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A book opens a gateway for a reader to meet new and fascinating people. Often, when the final words conclude, that is the end of the journey. However, with the collections to be discovered below on this page, what begins with with a single narrative continues on through other novels. New individuals are introduced, those that are familiar to an audience is explored in greater depth, and the reality in which they live is expanded further. As with life, the end of one experience opens up the possibitlies of what the future may hold as you, the reader, opens the first page to the next story to be told.

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Character Listing : A



Abigail is an elf born to two human parents. Her father hated what he thought of as an abomination. Her mother ran away with her infant, only to become involved with a cult that murdered her mother. Years later, after being trained to become an assassin, she lures vampires to attack the group before she escapes.



Adam is a mystery to all but Leandra with whom he follows loyally. The pair are rarely seen separated and he is quick to agree to any command given to him. He speaks of the woman as his closest friend and ally. He has a sharp wit and is often speaking with a snarky, sarcastic, belittling tone, making him difficult to be around.



Aethel was born over one thousand, five hundred years ago in England. His was destined to be the next arbiter for the Quaternity. He rose to the position of self-proclaimed king only to have the four tribes turn against him. He has lived in exile, providing aid to the world in secret. The truth of his life has become myth.



Airmid is one of four guardians of Emma, protecting and guiding the newest arbiter. She possesses a familiar face to the child, providing comfort in that the spirit appears to look much like the girl's mother hinting at a family lineage connecting them separated by thousands of years. She is nurturing, soothing, and gentle.



Alexander is a narcist with a god complex who feels that he deserves mastery over the world. He is willing to destroy millions of lives, force the world to bend to his will, and watch as global civilizations crumble to gain the level of control he seeks. All that stands in his way is his father. With his death, a new messiah bathed in blood will rise.



Alice has grown up under the strict guidance of a dominating matriarch. She had been taught at a young age to obey her mother's wishes and to follow the strict rules in which she has lived most of her life. When Oliver left the family in defiance of their mother, she was the only member of his family that remained in contact with him.



Andrea delved into the research of virology to find a way to save those infected with what she feels is a virus causing vampirism. Her parents were test subjects, each dying before she could discover answers she needs. David has provided her equipment and test subjects to find a cure and possible inoculation to this threat.



Andrew is the latest in a family who has been involved with the military for generations. After leaving his position in a covert operations unit, he has taken up a position as security for the son of Patrick Elrod. He is concerned that the younger man is a threat but uses the CEO as a shield to protect himself from his former employers.



Artemis is the daughter of a tailer that crafts designer suites for a merchant in the Savile Row in London. She has spent her life in the city. A little over a year after her mother died, she has found the courage to enter a talent contest to share her skills as a singer with the world. Unknown to her, she is about to connect with another world.



Avatar is a mysterious figure with a vast knowledge of the Universe who encounters Lexia early in her life as captain of the Sunfire. With his guidance, she is able to make alliances, meet new friends, and slowly grow the crew of her ship. His appearance of an elder human male hides the truth of his existence.



Avita has been psychological and physically abused since she was a child. Her mother died of alcoholism, her father of a drug overdose. She is filled with bitter anger, hatred for humanity, and has given up hope for her life. She finds herself trapped in an endless cycle of painful, torturous scenarios that threatens to destroy her.



Azul made his way quickly up through the corporate ladder of the vampire nation controlling the North American Union. He is ruthless, doing whatever is necessary to get the results he is seeking. His heavy-handed response to any threat or obstacles has earned him respect as well as fear of being the next victim of his violent brutality.

Character Listing : B



Baiablio wants nothing to do with social interaction and yet, will not be left alone by Emeraial who seeks knowledge that he possesses on a daily basis. He humors her only in that it is the quickest way to make her go away. He spends most of his time in a library, researching and reading. It is a