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It takes dedication to find this page hidden deep within the Tagonist Knights Website.


Lords and ladies, welcome to the secondary page for the novel: Queen's Court. Here you will find inspiring quotes and entertaining artwork. You will be introduced to the noble souls that this narrative features. Although this allows readers to learn of Alice and Hoven meeting, the tale of Oliver and Mina continues here with Easter Eggs and hidden gems found within the pages of the book explained. A behind the scenes insight is provided to help create a fully immersive experience. May their story inspire and provide faith in true love.

“Just because you don’t see someone’s scars does not mean that they don’t exist.” – Alice

Say Hello - The Cast of Queen's Court

“I must speak for myself.  To allow another to be my voice steals my ability to be heard.”

Alice Kent

Aspiring Queen

“I’m both impressed and insulted. Not sure which one I should feel.”


Passionate Survivor

“Sprinkle a little stardust into the air, make magic happen, grant wishes, it was the role I was meant for.”

Mitch Bulsara

Resteraunt Manager

“Real life isn’t a fairy tale. Love isn’t always this beautiful fantasy we like to think of it as.”

Mina Kensington

Pragmatic Mentor

“Courage is not an absence of fear, it is revealed in overcoming such obstacles buried deep within us.”

Oliver Kent

Optimistic Brother

“Is that what this loathsome pest has done to you, wormed his way into your life like a maggot feeding upon a rotting corpse? He disgusts me. I find the idea of you spending time with this droplet of excrement is revolting.”

Alice's Mother

Ruthless Matriarch

“A flower doesn’t bloom in a day. It must grow over time.”  - Alice

Relevant Artwork/Memes

FOQW8gEX0AEp4BI - Copy.jpg
R (2).jpg

“An act of kindness loses all value if it is done so with expectations of a reward afterwards.” – Hoven

Origin Story:
A sequel?

Heart of Ice was not meant to have a sequel and in the original draft, Alice didn't exist. She was added to a scene to replace Victoria whose part was greatly diminished. The author wanted a female in his life that was not a potential love interest and so, why not a sibling?

The title was created a full year before work began on the book.

Hoven was greatly influenced by the author's passion for music. His severe social anxiety was inspired by a close friend of the writer who copes with this. Much of her experiences, his knowledge of how she reacted to the world, was reflected in Hoven's behavior. The author worked with a man who was around 5'4". This man inspired the difference in height compared to the taller men in the narrative. He was a change from the traditional taller lead males in romances.

There were plans before the author began writing the novel to introduce Alice's mother. There was hope for a scene between Mitch and the matriarch which would allow for two strong personalities to clash for dominance. He was also inspired by a song he heard, featured on the first book page, that led to Alice being in tears on stage. These elements were at the core of the book as it was first brought to life.

By the end, the author knew that this novel was setting up the events for a third book creating a trilogy. That is why there are hints of Oliver asking Mina to marry him that is planted to set up the next book.


A True Hero...

The connection between the Noble Souls Trilogy and Eye of the Beholder is made at the end of the book, confirming the family link between Mitch and Penelope. It explains a series of quotes I created for this novel which is now being presented as a collection.

"A true hero cares more about saving the innocent than punishing the guilty."

"A true hero inspires others to become something far greater than they believe they are capable of."

"A true hero must first save themselves from that which will hold them back from becoming a savior for others."

"A true hero will spend an eternity waiting for the truth, then to create a falsehood that is made in haste."

"A true hero is willing to sacrifice everything to protect those they love."

"A true hero finds resolution to their problems through love and compassion, for the only way this world will become an ideal place to live in, is when it is guided by charity, kindness, and generosity."

"A true hero proves her courage by standing up for what she believes in."

"A true hero is willing to risk losing everything in the hopes of saving a single life from suffering."

“To ask for aid is not a show of weakness, it takes great bravery to be humble in the face of adversity.” – Alice

Easter Eggs and Inspiration


Alice is named after the central character from Alice in Wonderland.


Alice and Oliver's last name, Kent, is derived from Clark Kent.


Oliver is named after the cat from the movie:

Oliver and Company.


Mitch's last name, Bulsara, is the birth name of Freddie Mercury, lead singer of "Queen".

R (4).jpg

Alice failed date is with "Richard", named after former president Richard Nixon.

R (5).jpg

A "Bill" is mentioned, a reference to former president, Bill Clinton.

OIP (1).jpg

Hoven was originally named "Zart" after Mozart, but I didn't like it so changed it.

R (6).jpg

In the mind of the author, Hoven's original job is at McDonald's.

R (7).jpg

An episode of "My Name is Earl" inspired the idea of a cheating husband who is the manager at the store Hoven worked at. 

Black and White Kitten

Hoven working at an animal shelter is inspired by a personal experience of the author.

R (8).jpg

On page 243, Mitch touches Alice's fist to activate their powers. A reference to the Wonder Twins.

R (9).jpg

One page 247, the queen Mitch is referering to is featured in the story, Snow White.

R (10).jpg

Oliver, Mitch, and friends are singing to YMCA by the village people in chapter 14.

In Royal Dress

The place where they are singing is called the Royal Entourage, a play on the title "Queen's Court".

OIP (2).jpg

Alice's older brother is named after several kings who had the name Henry.

The novel was inspired by a song the author heard called "Silent Scream" by Anna Blue, a German singer. The lyrics so perfectly described what Alice endured from her mother. All she wants is the love of a parent for her child despite her mother wanting to be something other than who she is or wants to be. She sings it at the end.


"You are worthy of love." - Alice

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