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As a descendant of a legendary hero known for ending the greatest threat to the Universe, Lexia is granted ownership of her own vessel to travel between the stars. As captain, she forms an unlikely crew of misfits, refugees, and lost souls.

Just when she was getting comfortable with her new life, an ancient evil awakens. What can they do when confronted by what is thought to be an unstoppable force?

Their opponent is omnipotent. Victory against it is impossible. Their chances of survival, none.

Just another typical day for Captain Lexia and the crew of the Starship Sunfire.


Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character.


What follows is a collection of songs that are the soundtrack to this novel.

Lexia's Legacy 1.jpg

This song is for the introduction of the first season of the Sunfire Chronicles as a television series. The opening credits of each will reflect the changing group featured in each novel and allow for the opportunity to make numerous references to pop culture when it comes to science fiction and sci-fi, as well as introduce the crew of the Starship Sunfire.

The opening scene of the book was inspired by this song. The original draft of the book existed without the action-packed sequence that involved Lexia barely escaping a dangerous situation. Everything that was added to the introduction of the book played out in the mind of the author when listening.


This is Lexia's theme song. Nothing is impossible in her mind. She is the kind of person who will leap off a tall building and figure out how she's going to survive on the way down. She's fearless, determined, refusing to accept defeat, and always pushing herself to do the right thing no matter the risk.


Lexia is human. She didn't grow up in a human society. She's one of her kind among a group of aliens and androids. She's so accustomed to being around other species other than her own, that they are normal to her. She doesn't judge or discriminate, no matter what someone looks like, it's who they are that matters.


This song inspired a "deleted" scenario that does not occur in the novel but would be ideal for a movie or television series based off the book. This will add to the experience for the visual representation of the book on screen. Learn more about this new addition below under the "Bonus Scene" section of this page.




Lexia was forced to abandon her home, the Starship Parallax, when she was ten. She spent over a decade learning to survive on a planet where violent death and corruption were common. She escaped, soon rescued by the Cosmic Union. It is then she is given her father's ship, which she renames it the Starship Sunfire.



An artificial intelligence first created by Liam, captain of the Starship Parallax, was incorporated into the ship's computer system. Eventually, the AI is able to operate an android as an extension of itself. When Lexia becomes captain of her father's ship, she names the android Parallax before she renames it the Sunfire.



Avatar is a mysterious figure with a vast knowledge of the Universe who encounters Lexia early in her life as captain of the Sunfire. With his guidance, she is able to make alliances, meet new friends, and slowly grow the crew of her ship. His appearance of an elder human male hides the truth of his existence.

starryai-0-1019026352-1-0-photo (1).png


Over a thousand rotations (years) ago, Tinker was once human. After a terrible battle, he was near death, kept alive by being combined with cybernetic and other organic body parts. He is now an amalgamation of man, machine, and various life forms cobbled together that serves as the chief engineer of the Sunfire.



Dryad started off life as a small seedling. She was meant to become like her progenitors with a similar appearance to trees on Earth. Yet, her journey was interrupted when she bonded with Lexia during her visit. Her species grow and evolve to mimic that which they connect with, becoming the first humanoid Phyte.



Tedorn is a three-foot tall, fur covered being from a species known as the Nimrev. He escaped slavery and potential death on board the Sunfire when Lexia visited his home world of Pintac. He possesses a unique ability to analyze any machinery, knowing how to repair or even enhance it. He is typically motivated by his appetite.



Rua'So'Nid was a slave of another Narktar due to a blood oath that had bound his lineage for generations. When the one controlling him was killed by Lexia in one-on-one combat, he pledged his life and loyalty to her. He now travels with the captain as an ally, providing the strength of the greatest warrior race in the galaxy.



Frea is naturally a liquid being that is capable of creating a solid form through a reduction of temperature in her body. When she felt a deep, emotional bond with a Hegma, an individual of fire and rock, they were forced to escape their home world, seeking sanctuary. Eventually they found it on the Starship Sunfire.



Ferno's natural state is that of molten lava, able to take a solidified form by gaining control of his emotions. The Hegma are tribal compared to the civilization of the Iozen. He is passionately in love with Frea, leading to a forbidden relationship that has driven the couple into exile. They find a home on board the Sunfire.



Glen met Lexia when they were children, growing into their teenage years together before tragedy drove them apart. Each thought the other had died. He spent the next years (rotations) of his life trapped in a cybernetic suit that kept the charred remains of his body alive. He never expected to see her again.

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Brent is an Erocatad, a race of synthetic life forms that first began as androids created by humans. Eventually they founded their own home world and for generations, only those among their kind have created new members of their species. He serves on board the Vostok as a science officer, a Xenobiologist.



Gold has been alive for thousands of rotations (years), bringing with her a relaxed, calm understanding of the Universe. She is wise, comforting, gentle in her tone, provides guidance, plays the role of counselor, and is willing to say what is needed. She first meets Lexia on board the Vostok, providing insight to a trouble mind.

Bonus Scene: Not Found In Book

In a television presentation of Lexia's Legacy, after the conclusion of the first season of the television series, there is a bonus scene where there is Parallax, Lexia, Glen, and Tedorn sitting in the four seats of the control room. Then the music to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody begins playing. Just like in the scene of Wayne's World set to that music, the four of them lip synch to that song. The twist? It's not in English or any Earth based language for that matter. They are doing the entire song with the lyrics replaced with a translation into the language spoken by Tedorn. It would be a fun, silly, over the top, but incredible way to close out the first season for our audience.

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Hulk 2003

Hidden Author

Where would the Author make a cameo?

Stan Lee is notorious for making a cameo in movies and television series based off his written works. With that in mind, where would the author of this novel make an appearance in a visual adaptation of the book?

What better place for the author of the novel to appear than on board the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D? Well... The ship that pays homage to that vessel, known as the Vostok. How cool would it be to catch the author as just one of the many nameless figures among the main command crew on the bridge? A dream fulfilled in having a chance to be on board this universe's version of this incredible starship.

Spider-Man 2 2004

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