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Sebastian, Nathaniel, and Zoe had thought that their days of heroism had come to an end.   Having survived the cursed soul of an ancient king and the wrath of a maleficent sorcerer, they have found sanctuary within a city shrouded in mystery. However, their journey has just begun.

Psychic vampires, feeding upon memories, transform their victims into horrid abominations.  Wolves that take human form hide within human civilizations. Spirits of the dead haunt the living as ancient sorcery guides the final days of the Age of Shadows. There is no haven to turn to.

So much for the quiet life.


Music often inspires scenes, helps mold the tone of a narrative, and in some cases, defines a character.


What follows is a collection of songs that are the soundtrack to this novel.


The song creates a tone that is ideal for the opening of the movie. Scenes from the previous movie are displayed to fill in for those who didn't see the first one plays during the opening credits. It’s a perfect reflection of a story element where a powerful vampire has arrived in a region to provide aid to the locals.

The theme song for Leandra, playing during her approach to the City of Shadows. She is a mutant in a world where vampires become grotesque monstrosities. She is one of two that remained relatively human instead of becoming one of these creatures. People stare at her in curiosity and disgust.


There is a large battle that occurs near the end of the novel. There is nothing optimistic or hopeful about this conflict. Going into it, the protagonists believe that there is no way they'll survive. They are worried they may not stop what is about to take place. This reflects the hopeless feeling of those involved with the war.


Near the end of the book, the protagonists must confront a great evil that is attacking a nearby city. There is a sense of foreboding doom, a melancholy that washes over those who are preparing for battle. The odds feel impossible with zero chances at survival. Yet, they are the world’s only hope.


With all that has happened during the events of the story, the conclusion opens up the gateway to a new world guided by what is now five guardians. Among them, they provide leadership, guidance, inspiration, and hope. The Age of Shadows has come to an end. A new era has begun...




Sebastian copes with the horrors he has been exposed to throughout his life with a smile and a joke. To do otherwise would allow the weight of the world to crush his spirit. Why fight when you can talk your way out of a situation or better yet, run away? With guile, intelligence, and quick wit, he survives in an unforgiving world.



The City of Shadows provides a cunning mind endless opportunity to profit. In a realm where any crime could end in one's death, Nathaniel has set aside his former life as a thief and con-artist. He applies his quick wit to navigate a bartering system that can lead to great fortune or possibly a horrific end. Challenge accepted.  



While her companions embrace what the City of Shadows has to offer them, Zoe is focused on answering the mystery that surrounds this place. She seeks to better understand the origins of the shadow creatures, the laws that control its citizens, and who is responsible for a place where any broken rule could mean death.



Leandra was born at a small village in the mountains. It is there that a vampiric scout slowly ate away at the memories of her family. She was the only one not to mutate into a horrid abomination. With no memories of her past, she became manipulated by the Witch who took advantage of the developing powers of the sorceress.



Adam is a mystery to all but Leandra with whom he follows loyally. The pair are rarely seen separated and he is quick to agree to any command given to him. He speaks of the woman as his closest friend and ally. He has a sharp wit and is often speaking with a snarky, sarcastic, belittling tone, making him difficult to be around.

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Sabrina was one of many of her kind that escaped being sealed within the boundaries of the southern realm when it was overrun by demons. She established a home within Umbra, the City of Shadows and soon became its longest living citizen as an immortal having been created from magic. She is the unofficial leader of the realm.



Vincentius is a centuries old vampire living in the shadow of a great evil for hundreds of years wanting to find a noble path while barely keeping himself on the ledge that would plunge him into the abyss. He is one of two individuals that were not fully mutated by the psychic vampires that have spread across his land.



Orenda is a being created by magic by the progenitors of the southern realm, formally of the Institute. She was among many who escaped being trapped within its boundaries. Her life eventually led her to the northern realms where she met Vincentius. They formed a like minded kinship which developed into a spiritual bond.

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In the Age of Empire, a village was destroyed by a brutal dictator. For over a century, the sorceress has used magic to mutate her victims to build an army of abominations. As the result of her experimentations, Vincentius and Leandra has been taught to refer to her as grandmother. The time for her revenge is near.

Bonus Scene: Not Found In Book

In a movie/television presentation of Silhouette of the Moon, there is an over the top, silly, complete break from the somber tone of the movie. It's a bonus scene where the cast, while still in full costume, does a homage to Michael Jackson's Thriller. The author pictured these incredible people doing something totally unexpected, which would be perfect for a series involving Sebastian and Nathaniel who often break away from a serious moment to bring humor into a scene. It will be a great way to cap off the roller coaster of emotions that was the two-part series with something that the writer have fond memories of. The idea of the entire cast doing the Thriller dance sequence at the end feels epic.

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Hidden Author

Where would the Author make a cameo?

Stan Lee is notorious for making a cameo in movies and television series based off his written works. With that in mind, where would the author of this novel make an appearance in a visual adaptation of the book?

At the end of the novel, Sebastian is telling the story of the events as they took place with a dramatic flair in disguise as an elder man. A small crowd is gathered, listening to what he has to tell them with focused intent, hanging off his every word. Among them is the author, enjoying the experience, as if he had lived through those events himself. After the tale is told and his audience disperses, the author is the last to turn away as the elder man telling the narrative departs.

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