"Woe to the man who would dare call himself a god, for only in staring into the infinite does he understand how powerless he truly is.”

Tapestry of the Second Born

“No, no, no! No, not know. No, no way I would use know as in to know. No gnome would know knowing from Gnowing. Gnomes knowing Gnowing, now that makes sense. Knowing Gnowing will become a tradition. But no, knowing knowing, that’s just ridiculous. Gnomes knowing knowing, no. Gnomes knowing Gnowing, yes.” 

Mystical Alliance


“You are the sun on a cold winter’s day, providing warmth to the fragile life of a flower that desperately seeks its guiding light.” 

Heart of Ice

“If you measure yourself by the goals and accomplishments of someone else, your life will be defined by them, not by the unique individual that history should remember you as.” 

Lexia's Legacy

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Years ago, Avita had given up on her innocence, joy, happiness, and worst of all, any glimmer of hope that the world was anything more than a decrepit cesspool of deceit, hatred, violence, and vile beings motivated by self-serving desires. 

Prisoner of Silence

Where he could have indulged in the pleasures of her body, he chose to embrace her soul. 

Eye of the Beholder

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"What do I have to do to convince you that I love you? I traveled through the space-time continuum just to meet you and did it again so that I could spend a lifetime with you."

In a Heartbeat

“I never thought I would live to see the day when the threat of being incinerated by a dragon will be the least of my problems.”

Eclipse of the Sun

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“By your side, failure or success, life or death, I will follow you to wherever you guide my footsteps.”

Silhouette of the Moon

“What if I told you I stumbled upon something that will not only destroy the Universe in the here and now but rip the space-time continuum to shreds.”   

Tinker's Treasure

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"I want to feel like a queen when I wake up each day, as if I have the strength of will to make anything I desire to occur if I put my mind to it."

Queen's Court

“You are abominations, a blight upon this world that myself and others like me will purge with the righteousness bestowed upon us.”

Blood Oath

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"Something I learned early on is that sometimes fate guides us to a certain path. Then it is up to us to do the right thing when the time comes."

Arcane Inheritance

“I am captain Lexia of the Starship Sunfire and you threatened one of my crew. You want to hurt him, you go through me and trust me, a lot bigger and more dangerous beings across the Universe have tried and failed, so don’t try me.” 

Parallax's Paradox


“Wedding vows are a declaration to the world, a symbol of what existed long before they said, I do.”

Dearly Beloved

"Somewhere, sometime, and on some dimension of existence, anything that is fantasy to us, is real to someone else."

Matthew Allen Dickerson

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© 2017 by Matthew Allen Dickerson


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