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Captain Lexia has been left for dead. Her crew murdered or missing. Hope for the future has been shattered.


Five years later…


The Oria, once thought to be the greatest threat to the Universe, now faces extinction at the hands of a living weapon of their own creation. A lost soul seeks vengeance as intergalactic allies must unite to stop this relentless force. All that stands between a devastating power that can destroy planets and the annihilation of all life is a human woman determined to achieve the impossible.


The final voyage of the Starship Sunfire is nearing the end…


Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character.


What follows is a collection of songs that are the soundtrack to this novel.


This song is for the introduction of the fifth season of the Sunfire Chronicles as a television series. The opening credits of each will reflect the changing group featured in each novel and allow for the opportunity to make numerous references to pop culture when it comes to science fiction and sci-fi, as well as introduce the crew of the Starship Sunfire.

The opening of the book is a mysterious figure trudging through this crystal like substance. They're encased in a crude suit keeping the person safe. This song represents the five years since Lexia lost the Sunfire and her journey to recover it. She has been seeking information on how to stop Parallax.


This song plays as Dryad is desperately trying to get Brent to wake up. She is crying out for him to hear her voice. She wants him to open his eyes and look back at her. She feels regret not being there to prevent what happened to him. She wishes to see him one last time before she is forced to depart.


The confrontation between Lexia and Parallax is summarized in this song. It's a heart wrenching moment when the former captain realizes that the woman she once thought of as a close friend, ally, and sister, is gone. All that remains is anger, hatred, and a need to destroy and annihilate her perceived enemies.


After facing the death of Glen at the hands of Parallax, Lexia is forced to confront the pain that she has been avoiding for the past five years. She must accept his death and the mixture of anguish, anger, and yearning for revenge burns deeply within her. This song reflects her emotions after that event.

This music begins playing as Jamahe reveals that he has something to show Lexia. A barrier hides the truth. As they pass through, its revealed that thousands of ships responded to her call for aid. She stares at them with tears in her eyes, as the full strength of this music plays to accent just how profound this moment is.

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Rua'So'Nid's Return?

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Rua'So'Nid's Return? 

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Her crew has been stolen from her as Lexia nearly died at the hands of someone that she thought she could trust. The former captain has been reunited with her father, who she thought had been killed when she was a child. With his help, she searches for those lost to her and she seeks to stop this new deadly threat.



Having taken Liam's place to fulfill his former duties, she has allowed him to be reunited with his daughter. Yet, this has forced her to leave behind her own dearest friends, the crew of the Sunfire, but most importantly, her love, Brent. She visits long enough to make certain he is alive. Afterwards, she must leave her universe.

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Brent was caught in an explosion that destroyed his body. A new, more advanced android form is constructed by his people, the Erocatad. Even rebuilt, there is no guarantee that he will come back to life. The fate of the former science officer and second in command of the Starship Sunfire remains unknown.



Ter escaped the fate of the Sunfire and its crew along with Tedorn. They land on a planet where they encounter a colony of humans. After providing aid, Tedorn requests that she is treated as well as he is. For the next five rotations, a friendship has formed between a pair that would be deadly enemies on their home planet.



Tedorn escaped the fate of the Sunfire with Ter by using an escape shuttle he had cobbled together out of spare parts. Landing on a planet suitable for their forms of life, they encounter a stranded colony of humans. Using his natural talents, he is able to repair their machinery and help their way of life. They soon learn his language.



Having been tortured to a breaking point, Parallax has become a living weapon fighting against those who harmed her. As a synthetic life form with access to microscopic machines, she is able to manipulate matter on a molecular level, creating what she needs to annihilate any who she feels are connected to the Oria.



A group of marauders attacked the Starship Parallax when his daughter, Lexia, was only ten years old. As far as the Universe knew, he was dead. His life was saved because he took on the role of Paradox, Knight of the Cosmos. When Dryad took his place as he did with the one before him, he was finally reunited with his daughter.



Hallie is among the newest generation of Erocatad, a race of androids built by other synthetic life forms. The first among her people were created by humans in the ancient past, but now they have established a home planet on Alpha Prime where she was first formed. She is curious, questioning everything, a yearning for answers.



Having killed a hated enemy of his people in honorable combat and gaining the respect of the Narktar tribal leaders, Rua'So'Nid has been given a sacred position of a mythical figure prophesized by his culture. It is said one would appear in a time of great danger to combat their god of death, to bring light to the darkness.

Bonus Scene: Not Found In Book

In a movie/television presentation of Rua'So'Nid's Return... After the tragic events at the end of the previous novel, what happened to the surviving members of the crew is revealed. One of these introductory scenes involves Tedorn and Ter who have found a new home among a colony of humans. Tedorn is able to repair their failing machinery to provide them a better life and a greater chance at long term survival. To honor all that he has done for them, they present a musical telling of events involving Tedorn sung in his language inspired by real events. Their unique version of what happened is both comical as well as entertaining for any audience. It is not so much a new scene, but a much greater expanded version that shows a lot more about their take on what occured throughout the Sunfire Chronicles leading up to that point as a recap.

Spiderverse 2018

Hidden Author

Where would the Author make a cameo?

Stan Lee is notorious for making a cameo in movies and television series based off his written works. With that in mind, where would the author of this novel make an appearance in a visual adaptation of the book?

When the fate of Tedorn and Ter is revealed, they are among a colony of humans watching an opera sung in Tedorn's language. Among those being entertained by this unique display is the author. When Ter decides to leave, there is the opportunity for him to lean over and speak to a hushed whisper as to speak to Tedorn. "Is she going to be okay?" After the presentation concludes he is one among many in the crowd to give the singers a standing ovation.

Captain Marvel 2019

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