unknown force begins to assassinate those responsible for such abhorrent atrocities.


Golems, an amalgamation of machinery and stone, are meant to protect the innocent lives of the community. When they show signs of abandoning such duties, this leaves the benevolent forces attempting to maintain order vulnerable to execution.


Meanwhile, a pair of detectives must discover the truth about the mysterious origins of the city before a threat that will bring about the end of the world is unleashed.

A secluded city poisoned by magic.

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