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So, you've made it this far, have you? It takes dedication to find this page hidden deep within the Tagonist Knights Website.


Mysteries abound in the latest novel in the Primordial Quaternity. Like the Winchester Home, learn more about the hidden truths of the book in an Easter Eggs section. As El Derado is revealed to exist, so can you learn about how this story was created. Learn more about those that are involved through unique quotes provided. A fan favorite scene will give insight into what has intrigued those who have already explored this curious tale. Lastly, the collection of related images are clues concerning what is contained within to decipher.

“I just realized I’m arguing the legitimacy of the Statue of Liberty being able to walk when we know a guy who can reach inside a bag and pull out silver shoes that helped Quinn teleport something like three hundred miles away in a blink of an eye.” - Esper


Fan Favorite

A scene selected from the book.

With each new novel that is presented to the public, there will be an expected period of time for those to find a copy of the book and read through the story that is found within its pages. Tagonist Knights Publishing knows that there may not be a favorite scene provided by an audience member for some time, especially after a primary and secondary book page is established for the first time. So, as of this moment, there is not a favorite scene to feature for this narrative.

If you are someone who has read this novel and would like to make a suggestion for a fan favorite scene, send a message to 


“That's mystical mumbo jumbo that doesn’t help our situation. I’m fully aware that this is coming from a shape shifting immortal that has visions of the future.” - Morana

Relevant Images


“You must know of the past, embrace its memories, be knowledgeable of what came before, if you are to step forward into the future with confidence and understanding of what will be revealed.”


Origin Story:
Multiple Versions

Attempting to resolve the cliff hanger conclusion to the previous book in the series was a daunting task for the author to accomplish. One that had to go through five drafts before reaching its final version that was published.


The first draft was focused on the Alchmist being a central figure. Every fifth scene would involve her lecturing to an audience. One was her doing so at a university, explaining philosophical ideas and blending science with that of mythological concepts. Another situation, she was among a panel of individuals ranging from religious figures to scientific minds addressing various topics. Each time it was mostly a monologue, an exploration of ideas that she was presenting to the audience. Eventually there is a scene where she is in self-constructed underground chamber where she has hand carved wooden figurines to help her remember those who were in her life at one point in the past. All the while exploring her past through a lengthy speech as she talked to herself. 

Another difference is that the bag is set in an empty room with a metal door that is controlled by the Alchemist. Milo and Carmilla escape using a large skeleton key that has nothing to do with Houdini, more akin to what is found on keychains around the 1600s. The pair arrive in the Winchester Home and encounter Trixie who was told to wait there. The location is under the control of the Alchemist, not those loyal to the air tribe, explaining why the staff had vacated the location upon the arrival of the visitors. Eventually Milo reaches into the bag and withdraws the original car design. When Carmilla and he get on it, it vanishes, leaving Trixie behind. That is when Prometheus, Emma, and Morana encounter the couple rolling down a suburban street, linking the two narratives.

Origin Story:
Multiple Versions

The second draft cut out the alchemist from the story entirely. All of her scenes involving her speeches were cut out 

Another major change is that the third item that is revealed for Francis is a mirror that makes other people see someone as a regular human. His wolf like appearance still exists, but other people see him as a normal male. Carmilla's shark like teeth vanish as well when she looks into it. It upsets him since he likes who he is and how he looks. The trio go together into the Winchester Home and at one point, Milo withdraws a three wheeled vehicle, the first car, out of the bag. Getting into it, Carmilla and Milo vanish. That is when Prometheus, Emma, and Morana find the couple drifting down the road. This version of the story didn't make it much further in that it was already falling apart for the author. This led to making a new attempt while salvaging parts of the original.


“Home is not a place that can be found with the eyes or stood upon with one’s feet.” - Takoda

Easter Eggs and Inspiration

R (2).jpg

The bottomless bag refers to an item from the movie: Mary Poppins.


Carmilla is named after the first female vampire in literature.


Milo is named after the main protagonist in the movie, Atlantis: The Lost Empire.


Milo working at a retail store was inspired by the author's own life experiences working for Walmart. 


Seraphim are angelic beings, regarded as belonging to the highest order.

Ron Perlman

Francis is named after Ron Francis Pearlman, who played Vincent in a Beauty and the Beast TV series.


The term "psychic" refers to anyone who can see and/or interact with a spirit.


The idea of artifacts and artifact collectors was inspired by the show: Warehouse 13.


Milo's mother is a "hunter", inspired by what Sam and Dean did in the Supernatural series.


Henry is named after Indiana Jones, Henry Jones Junior. His father's family is inspired by that lineage.

R (6)_edited.jpg

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is also titled "The Modern Prometheus", which is why he is named that way.


The three sisters represent several trios of women in mythology, including the three fates of Greek Mythology.


The name Morana means death. The third of the fates is meant to end someone's life.


Anubis is a god of funerary rites, protector of graves, and guide to the underworld, in ancient Egyptian religion.


Fenrir is a giant wolf from Norse mythology.


Roanoke was an English colony where 112-121 people vanished in 1590. Scythe's origins are connected to this event.

Arthur Doyle

Page 30, Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes.


Sherlock Holmes was a fictional detective whose partner was John Watson.

R (4).jpg

The original Winnie-the-Pooh dolls inspired A.A. Milne's book series of the same name. 


Airmid is the name of an Irish goddess with connections to herbal remedies and healing.


Orthia was a local goddess only found at Sparta and Messene.


Page 35, the "black plague", a pandemic during 1346–1353.


Page 38, Mary refers to Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein.  


Asha means “alive and well” which marks her as the middle of the three fates from Greek Mythology.


Lindita means, the day is born, marking her as the first of the three fates.


On page 42, the silver slippers given to Quinn is from the book: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


Page 48, "I come in peace." is a phrase often used in science fiction and Sci-Fi.


Page 49, Esper is referring to Barry Allen: the Flash.


King Arthur was a fictional king from English myth and legend.


El Dorado is a mythical city of gold in the Amazon rainforest.


Hemitheos is a term for demi-gods, half god/half humans.


Page 61, beans, corn, and squash is called "the three sisters".

Four Sunfire.jpg

Page 66, Rotations is a form of telling time used in the Sunfire Chronicles book series.


Page 68, Takoda is a Native American that means "Friend to Everyone". 

Jerome Caminada

Jerome and his life are based off Jerome Caminada, a British detective said to have inspired the Sherlock Holmes character.


Page 85, "Bobby" refers to Bobby Singer, a character from the Supernatural series.


Page 93, Giorgio is named after and inspired by Giorgio A. Tsoukalos.


Page 99, Sadhguru is named after the founder and head of the Isha Foundation.


Page 101, "nent'an" means goodbye or take care in the Apache language.


Page 101, "go n-éirí leat" means "good luck" in Irish reflecting Carmilla's origins.


Page 102, The couple's encounter with the Statue of Liberty was in the novel: Meteorite of Fire.


Page 112, Atlantis is a mythical city thought to be underwater.


Page 113, Esper is forming a V with her hand which is a Vulcan greeting from Star Trek.

paradoxdreamer ebook (2).jpg

Milo and Carmilla visiting "the vault" is occurs in the novel: Meteorite of Fire.


Page 123, the "brides" of Carmilla's father refers to Dracula turning women into vampires.


Page 123, 300 Spartans against a Persian army refers to the Battle of Thermopylae.

Winchester Mystery House

Many details concerning the Winchester House is based off our world. Other details are found only in the Primordial Quaternity series.


Matter the Hatter and his companions are from the book: Alice's adventures in Wonderland.


The Dormouse speaks like Tedorn, another large mouse character who is featured in the Sunfire Chronicles.


Page 167, Phileas Fogg is from the novel: Around the World in Eighty Days.


The Christmas Truce took place in our world as it is described, except for Jerome's involvement.


Page 193, the four men Esper speaks of is the Ghostbusters.


Page 198, the sign mentioned is used in many underwater caverns.

Sheridan Le Fanu

Page 201, Sheridan Le Fanu, the author of the novel "Carmilla", was born in Dublin, Ireland.


Page 201, Milo Thatch, is from Washington D.C.

Taoist Monk

Page 204, a Doashi is a priest of the Taoism philosophy.


The Terracotta Army site is approximately an hour drive from the city of Xi'an. 


Page 208, Omega Theta represent 'U' and 'O' alluding to the phrase "Uh-Oh".

The creature at the end of Chapter 11 refers to the Creature of the Black Lagoon.


Page 226, the attack on Pearl Harbor is what drew the United States into World War 2.

OIP (1).jfif

Rick is named after Rick Sanchez, from the Rick and Morty cartoon series.


Page 229, during World War 2, Japanese Americans were treated as described by Scythe.

OIP (2).jfif

Page 230, the events described refers to the end of the movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark. 


Page 230, "Bertha" is named after a title given to a walkie stacker at the Walmart that the author used to work at.


Page 232, Ripley is named after the character from the movie: Aliens.


Page 234, Brythonic was spoken during the era it was said that the stories of King Arthur took place.


Linda is named after Linda Hamilton from the Terminator franchise.


According to legend, Amesbury was founded by Ambrosius Aurelianus, King Arthur's uncle.


Page 248, the story of Henry's grandfather is a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 


Page 251, information about Stonehenge as a tourist is derived from the real world location. 


Page 253, William refers to William Shakespeare and the cauldron of three witches from the play: Macbeth.


Page 264, the round table and sword, Excalibur, is from the legend of King Arthur.


Page 267, "his" majesty's naval service instead of "her" means there is a king of England, not a Queen.


Page 267, Kriegsmarine refers to the navy of Nazi Germany.

Wine Clink

Page 271, "Sherry" is a type of wine, a favorite of Sherlock Holmes.

Czar Nicholas

Page 287 refers to the murder of Nicholas II and his family, the last king of Russia.

Castle Garden

Page 289, Camelot is the kingdom created by King Arthur.


Page 289, the end of the page, the author is hinting at the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

Page 233, the book written by a woman named Adriana refers to someone who entered the world of the Primordial Quaternity from the Human Born series. At the end of the novel, Deadly Haven, it is revealed that she had entered this world from her reality during the ancient tribal era. She was there among other humans of this world for generations, thousands of years observing but rarely interacting with those around her. The city of the high walls is called Sanctuary, featured in this other novel. This is the connecting point to that other series, continuing the ever expanding "Mattiverse" of different dimensions of reality featured in the written works of the same author.


“You must be humble before the all spirit, for it is guiding you along with thousands, if not millions of people to aid in preventing a catastrophic event.”

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