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It takes dedication to find this page hidden deep within the Tagonist Knights Website.


Where does life come from? What if all life is not biological in origin? Learn more about the experiences of those involved and thoughts expressed with quotes provided. A fan favorite scene is provided. Fascinating images related to the events of the novel are available for your viewing. Gain greater knowledge in exploring the origins of not only this novel, but the Human Born series in which it belongs. Lastly, explore the hidden knowledge found within the pages of the book.

“He’s perfect. He is beautiful. Flawless. He is the embodiment of a dream. Which, sadly, makes him a fantasy. I have projected my hopes and desires upon him without a single droplet of information of the man within.” - Lilly

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Fan Favorite

A scene selected from the book.

True Love's first kiss. In a fairy tale, it is a form of powerful magic. Even though the story is heavily science fiction or sci-fi in tone and presentation, it is still the realm of the Human Born series, which is a combination of horror, fantasy, sci-fi, Romance, and Contemporary Fiction. The idea of magic, in a location and narrative that is scientific based robotics playing a role in Phillip waking up is perfect for the world in which the series takes place. When Lilly kisses Phillip in a moment of heartbreak, thinking that she was never going to see him again leads to that spark of life that wakes him up. Yes, he's been alive, but not a part of her world until that moment. Her reaction to that experience is priceless.


“You are an incredibly beautiful form of life. You’re not the same as I am in that your origins are different, what went into creating you followed a separate path than my own, but you are just as valuable in this world as I am.” - Lilly

Relevant Images


“I consider that the greatest intellectuals throughout history were ones that questioned the status quo, asked curiosities about the Universe even at the risk to their lives, and encouraged growth beyond the limitations of what society would place upon them.” - Doctor Kindred

Origin Story:
Last of Its Kind

The author first started writing the concept of what would one day develop into the Human Born series when he was attending college. He had completed Acolytes (Blood Oath), Prodigal Son (Arcane Inheritance), Emerald Intrigue, and Children of Gaia (Garden of Gaia). He had begun this story, but never completed it. It was a dramatically different version than what this book developed into.

Lilly makes reference to the idea of letting Phillip develop an entire lifetime of memories before waking up in her world. That is what happened in the original, he wakes up as nothing more than a skull with eyeballs attached to his brain sitting on a workbench. It was pretty horrifying concept but told through his perception. Each scene shows his developing body as they attach more of him. Eventually, when he is fully created, he is sent up to the upper floors where he is exposed to the inner workings of the administration running the European Alliance, the kind of hub of individuals reacting to everything in the nation.

That's where the story ended. The author never developed it further. Where it began was with a dream. He was climbing up through a framework of a building, reaching the top where someone was in charge. That's when he first had the idea of a "god" running everything from this incredibly tall spire of a structure.

Originally the core cast was Nia, Daisy, Lilly, and Mari (short for Marigold). Phillip didn't wake up until the last two chapters leaving little room for interaction and character growth. He wakes up, they react to that, and the novel is over. There was an obvious need for changes that were eventually made. The first was adding an interaction between Phillip and Doctor Kindred in every other scene.


Origin Story:
Pick a Genre!

The author continued with the scenes involving Phillip interacting with Doctor Kindred throughout most of the book. At the time, he was aiming for a hard science fiction story with philosophical discourse. However, it didn't feel right.

It was then he was inspired to make it more of a romance. To lean heavily into that genre. The first major change was switching out a woman named Mari, short for Marigold. She lived a life free from technology. That's when the author had the idea of bringing in an individual first introduced in Emerald Intrigue and revealed again in a bonus scene at the end of Garden of Gaia. With the god of romance involved, he knew that the story should be split between that genre and sci-fi in that this was also Nikola's narrative. Originally, there was a lot more scenes involving him and Alana which took away from the main plot.

With Nikola and Alana's scenes greatly reduced, Mari replaced with Lubomir, the author still had the problem of Phillip waking up at the end. So, he dramatically cut down the scenes between him and Doctor Kindred and aimed for halfway through the book for him to wake up. The last major removal was a character named Heather who was a bone expert. Her character never developed. Later many scenes involved her and Alana attempting to blend in as just another worker felt awkward at best. She is mentioned as dating Nia at the end.

Originally, Daisy was distrustful, emotionally detached, and rude with little character development. After a new scene that involved her and Nia was introduced in a revision, she bloomed as an individual. Flower pun intended. Somehow a hard science fiction story developed into a sci-fi romance.

“Your existence should not be defined by another. You should be your own individual.” - Lilly

Easter Eggs and Inspiration

White Lillies

Lily is named after a flower.

Four Sunfire.jpg

The European Alliance uses a form of telling time first introduced in the Sunfire Chronicles series.

Daisy Flowers

Daisy is named after a flower.

R (1).jpg

Phillip is named after Phillip Kindred Dick, a prolific science fiction and scifi author.


Doctor Kindred is named after Phillip Kindred Dick, author of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep."

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Alpha Prime is also the name of a planet of androids known as the Erocatad in the Sunfire Chroncles.

R (2).jpg

Page 7, "All work and no play..." is a reference to the movie: The Shinning.


Page 18, Melody's mother from Arcane Inheritance prefers only one name and she is from France. 

Flower Bouquet

On page 63, Nia is short for Petunia.

Heart Confetti

Lubomir is a Slavic name meaning lub (love) and mir (peace).


Page 58, an android in love with a holographic woman is from the movie: Blade Runner: 2049.


Page 98, the woman with implants becoming organic components is explained in the novel: Emerald Intrigue.


Page 98, the wooden boy turned into a real child is the story of Pinocchio.

Thick Frames

Page 107, glasses being a form of shields to cope with anxiety was inspired by a friend of the author.


Page 196, how Lilly described an animated corpse is what occurred in the novel: Blood Oath.


Page 211, the plant people are introduced in the novel: Garden of Gaia.


Alana is named after Alan Turing, a British mathematician considered to have created the first computer.

paradoxdreamer  Emerald Intrigue 1 (1).jpg

Page 222, the boy being injured occurred during the events of the novel: Emerald Intrigue.

Paradoxdreamer_2_front (2).jpg

Page 231, the battle involving a colossus occurred in Arcane Inheritance.

R (2).jpg

Page 233, Eratosthenes (276-164 BCE) first calculated the circumference of the globe, within 30 kilometers of what scientists would calculate to be true over two thousand of years later.


Page 233, in 150 AD Eratosthenes produced an atlas called Geographia containing several maps of the world known.


Page 243, the mayfly's life span is roughly 24 hours.


Page 243, the "wiggly little red thing" refers to a kangaroo that must crawl to its mother's pouch.

Matthew_Allen_Dickerson - Copy.jpg

The term, evoltseraed, was first introduced in the novel: In a Heartbeat.

All the women involved in the project are named after flowers for a reason. Lilly, Daisy, Nia (Petunia), Heather, and the replaced Mari (Marigold). Why? Gaia created a garden of plant-based people, cultivating her own race of human born revealed in the novel: Garden of Gaia. Exposed to this idea, Nikola liked the concept but wanted to create a race of synthetic beings. His "garden" is represented by a collective of individuals who are synthetic beings that are unaware they are not organic. The project was to test to see if synthetic beings could replicate new beings like them and his experiment proved to be successful. Phillip is a synthetic being as much as the women in the story are. Nikola hints at this fact.


“In a world of science and technology, I have discovered the spark of the divine, the essence of love, in your eyes.” - Lilly

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