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A New World of Publishing

Welcome to Tagonist Knights Publishing

Tagonist Knights Publishing is a hybrid press that possesses elements of both traditional publication as well as that of self-publication. A small staff of an editor, a group of artists, and a web designer work together to bring this dream to life. 

The concept was simple, five genres, each protected by a unique knight that provide guidance into these realms of wonder: Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Romance, and Contemporary Fiction. Since its origins, we have expanded into a multitude of sub-genres to help better define each novel to help find the right audience.

This company provides an author the opportunity to have full creative control over their project much like with self publication such as cover art design of their choice. The traditional publication aspect is in that there is no cost to you, the author. We cover all expenses of editing, cover art (Optional: If you have your own design, we welcome its usage), and promotion through this website.


Submissions require a query letter, but no need to be formal, just a paragraph about your novel idea and why you chose to publish with us. 

Join us, reader and writer alike, to explore the realms of

Tagonist Knights Publishing.

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  Recent Additions  

  The newest books added to our collection.  

  Love and Romance  

Stories that will warm the heart and sooth the soul.

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Click on Gemini to explore her genre page.

Sword and Sorcery Fantasy

  Wondrous adventures to tantalize the imagination.

Fantasy Gaming
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Click on Mythos to explore his genre page.


  Are you afraid of the dark? You will be...  

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Click on Raven to explore his genre page.

  Science Fiction  

  Time travel, aliens, robots, spaceships, or all of the above?  

Spacecraft in Orbit
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Click on Paradox to explore his genre page.

  Contemporary Fiction 

  Every day people, ordinary lives, incredible tales to be told.  

Quiet Forest
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Click on Phoenix to explore her genre page.
Art Gallery

 Love the Artwork?






 And More!

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25 Total.jpg
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Thanks for submitting!

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