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An immortal arbiter alongside his protégé, enter the city of the dead. Separated from their mortal bodies, Aethel and Emma explore the Necropolis, where spirits exist beyond the boundaries of time. Along with their unique allies, they must discover the truth about themselves before it’s too late.

Should they fail, billions of lives will be sacrificed to stop a growing threat to mankind.

With the Quaternity preparing for war, myths and legends begin to reveal themselves as King Arthur, citizens of Wonderland, and Frankenstein’s monster emerge to offer aid in a confrontation that will decide the fate of the world.

Blue Sky

Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character.


What follows is a collection of songs that are the soundtrack to this novel.


The music has a haunting quality to it that definitely sets the tone for the book. It's a great way to introduce the audience to what is in store for them. The fact that the song is called, City of the Dead, is ideal. What the author likes about the song is that its not dark, scary, or menacing. Neither is the setting of the book.




Spirits are incapable of inhabiting the bodies of mortal beings. Two souls cannot occupy the same body. A temporary connection to the Crystal of Air has allowed her to slip into a body just as the original is departing mortality. She is currently a 130+ old spirit in the body of a teenager, forced to confront Anubis, God of Death.



Orthia was born with a frail and fragile body, a disappointment to her father. Her mother visited an oracle that told of her daughter achieving something that would forever alter the course of history. She thought this would occur in her lifetime, but she was murdered during a raid on her village. She now strives to fulfill her destiny with Emma.



Having found his successor, Aethel must keep her safe from the dangers of the world. The former nomad now has a renewed purpose as he prepares to confront a growing global threat. First, he must confront his past, realize the consequences of his actions, and admit that he was responsible for the fall of Camelot.



Henry has experienced being detached from his physical body before due to interactions with artifacts, so he is able to adjust to being a spirit in a realm. That aspect of his new existence he can deal with. Meeting the Mad Hatter, a March Hare, and the Dormouse... That is something he was not prepared for.



In a realm of pure spiritual energy disconnected from the mortal world, Carmilla finds herself unable to find Milo. With the help of Henry, the pair go in search of the others that they were traveling with in a reality influenced by their memories of the world they left behind. She races to find her boyfriend before it's too late.



Disconnected from Carmilla, Milo finds himself isolated. He is forced to confront his feelings of inadequacy. He is uncertain about being able to provide help in what feels like an impossible task in saving the world from a global threat. He struggles with resurfacing depression and a moment of weakness may lead to suicide.



Her attempts to become a self-described monster hunter was an epic failure. However, Quinn did learn that she is a psychic, able to see and communicate with spirits. Trapped in world of that type of energy, she has the opportunity to learn how to master her skills. It is in this realm she meets and befriends Orthia and Giovanni.

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The man known as Renaissance by many, is one of four guardian spirits for Emma. In a realm of pure spiritual energy, he finds himself paired with Quinn. He thinks it is an opportunity to impart his knowledge he has learned since his life ended in the fourteenth century. He seeks to expand his ever-growing knowledge of the world.

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When the group that Esper is in contact with is trapped in a realm of pure spiritual energy, it feels to them like years to decades pass by. For Esper, who is safe in her underground bunker, it is a fraction of a second before they return. When they finally return, she helps by guiding them through her technological resources. 



Arimid was first born before human civilization existed. She has eventually returned to Earth after each death to experience dozens of lifetimes. As one of the three remaining guardian spirits of Emma, she has chosen to assume the form of her life during the first century where she lived on a farm in what is now modern day Ireland. 



Emma's yearning to be reunited with her deceased family allowed her to be lured into a realm of spiritual energy, disconnected from the natural flow of time. It is here that her fantasy comes to life as she is given the opportunity to attend a tea party in Wonderland with the Mad Hatter, a March Hare, and the Dormouse.



Trixie is a genius level savant that drew the attention of the Alchemist. Choosing to ally herself with one of the leaders of the former Quaternity, She is sent to meet with Aethel and Emma to provide aid in their quest to stop the impending global threat. Her technical knowledge and access to worldwide information is invaluable.

Bonus Scene: Not Found In Book

In a movie/television presentation of Crystal of Air... Hopefully, in time, a scene will come to mind that would be an ideal addition to this narrative. However, as of yet, none has been established. If you have read the novel and during your experience with this incredible world, you have come up with a potentially "deleted" scene not found in the book, an idea for the opening, or an interesting way to close out the story, then contact us at this address. If we like the idea, it will become cannon with you credited as creator of this scenario.

Send your ideas to -


Hidden Author

Where would the Author make a cameo?

Stan Lee is notorious for making a cameo in movies and television series based off his written works. With that in mind, where would the author of this novel make an appearance in a visual adaptation of the book?

In the last part of the book, Quinn and Scythe are visiting the grave of Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus. As they approach the grave marker, a man is standing before it, reading the inscription. He looks up at their arrival, smiling at them before departing allowing the scene to begin with their verbal exchange. It is in this moment that the author makes a brief cameo in the book, a writer acknowledging the person who inspired him.


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