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The world that you know is only the beginning as mankind unlocks its potential in an evolution of both society and the individual.  As with all things, what is created is neither good, nor evil, for it is guided by those who would use it to satisfy their aspirations for the future.  Exploration of the universe awaits us, seeking what lays beyond the limitations of our planet.  We may discover we are not alone, a welcoming benevolence or those with malicious intent await us in the great empty void of space.  Some desire a utopia built upon the foundations of grand philosophical ideas that will unify us as a whole. Others see the advancements of technology as avenues to new forms of power and control as the natural world vanishes under the weight of an ever growing ecumenopolis.  Soon, time itself will be a plaything for those daring enough to risk not only their own lives, but the fabric of reality itself.  Walk among the stars and gaze upon stories unveiling optimistic promises of the future, warnings of what may become of our world, or simply to answer the question, "What if?"

As a descendant of a legendary hero known for ending the greatest threat to the Universe, Lexia is granted ownership of her own vessel to travel between the stars. As captain, she forms an unlikely crew of misfits, refugees, and lost souls.

Just when she was getting comfortable with her new life, an ancient evil awakens. What can they do when confronted by what is thought to be an unstoppable force?

Their opponent is omnipotent. Victory against it is impossible. Their chances of survival, none.

Just another typical day for Captain Lexia and the crew of the Starship Sunfire.

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Captain Lexia and the crew of the Starship Sunfire receive a message from Tinker, the cyborg that once served as the ship’s engineer. It is a revelation of his greatest discovery and a warning that they must stop what has already been set into motion before it’s too late.

Encountering colossal giants, breaking into a high security prison, and being trapped in a holographic reality of 1950s Earth is only the beginning. Guided by a cybernetic ghost, they must confront a cataclysmic event that reaches beyond the boundaries of space and time.

Luckily for the Universe, Lexia loves a good challenge.


The annihilation of a colony of humans leads Captain Lexia of the Starship Sunfire and her second in command, Parallax, on a journey to discover those responsible. Meanwhile, the remaining crew explores the Universe through the unpredictable behavior of a traveler with extensive knowledge of the past, present, and future.

Two paths of discovery lead to ancient life forms, each appearing to be benevolent in nature, but only one will prove to be an ally.

Lexia must discover who she can trust, who will betray her, and save the lives of all on board the Sunfire before it’s too late.

Curiosity has led Felicity down through the pages of antiquity to an obscure figure that she believes to be the inspiration behind many of the greatest turning points in human history. Her research has developed into obsession. Her thoughts are fixated on a man she believes to be the cornerstone of the utopia she now lives within. 

To have the opportunity to meet him, she embarks on the next step in human exploration. However, her journey to discover the truth will lead to a startling revelation.

The future meets the past as two souls transcend time to find one another.


David, a blind oracle who can predict the future, has gathered hunters from around the globe to confront a growing threat upon Earth. A vampire nation has taken control of much of the world, extending its influence throughout the nations dominating the modern era.

A mage, a warrior, and a werewolf strike out against immortal opponents. A scientist, a paladin, and a druid struggle to find a way to reverse vampirism. An elf works alongside animated corpses of a necromancer and his loyal assistant.

The races of the human born will be forced to choose sides as a global war begins. 

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Geoffrey is the last descendant of a mage shrouded in legend. He has been tasked by a jinn that is both his mentor and companion to explore the world of the human born races to find the fragments of his ancestor’s staff. 

From the crypts of the Greek Empire to a modern-day Camelot defended by vampire hunters, he races against time to reassemble this ancient artifact. Without it, the world will fall prey to the return of a malevolent spirit.

Fables, folklore, and mythology become reality as those who wield the power of magic alter the course of history.

Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character. What follows is a collection of songs that I believe to be the soundtrack to each of the novels revealed here in the Realm of Science and Technology.


Click on each image for a link to hear each song.


Centuries : By Fallout Boy

For the novel : In a Heartbeat

Opening scene in movie reveals Christopher's birth, childhood, his struggle and limitations due to his heart condition. Reveals him writing his book before panning back through a window to the outside his house. Time speeds up to show transformation of the world. Cuts to Felicity arriving on a flying transport. She is greeted by Lynx and they go to her research center where she's mapping out all those who helped create their utopia in a holographic projection. The leads to her attempting her experiment as the song is coming to a close. When it becomes silent, the opening of the book begins and she says the opening line.


Bohemian Rhapsody : By Queen

For the novel : Lexia's Legacy

There is a scene set in control room of the Sunfire with Tedorn, Lexia, Parallax, and Glen sitting together. I had this idea of the movie ending with this song using the language of Tedorn who has a unique way of speaking in the book. Translate the song into Tedorn, and recreate Wayne's World lip syncing in the car experience.


Hero : Elizaveta

For the novel : Parallax's Paradox

The opening scene of each of the books in the Sunfire Chronicles is inspired by a song. I pictured this epic battle on a planet between the Cosmic Union and some unknown threat. There is this massive fight going on both on the planet and in orbit. Then it cuts to the Sunfire streaking into the scene, zooming inside the control room where Lexia is casually enjoying a drink and Parallax is intensely focused on weaving through this war going on outside the planet. Then they land and the scene that plays out in the book unfolds. It's all because of this song.


Human : By Rag'n'Bone Man

For the series : The Sunfire Chronicles

One of the best things about the series is that Lexia is human. When she is first notified that her species that she was born into is called human, she replies, "I've been called worse." She doesn't know what humans are beyond others like her. She didn't grow up in a human society. I love how she's a single human among a group of aliens and androids. She's so accustomed to being around other species other than her own, that they are normal to her. She doesn't judge or discriminate, no matter what someone looks like, its who they are that matters.


Legend : The Score

For the novel : Tinker's Treasure

I originally thought of the Sunfire Chronicles on the big screen, as a series of movies. Then I thought, what if it became a television series? Each season would start out with an introduction of the cast and the theme of "legend" being a part of that felt perfect. So, this song sets the tone of going into a fight, which I think is a great way to start out season two of the series. By having a new song with each book/tv season, it gives a feeling of a new journey each time. 

Lexia's Legacy 1.jpg

Legends Are Made : Sam Tinnesz

For the novel : Lexia's Legacy

I have this wild idea of turning the Sunfire Chronicles into a television series for Netflix. The opening credits of each season will reflect the changing cast of characters and allow the creative team behind developing the series to make numerous references to pop culture when it comes to science fiction and scifi, as well as introduce the characters. This is ideal for the first season as in the crew is just starting out and they're making a name for themselves. 

Live like Legends ruelle.jpg

Live Like Legends : Ruelle

For the novel : Parallax's Paradox 

The more I think about the Sunfire Chronicles as a television series and each book being a season, the concept of a "legend" song being in the opening credits of each season feels so perfect. I love how the final line in this song is "Legends never die..." There is this constant threat of a main character being killed throughout the novel that this would fit the theme perfectly. Also, it leads into the chosen song for the next book. I cannot wait to see this on screen!  


Made for This : Carrollton

For the series : The Sunfire Chronicles

There is a series of songs that I feel like could fit into the series as a whole. It sets this powerful feeling of enduring hardships with this energy of not backing down, taking on all challenges without fear. The lyrics follow Lexia's path from being born out in space on her father's vessel, then having to grow up facing this horrific nightmare of a planet that she escaped to. I love her backstory and explains why she has developed into the person that she is. Of course, it grows from who she would be anyway, but it helped forge a stronger person because of what she endured. This song brings such strength and power to the setting.


Mad World : By Unsecret

For the novel: Blood Oath

The song sets the tone for the entire Human Born series as a whole. The world in which this series takes place is this amazing blend of modern day, the world as we know it, intertwined with magic, advanced technology, monsters, fantasy creatures, practically anything your imagination can come up with, it exists in the day to day lives of the people who exist in this realm. I feel that this song sets the stage and establishes a tone for not only Blood Oath but the whole series. Underneath the surface of what is "normal" is the fantastic at every turn.

May Day Fat Rat.jpg

Mayday : By The Fat Rat

For the novel: Parallax's Paradox

The first time I heard this song was nearly a year before I wrote this book. I had finished Tinker's Treasure and had some ideas as to what the third book would involve. That's when this influenced the ending of the book before I ever began writing it. This powerful image came to mind and I knew I had to somehow make that scene happen. It also opened the gateway for the future of the series in that I had this startling revelation as to how the fourth book in the series would play out as well. It's rare that a song inspires an entire scene, but the ending of a book?


My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark : Fall Out Boy

For the novel : Lexia's Legacy

The original opening scene of Lexia's Legacy began with what is now the second scene in the novel. The action packed introduction was completely inspired by this song. As I was writing the end of the book, I was listening to this song and had this vision of this incredible opening to the movie based upon this book. Then I thought to myself, why don't I have this incredible scene in the book! That just makes sense! So, it became the first of many scenes inspired directly by a song. Fallout Boy would set the stage for much of the series to be inspired by music.

Out of Time : By Hidden Citizens

For the novel: Parallax's Paradox

Time is an ongoing theme in this novel. There is multiple references to events that took place in the past, how the past led up to this moment. There is of course the ticking clock, the threat that if action isn't taken place, the right decisions made, there won't be a future, all that will occur is death and tragedy. Meanwhile there is the consideration for the future, long term goals being met by protagonists and antagonists alike. Preparing for the future is the only way to save the Universe.


Phoenix : By Fall Out Boy

For the novel : Tinker's Tresure

As with the opening of Lexia's Legacy, this song inspired the opening scene to its sequel. In my head it played out like a movie, this wondrous visual of what played out in the novel months before I ever wrote the book. I even mapped out where in each section of the song that certain parts of the scene occurred. I love the song in general, on its own its one of my favorite but to have it inspire a scene and be so closely linked to my favorite ongoing series was ideal. It has this wonderful energy to it that sets the pace for the rest of the movie.


Ready Set Let's Go : By Sam Tinnesz

For the series : The Sunfire Chronicles

One of many songs that sets the tone for the entire series, this energetic, ready to take up a challenge presented, this fearless strength in the face of adversity. This is one of many reasons I absolutely love the series as a whole. The more I explore the reality of the Sunfire, the greater my respect for them grows. Lexia has inspired me to become a better person, to find strength when I feel like I'm failing in my own life. It's songs like these that makes me think of her and her crew.


Renegade : By Styx

For the novel : Tinker's Tresure

When I heard this song, the origins an entire plot element formed for this book. The concept of a prisoner being escorted by four guards. This big, nasty looking creature. Suddenly two guards knock out the other two and reveal themselves to be Lexia and Glen. After that everything fell into place and ended up creating such a wonderful, scary, heart breaking, horrifying experience in the later half of the novel. All because of this song. It's incredible how music inspires stuff like this.


Revolution : By Unsecret

For the novel: Blood Oath

"The Earth hungers for blood..." Instantly I was caught up in this song the first time I heard it. This phrase is perfect for a world where vampires have integrated themselves into all aspects of modern society. In my mind there is scenes of vampires being revealed throughout all aspects of society, corporate executives, world leaders, even random low level employees attacking innocent people in secrete. Then it reveals a series of scenes of vampire hunters, people fighting back, protecting potential victims from this threat. An ideal opening to a movie.


Unstoppable : By The Score

For the series : The Sunfire Chronicles

There are several songs that I believe applies to the entire series of the Sunfire Chronicles, not just a single book. I think of this as a general theme song for the crew of the ship. They confront some of the most mind boggling things, elements of reality that goes beyond what anyone would typically ever encounter. Despite all the obstacles placed before them, they keep pushing forward, not willing to give up. Lexia is both leader as well as inspiration for this unstoppable attitude.


Warriors : By Imagine Dragons

For the series : The Sunfire Chronicles

I love the energy of this song and how it invokes this sense of people rising up against an enemy or taking on a challenge that may feel like it would deter others. That is how I see the crew of the Sunfire, they confront the most over powering odds set against them on a regular basis and don't back down. They know that some threat has to be stopped or some hardship must be endured. They push forward without hesitation and that's truly inspirational to me.

Wayward Son : By Kansas

For the novel : Tinker's Treasure

The ending of the movie based upon the novel would be a final farewell to Tinker, closure to how things ended with Lexia's Legacy and continued on through this novel. It would be a montage of Tinker's influence upon the crew and their memories of him. Of course, it works out perfectly that the man I think would be ideal casting for the role of Tinker, is well known for his role on Supernatural. That series is closely tied to this song as well. Ideal in so many ways.


We Found Love : By Lindsey Stirling

For the novel : In a Heartbeat

In my mind the end of the movie based upon the novel is telling a story of sorts. The two characters are exploring the world together, seeing all the wonders it has to offer, doing what was previously denied to Christopher before Felicity entered his life. Now given a second chance at a life, he can now do everything he couldn't before. There is three parts to the song. The first section says "fell in love in a hopeless place". That represents the time Christopher was born into, how he feels about his life, hopeless. The next section is "fell i n love in a holy place" which represents the era Felicity comes from, this utopia where all the pain, suffering, poverty, crime, all of its gone. The last section is not in English. I think of this as representing the language Felicity speaks, which Christopher doesn't understand. 

the fox ylvis.png

What Does the Fox Say : By Ylvis

For the novel : Parallax's Paradox

I picture Dryad at this dance club filled with animal like alien species. She's so into this psychic vibe of the room. Lexia finds her and says, "We need to go." Points out that most of them are herbivores, they eat plants. Which is what Dryad is. It's not in the book, but definitely a great scene for the television or movie adaption. 


Whatever It Takes : By Imagine Dragon

For the series : The Sunfire Chronicles

This is Lexia's theme song. When I first heard it, I instantly thought of her. What I love about her character is that nothing is impossible in her mind. I often describe her as the kind of person who will leap off a tall building and figure out how she's going to survive on the way down. She doesn't think, "Oh no, I'm going to die." No, she's thinking, "How will I get out of this?" She's fearless, determined, refusing to accept defeat and always pushing herself to do the right thing no matter the risk. The lyrics to the song embody who she is an an individual. 

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Who Wants to Live Forever : By Queen

For the novel : In a Heartbeat

There is a scene where Felicity decides to leave Christopher to his fate, essentially he's going to die soon and for a time traveler, you have to choose to not disrupt the past. The first part of the song is her walking away, deciding to leave. Then near the end of the song, it shifts to a more positive message and that's when she comes back to see him again. This song would tell that emotional journey of her leaving, then returning, not willing to give up on him.


Your World Will Fail : Les Friction

For the novel : Parallax's Paradox

This song is ideal for the antagonists in the novel, giving them this sense that what they're doing is for the greater good. They come across as benevolent and helpful when in reality they're responsible for horrible atrocities. The haunting tone sets reflects the despair for those who know the truth must feel.

© 2017 by Matthew Allen Dickerson


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