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After recovering from a near death experience, the unconscious mind of Dryad becomes the gateway into other realities. The multiverse awaits her.

In a galaxy far away, a powerful new threat is born from hatred towards those responsible for a tortured existence. Revenge becomes a guiding force for an unrelenting living weapon.

As events unfold far beyond her control, Captain Lexia of the Starship Sunfire attempts to prevent what has been set into motion. As the barriers between realities are pierced, the fate of the Universe rests upon the actions of an unlikely crew of misfits, refugees, and lost souls.

Inside Maze

Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character.


What follows is a collection of songs that are the soundtrack to this novel.

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This is the opening for the fourth season of the Sunfire Chronicles as a television series. The opening credits of each season will reflect the changing cast of characters and allow for the opportunity to make numerous references to pop culture when it comes to science fiction and sci-fi, as well as introduce the characters.

The opening of the book visually would be this song playing with flashbacks to what happened at the end of the previous novel. It cuts to Dryad recovering from those events and having moments of waking in other realities. It becomes a montage of struggling to recover while coping with these visions of the multiverse.


The song, Who Will Save You Now, starts out as this somber, sorrow sounding melody speaking of survival. This inspired the entire story arc involving Parallax in the first third of the book and her dealings with the Oria. When it becomes intense, that is her anger, her hatred lashing out at those who tortured her for the last time.

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This song will play at the conclusion, the final scene as it reveals the aftermath of all that has occurred. The lyrics works on so many levels, setting the tone for the conclusion of this story. It represents the sorrow of loss, the determination to keep going forward and to reclaim all that has been lost. This is not the end.

Earth from Spaceship

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Dryad's Dream?

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Dryad's Dream? 

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During her time away from her ship, the Starship Sunfire, Captain Lexia has nearly lost everything dear to her. Traveling through time hasn't stopped her from wanting to save her friend, whom she refuses to give up on. The path for the ship and crew takes them on a journey to find Suzie, who hinted at knowledge of Parallax's origins.



Dryad has begun dreaming for the first time in her life. What she thinks is creations of her mind are gateways to other realities. She soon encounters beings from different worlds, making new friends and learning much from these individuals. She draws the attention of Paradox, Knight of the Cosmos, who is seeking a protege.



Encountering a species much like his own invokes an unexpected bravery when standing up against their aggressive threats. Typically, he is motivated by fear and hunger, during his time on board the Sunfire, he has developed a feeling of family for the crew. With this development, he is showing signs of acts of courage.



Glen has always been supportive of the decisions that Lexia makes, for better or worse. However, he's worried that her judgement is being clouded when it comes to seeking out the fate of Parallax. He thinks that guilt is the guiding force behind her actions which may lead to a disastrous conclusion for the crew and the Starship Sunfire.

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Serving as science officer on board the Sunfire, Brent specializes in Xenobiology, the study of life forms on other planets. In the absence of Parallax, he uses his experience as a former officer of the Cosmic Union to be second in command of the ship. He is an Erocatad, a synthetic life form mimicking a human appearence.



Having bonded with Dryad, Ter is now a member of the crew of the Starship Sunfire. She may appear to be a four foot tall, talking version of a cat found on Earth, but she is a Grimalkin of the planet Pintac. Lexia enjoys her stubborn attitude and pragmatic way of thinking. She has even promised not to eat Tedorn.



Zoon became a member of the crew of the Starship Sunfire out of curiosity of where it may lead. As expected, he has encountered many a strange thing and been exposed to an equally bizarre set of individuals. Starting with humans, the most peculiar species he has ever encountered. He is fearless when exploring what the future holds.



Parallax began her existence as an artificial intelligence incorporated into a starship, controlling an android body. She was transformed into a synthetic replication of a human. Microscopic machines are introduced to her body, leading to unlimited potential. Under the control of the Oria, she becomes a living weapon. 



Having amassed an armada of ships that fulfill her darkest desires, Suzie is an android that entertains herself with the suffering of organic life. Some, she manipulates into aiding her in the atrocities she causes. She is seeking knowledge concerning her "father", Tinker, the former engineer of the Starship Sunfire.

Bonus Scene: Not Found In Book

In a movie/television presentation of Dryad's Dream... Hopefully, in time, a scene will come to mind that would be an ideal addition to this narrative. However, as of yet, none has been established. If you have read the novel and during your experience with this incredible world, you have come up with a potentially "deleted" scene not found in the book, an idea for the opening, or an interesting way to close out the story, then contact us at this address. If we like the idea, it will become cannon with you credited as creator of this scenario.

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Spider-Man 2017

Hidden Author

Where would the Author make a cameo?

Stan Lee is notorious for making a cameo in movies and television series based off his written works. With that in mind, where would the author of this novel make an appearance in a visual adaptation of the book?

With Dryad visiting other realities, the author would recognize her from the Sunfire Chronicles when she visits the realm of Knowing Gnowing. In the background, as the scene with Ulysses plays out, the audience will see him stand up from his seated position near the entry gate as a homage to his cameo from that book as "the guy". He will stare at her in obvious confusion. Eventually he will wonder back to his seat and write down what he had seen as an idea for a story.

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