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A book opens a gateway for a reader to meet new and fascinating people. Often, when the final words conclude, that is the end of the journey. However, with the collections to be discovered below on this page, what begins with with a single narrative continues on through other novels. New individuals are introduced, those that are familiar to an audience is explored in greater depth, and the reality in which they live is expanded further. As with life, the end of one experience opens up the possibitlies of what the future may hold as you, the reader, opens the first page to the next story to be told.

The Sunfire Chronicles

The Sunfire Chronicles features the crew of the Starship Sunfire, led by a human, Captain Lexia. They encounter species of all types of life, from organic to synthetic. If you can imagine it, they have or will eventually encounter it. A 4th dimensional being, a temporal nexus where the past and present will meet, ancient civilizations threatening intergalactic genocide, a gateway into the multiverse, and confronting a living weapon bent on revenge is only the beginning. Join the crew of misfits, refugees, and lost souls as they explore the Universe.

Kneeling Astronaut
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“If you measure yourself by the goals and accomplishments of someone else, your life will be defined by them, not by the unique individual that history should remember you as.” – Gold

Noble Souls

A noble soul is someone who seeks to better the world and themselves. Are they perfect? No. They make mistakes. They question themselves. They struggle. At times, the purity of who they are is buried deeply under pain, suffering, and anguish. As they heal from the past, hope is rekindled and the light that had faded from sight shines brighter than a star in the night sky. Individuals like these draw out the best in those who share in their lives in giving strength, courage, comfort, and kindness. They inspire us to believe in the good of the world.

Hanging Hearts
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“To give her a proper name would limit her somehow, confine her perfection. The word sunset does not begin to encompass the beauty of what nature provides us each day.” – Logan

Human Born

Beings of fantasy such as elves, gnomes, ogres, mionotaurs, and goblins have been born to human parents. Generations of these races of "human born" now populate a world. Magic has returned, leading to the existence of mages. However, creatures of horror have also emerged, vampires and werewolves growing in number to dominate the planet. Lastly, advancements in technology has led to the emergence of cyborgs and androids. Welcome to a world without limitations as to what one may encounter within an Earth much like our own.

Fantasy World
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“I may look differently then you, labeled as a different race, but my ancestors were just as human as yours were.” - Melody

Primordial Quaternity

The Primordial Quaternity explores a world much like our own, influenced by four ancient tribes given strength by a quartet of primordial elements. Spirits of those who have passed from mortality exist throughout the planet. Objects that have been infused with the essence of life are transformed into artifacts with unique capabilities. King Arthur, Frankenstein's monster, Winnie-The-Pooh dolls come to life, Dorothy's silver slippers, and so much more are encountered by a group guided by the arbiters of the Quaternity to save humanity from extinction.

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“Never in my wildest imagination would I think that one day the Statue of Liberty would be talking to me. Then again, here I am with Frankenstein’s creation after he just told me that Ebenezer Scrooge was real.” - Quinn

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