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A book opens a gateway for a reader to meet new and fascinating people. Often, when the final words conclude, that is the end of the journey. However, with the collections to be discovered below on this page, what begins with with a single narrative continues on through other novels. New individuals are introduced, those that are familiar to an audience is explored in greater depth, and the reality in which they live is expanded further. As with life, the end of one experience opens up the possibitlies of what the future may hold as you, the reader, opens the first page to the next story to be told.

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Character Listing : A



Abigail is an elf born to two human parents. Her father hated what he thought of as an abomination. Her mother ran away with her infant, only to become involved with a cult that murdered her mother. Years later, after being trained to become an assassin, she lures vampires to attack the group before she escapes.



Adam is a mystery to all but Leandra with whom he follows loyally. The pair are rarely seen separated and he is quick to agree to any command given to him. He speaks of the woman as his closest friend and ally. He has a sharp wit and is often speaking with a snarky, sarcastic, belittling tone, making him difficult to be around.



Adriana has spent most of her life in isolation with minimum interaction with the rest of the community. Her mother was killed by the Temple, her father murdered by an unknown assassin. She possesses a psychic bond with the golems throughout the city. Only through their protection is she able to serve as the leader of Sanctuary.



Aethel was born over one thousand, five hundred years ago in England. His was destined to be the next arbiter for the Quaternity. He rose to the position of self-proclaimed king only to have the four tribes turn against him. He has lived in exile, providing aid to the world in secret. The truth of his life has become myth.



Airmid is one of four guardians of Emma, protecting and guiding the newest arbiter. She possesses a familiar face to the child, providing comfort in that the spirit appears to look much like the girl's mother hinting at a family lineage connecting them separated by thousands of years. She is nurturing, soothing, and gentle.



Alexander is a narcist with a god complex who feels that he deserves mastery over the world. He is willing to destroy millions of lives, force the world to bend to his will, and watch as global civilizations crumble to gain the level of control he seeks. All that stands in his way is his father. With his death, a new messiah bathed in blood will rise.



Alice has grown up under the strict guidance of a dominating matriarch. She had been taught at a young age to obey her mother's wishes and to follow the strict rules in which she has lived most of her life. When Oliver left the family in defiance of their mother, she was the only member of his family that remained in contact with him.



Andrea delved into the research of virology to find a way to save those infected with what she feels is a virus causing vampirism. Her parents were test subjects, each dying before she could discover answers she needs. David has provided her equipment and test subjects to find a cure and possible inoculation to this threat.



Andrew is the latest in a family who has been involved with the military for generations. After leaving his position in a covert operations unit, he has taken up a position as security for the son of Patrick Elrod. He is concerned that the younger man is a threat but uses the CEO as a shield to protect himself from his former employers.



Artemis is the daughter of a tailer that crafts designer suites for a merchant in the Savile Row in London. She has spent her life in the city. A little over a year after her mother died, she has found the courage to enter a talent contest to share her skills as a singer with the world. Unknown to her, she is about to connect with another world.



Avatar is a mysterious figure with a vast knowledge of the Universe who encounters Lexia early in her life as captain of the Sunfire. With his guidance, she is able to make alliances, meet new friends, and slowly grow the crew of her ship. His appearance of an elder human male hides the truth of his existence.



Avita has been psychological and physically abused since she was a child. Her mother died of alcoholism, her father of a drug overdose. She is filled with bitter anger, hatred for humanity, and has given up hope for her life. She finds herself trapped in an endless cycle of painful, torturous scenarios that threatens to destroy her.



Azul made his way quickly up through the corporate ladder of the vampire nation controlling the North American Union. He is ruthless, doing whatever is necessary to get the results he is seeking. His heavy-handed response to any threat or obstacles has earned him respect as well as fear of being the next victim of his violent brutality.

Character Listing : B



Baiablio wants nothing to do with social interaction and yet, will not be left alone by Emeraial who seeks knowledge that he possesses on a daily basis. He humors her only in that it is the quickest way to make her go away. He spends most of his time in a library, researching and reading. It is a place for him to go for solitude.



Bart is a grandfather that enjoys a slow-paced life. He learned how to drive a bus at a young age. Some days he would travel with his father throughout a route, encountering others from around the area. He enjoys connecting with other people, meeting those along the way that he considered both friends and family.



Belinti grew up in a small town in Ireland, the youngest of nine children and the only son of his parents. He is inspired to go to London, entering a talent competition to show the world his skills as a dancer. Little does he know that the reason for choosing this location is because another soul is calling out to him, his Twin Flame.



Benjamin is the son of a merchant in a small village whose family has helped the community flourish. He discovers a yellow jewel stone without any explanation as to its origins in his room one day. The mystical object inspires him to leave his homeland to explore the known world. His journey soon takes him to the city of Gnowing.

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Brent is an Erocatad, a race of synthetic life forms that first began as androids created by humans. Eventually they founded their own home world and for generations, only those among their kind have created new members of their species. He serves on board the Vostok as a science officer, a Xenobiologist.

Character Listing : C



Cara first met Alice when the pair were working together as servers at a local restaurant. They were quick to become friends, their unique personalities complimenting one another ideally. They decided to become roommates and have lived with one another ever since. Cara loves gaming and chatting online.



Carmilla was born in 1972. Folklore and legend speak of what she is, using a term she venomously hates: A vampire. She has been hunted most of her life, labeled a monster because of the fault of what she was born as. Recently she has met Milo, a man whom she feels a spiritual connection with, her Twin Flame.



When his body began to degenerate due to the passage of time, Charles began replacing parts of his organic flesh with synthetic components. He used his expertise in development of the golems that provide protection to the citizens of the city to attain a form of immortality. He is guided by logic, not hindered by emotional influence.



In life, he was a French knight, fighting what he felt was the actions of a virtuous warrior, not realizing the truth of those guiding his blade. After dying in battle, he came to terms with the atrocities he was responsible for. He thinks God wants him to atone for his sins. For him, a divine will has chosen him to be Emma's protector from evil.



Chuthul began a career as a member of the council that guided the city with bright optimism. However, as he rose to the position of leader of the city, he realized the only way to maintain control was to give into the corruption that often threatened his life. As he slipped into madness, he became everything he once stood against.



Christopher was diagnosed with a heart condition that could prove fatal in any moment. An attempt at corrective surgery would likely kill him. He has lived in solitude, cut off from the world. He knows he does not have long to live as he pours his thoughts and ideas into a book that will one day revolutionize the world.

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A freshman in high school, Cindy is struggling with the recent divorce of her parents. Her father, who is currently in prison, was abusive towards her mother. She resents the fact that her mother remarried and isolates herself from her family life, focusing on her friends that she spends most of her time with.

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Clive is a master mage who became friends with Melody's father before she was born. He kept in touch with the family over the years and when she began showing signs of being able to control magic, her mother requested for him to teach her how to control this unique power. He has taken her on as an apprentice as they travel the world.

Character Listing : D



Daemon possesses a deep rooted disdain for humanity. He considers them a favored child undeserving of admiration. He is cruel, dangerous, and manipulative of others if only to prove that the Second Born are unworthy of love. Beyond the surface, he is a lonely son longing to be connected with his absent father. 

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Playful with a hint of flirtatious intent with an easy-going, laid-back attitude towards life has made Daisy well liked among her peers at the facility that she works at. Her skills with robotics combined with that of her expertise as a dermatologist is why she was chosen to help create the skin for a synthetic replication of a human



Daniel hails from the underground city built inside the depths of the Rocky Mountains of the North American Union. He is a merchant that deals with exotic and rare items. His latest acquisition makes him think he can be a threat to the Silvermane. He is ruthless, dangerous, and willing to sacrifice anyone to achieve his goals.

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One of the earliest creations of the human residents of the Institute, Dargom's loyalty to Vurian never wavered, despite the attempts to do so by the Architect. When he and the other progenitors were sent into exile, he departed the Institute along with many others of his kind to established Sanctuary in the southern region.



David is a blind man with the ability to see into the future. With this unique capability, he has declared war on the vampire nation that holds immense power throughout the world. He has gathered a large collection of hunters of various skills to finally put an end to this global threat. He will begin by luring out a powerful enemy to slay.



Delora grew up in the city of Sanctuary. She escaped the confines of her home to handle the business affairs of her family's estate beyond the boundaries of the mysterious city. While in New York Metropolis, she enjoys the life of luxury, risking her life to challenge the vampire Silvermane to gain access to a unique treasure.


Doctor Kindred

Doctor Kindred is Phillip's therapist, providing him help with the loss of memory and his lack of knowledge of his former life. She provides a safe place for him to open up about his concerns, explore his philosophical ideas, and develop his understanding of the world around him. The pair soon form a personal connection. 



Dryad started off life as a small seedling. She was meant to become like her progenitors with a similar appearance to trees on Earth. Yet, her journey was interrupted when she bonded with Lexia during her visit. Her species grow and evolve to mimic that which they connect with, becoming the first humanoid Phyte.

Character Listing : E



Edward believes he is a human born on Earth and his life exists in a reality similar to that presented in television and movies during the 1950s. The reality is that he is a holographic projection, a life form created from millions of microscopic organisms contained in a large apparatus that combine to create a liquid brain.



Elbert is meticulously detailed to the point that he has obsessive-compulsive disorder in that each detail of his life must be in perfect order. As a judge, he focuses on exacts, such as the correct pitch in music, the perfect angle during dancing, and specifics that in his mind must be technically correct.

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Elder Man

Mankind was given the ability of free will, the opportunity to make a choice between virtue and malevolence. Yet, societies have slipped into realms of suffering and despair. To prevent generations of a world without hope, he has decided to end the world. Humans are provided a final test, one last chance to prevent Armageddon.



Her children have been kidnapped. Fear of harm coming to her unborn babies motivate her to move swiftly to track down each of her triplets. As her search continues, the venomous hatred of the world she explores seeps into her psyche. A worried mother is transformed into a powerful, deadly force of wrathful vengeance.



In a small village where everything moves at a slower pace, Emeraial is bored. Most are happy with the utopia in which she lives, surrounded by a forest that stretches on for miles, protected by a goddess. She wants more. However, despite her yearning for something exciting to happen, she didn't plan on meeting a vampire.



Emerald is from a set of triplets that was kidnapped from his parents while still contained within his egg. The three unborn dragons are being sold to three separate buyers. It is during this journey that he first hatches and encounters Liz, Jenna, and Max. Unknown to the newborn, his parents are searching for him and his sisters.



Emma's family is massacred by a demon. She would have died with them if she wasn't protected by four spirits that serve as guardians and guides for the psychic prodigy. The orphan is soon introduced to the mysterious stranger, Aethel, who is like her, an arbiter of the Quaternity. Together they must save the world.

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Esper learned computer coding as a teenager and mastered the stock market by the time she was eighteen. As a self-made billionaire, she began purging all signs of her existence, both digital and hard copies. As far as the world knows, she doesn't exist. She helps Henry using from the safety of her home, an underground bunker.



Eugene is an aspiring entrepreneur with several failed attempts. He first met Logan while visiting one of the artist's galleries. Seeing the potential in the lifelike artwork, he suggested to start company together, one where clients could make personalized requests. Soon the pair began their partnership in this new venture.

Character Listing : F



Felicity has been curious about history, fascinated with how one event or person can set into motion a chain of events that will forever alter the future. Living in a utopian society, she is curious what led to the changes that her world now enjoyed. This research has sparked her interest in the idea of traveling through time.



Fera came from a small village of elves whose ancestors were sent into exile generations ago. It is during her travels, exploring the known world that she first meets Benjamin's father as a young man. She has been a part of his life as he grew up, was married, and had a son with whom she has chosen to accompany on his journey.



Ferno's natural state is that of molten lava, able to take a solidified form by gaining control emotions. The Hegma are tribal compared to the higher level of civilization of the Iozen. He is passionately in love with Frea, leading to a forbidden relationship that has driven the couple into exile. They find a home on board the Sunfire.



Ferot is leader of the descendants of wolves that were experimented upon by a group of sorcerers. He, like all of those within his community are able to take human form. His ancestors fled the threat of demons to the south only to become servants to the spirit of king who uses them in an ongoing war against the lich that cursed him.



His ancestors were Fenrir, humanoid wolves that appeared more animal than human. In the distant past, a romantic union between one of their kind and a human led to generations of hybrids, one including his father. His mother was human. Francis was the most like the paternal side of his family. He hates the term werewolf.



Frank was created by Suzie using body parts from dozens of sentient species that she harvested from living victims. She found a way to implant a rudimentary artificial intelligence computer program to activate the living corpse. He has a deep loyalty to her, even though he disagrees with the atrocities she's responsible for.



Frea is naturally a liquid being that is capable of creating a solid form through a reduction of temperature in her body. When she felt a deep, emotional bond with a Hegma, an individual of fire and rock, they were forced to escape their home world, seeking sanctuary. Eventually they found it on the Starship Sunfire.



A community of elves long ago created a gated community for themselves, proclaiming that they were better than other human born. Frederick is grateful his family distanced themselves from their ancestral ties to such bigotry. He focuses his talents on investigations into various crimes throughout the city with the aid of his partner, Theseus.

Character Listing : G



Gabriel is a philosopher, curious about the fate of humanity with an emotional detachment of a scientist observing animals in the wild. He finds them fascinating, his curiosity occupying his mind as he fulfills the task of ushering the dead beyond the mortal world. Because of this, some think of him as the angel of death.



Galen is one of a rare race of Human Born that possesses the wings of a bird sprouting from his back. He has found ways to conceal them by folding them downward or even going as far as using magical enchantments to mask the truth so he can lead a relatively normal life. He often feels isolated and alone because of this.



Gemini travels from one reality to the next seeking to aid in making certain that love flourishes. In the case of Artemis and Belinti, they are a Twin Flame, two halves of a single soul separated by parallel realities. She befriends each in the hope of unlocking their potential so that they can share in a happily ever after.



Geoffrey is the last descendant of the man who ended the last age of magic in a confrontation with a powerful spirit. Myrddin knew that magic would one day return to the world and sent his assistant, Jinx, to teach the one that would be forced to confront this ancient evil. They must assemble his ancestor's staff before it's too late.



Gertrude is a human living in a city predominantly inhabited by gnomes. She is an inventor with a curiosity that often gets the better of her. She loves living in Gnowing, a place where creativity is celebrated. Her latest project involves a jewel stone given to her by her mother. Can a machine decipher the mysteries of magic?



Glen met Lexia when they were children, growing into their teenage years together before tragedy drove them apart. Each thought the other had died. He spent the next years (rotations) of his life trapped in a cybernetic suit that kept the charred remains of his body alive. He never expected to see Lexia again.



Gold has been alive for thousands of rotations (years), bringing with her a relaxed, calm understanding of the Universe. She is wise, comforting, gentle in her tone, provides guidance, plays the role of counselor, and is willing to say what is needed. She first meets Lexia on board the Vostok, providing insight to a trouble mind.



Gorbin has enjoyed inflicting pain since he was a child, often bullying others to get his way. When he learned he could make a good living off the suffering and death of others, he was quick to enter the lucrative business of being a mercenary. He is currently aiding the European Alliance against the army of the Greek Empire.

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In the Age of Empire, a village was destroyed by a brutal dictator. For over a century, the sorceress has used magic to mutate her victims to build an army of abominations. As the result of her experimentations, Vincentius and Leandra has been taught to refer to her as grandmother. The time for her revenge is near.



Gregory was once a map maker as he researched the known world. Once he returned to his home in the city of Gnowing, he became enamored of mechanical devices, pivoting from cartography to becoming an inventor. He was happy with this life until he meets Gertrude, inspiring him to become an explorer once more.



Griffin feels that the mysterious small town that has become his home drew him to it, that his destiny was linked to its location. He works at a local bakery, never speaking a single word, having taken a vow of sioence. He is kind, generous, helpful, and has a soothing presence. Those who call him friend consider him a blessing. 

Character Listing : H



Hallie is among the newest generation of Erocatad, a race of androids built by other synthetic life forms. The first among her people were created by humans in the ancient past, but now they have established a home planet on Alpha Prime where she was first formed. She is curious, questioning everything, a yearning for answers.



How Harison lost his arm is a mystery, but with the help of Nick, he has replaced it with a synthetic replica that has multiple built-in weapons which are ideal for a mercenary fighting on behalf of the European Alliance. As a geomancer, a mage who can manipulate soil and rock, he is a deadly force on the battlefield.



Henry is the fourth generation of his family on his father's side to be involved with the acquisition of and research of artifacts, objects imbued with spiritual energy that give them mystical qualities. He is, however, a disappointment to his mother who comes from a lineage of hunters who seek to destroy threats to humanity.



Hoven was abandoned by his parents, grew up in an abusive foster home, and barely survived to the point he could live on his own. He saved up enough money to buy a car in which he now lives in. For him, it represents freedom, not trapped at any single location. His passion for music has helped him cope with his depression.

Character Listing : I



Isabel is optimistic to the point of being blind to the horrors of the city that she grew up in. She is fixated on the written word, enjoying reading and deciphering languages. She is an expert in her field and works directly for the administration that runs the city. She is in love with Theseus, but too scared to tell him.

Character Listing : J

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Jamahe is an artificial intelligence that controls a synthetic replication of a human form. He has created a wide variety of beings, each possessing sentience with a spectrum of appearances, shapes, and sizes. His origin is connected to the earliest Mars Rovers in ancient human history, the end result of a temporal paradox.