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When the line between our world and fiction begin to blur, one must wonder, what is real and what is the stuff of dreams? Here, you will be introduced to a fan favorite scene from this book. Learn of heartfelt quotes from those in the novel. Explore the behind-the-scenes story behind its creation. Be entertained with artwork and memes related to this narrative. Like the mysterious man hidden in Kimberly's comic books, there is a multitude of Easter Eggs and secret knowledge that will be revealed along your journey on this page.

“To give her a proper name would limit her somehow, confine her perfection. The word sunset does not begin to encompass the beauty of what nature provides us each day.” – Logan


Fan Favorite

A scene selected from the book.

The final scene involving Rebecca is when she visits Logan  as he is shattered emotionally after his dream of finally meeting his muse doesn't go according to the vision he had of that experience. She gets what she wanted, seeing him hurt. It reveals how hallow and empty her existence is.

When she's leaving and sees Kimberly, she realizes that Logan's muse does exist. She insults the other woman. Kimberly trips Rebecca, but he interjects. He tells her to not continue the confrontation. It shows that he is not clinging to the pain inflicted upon him by others in the past. He has chosen to move forward with the positive elements in his life.


“She is like air in my lungs. Without her I would suffocate. She is my heartbeat. My body would grow cold to the touch without her presence within me. She is the light of my day and the soft glow of the moon at night.” – Logan

Relevant Images


“If an angel leaves the blessed light of heaven to pursue vengeance upon the devil, all she does is bring a divine being into the darkness, possibly never to return, becoming just another lost soul. I would sooner take your place in an eternity of damnation then to see you face such a fate.” – Logan

Origin Story:
Artistic Inspiration

An original concept was a woman drawing a man she didn't know existed in the privacy of her home. A sister ridiculing her in thinking she was weird to draw this mystery man so often. One of many small elements that were later used as inspiration for the final concept.

Alex Ross, an artist well known for his lifelike versions of comic book characters greatly inspired Logan. His work on Marvels being highly influential to the author concerning the possibilities of artwork. It is because of his style of visuals related to comic book characters that helped create the basis of the plot. Alex has done series where he did the artwork for the cover while another artist created the content for the interior of the mini-series which is the core idea of this story.

Kimberly being a comic book artist was greatly inspired by the author's own interest in that form of storytelling. He has been interested in them since he was a kid. The idea of her including "the mystery man" was an ideal way to link the pair together. Being exposed to conventions and cosplay was also sources of ideas derived from the author's own life in that he's dressed up as Batman at Comicon.


There was consideration to end the story with them meeting, but the author wanted a more realistic reaction from Kimberly. Her questioning the fairy tale created a better sense of what it would be like to be exposed to a scenario like this. The ending is left ambiguous and left open to interpretation until you read the novel: Dryad's Dream


Origin Story:
The Real World

A real-world event when the team behind a Batgirl redesign created a new approach to her appearance in 2014 inspired the core of the plot when it came to the events taking place within the fictional comic book industry, Tagonist Comics. They moved away from the spandex, form fitting costume to something more realistic. A leather jacket instead of a skintight top. A cape that visibly clasped onto the shoulders. Little details like this caught the attention of the author who was a cosplayer, someone who creates costumes of their favorite characters, could more easily recreate. That's when it hit him, what if an entire comic book company went for a redesign like that. He knew it would lead the two people together with her comic book involvement and his realistic drawings.

When the author first began writing the book, there was no connection to what was then the stand alone novel, Heart of Ice. He realized that Penelope was acting a lot like a female version of Mitch, from what would eventually develop into the Noble Souls Trilogy. That's when he had the idea that this book was set in that reality, and that the pair were siblings. It wasn't until the development of  Queen's Court that he fully committed to this concept of Mitch and Penelope being brother and sister. The group from this novel make an appearance in the final book of the trilogy, Dearly Beloved, for those who want to revisit the cast.

The original draft was too short for what the author felt to be a full length novel. There was a leap from Logan disappearing to him coming back again. The scene at the convention with the woman dressed in a Sparkle uniform, the pair of women at the restaurant, and the idea of the artist disappearing into the comics, all of that came about in a later draft after originally completing the book. 

“A touch of a single fingertip upon a woman’s skin should be treated with as much care and concern for perfection as a stroke of a paintbrush upon an empty canvas.” – Logan

Easter Eggs and Inspiration


Logan deliveries a painting to a Martha. A reference to Martha Wayne (Batman) and Martha Kent (Superman).


The delivery driver helping Logan with his paintings is named Jimmy, after Jimmy Olsen from Superman comics.


In Disney's Tarzan, Jane draws his intense eyes. Penelope refers to this scene in the opening of Chapter 2.


On page 26, "The Incredible Quartet" is a reference to Marvel Comics: The Fantastic Four.

Classic Trinity.jpg

On page 29, Eugene refers to "the big three" which is DC Comics: Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman.


The "Sparkle" character is inspired by Jubilee, from Marvel's X-Men comics.


On page 39, Vengeful Knight Productions is a reference to the DC comics character: Batman.


On page 39, Speeding Bullet Publications refers to the DC comics character: Superman.


On page 39, Amazon Warrior Comics refers to the DC comics character: Wonder Woman.


On page 50 Logan thinks about a homeless child untying a giant knot, a reference to the novel Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli.


Kimberly meets a fan of her work, a teacher and his wife. He is named Jack, after Jack Kirby, famous comic book artist.

9071795_orig (2).jpg

The Greek myth of a sculptor bringing his creation to life is the story of Pygmalion and Galatea.


Marv, the comic book store owner, is modeled after "comic book guy" from the Simpsons.


Marv is named after a shortened version of the word Marvel. As in Marvel Comics.


In Chapter 7, Penelope jokes about erasing people's memories during an interview, a reference to the movie: Men in Black.


The series that Kimberly worked on, Mystery Alliance, is a reference to my previously published book: Mystical Alliance.


In Chapter 8, Clevramd Comics, is DMarvelC spelled backwards. DC and Marvel, the two largest comic book companies.

paradoxdreamer  Heart of Ice 1.jpg

Page 136, Penelope's brother is Mitch from the Noble Souls Trilogy.


Page 261/262, the woman with red hair dressed as a knight hints at Gemini making an appearance.


On Page 150, Penelope is referring to commentary made in the second season of the animated series: Justice League.

Ross 17.jpg

Page 195, Logan Ross is named after Alex Ross, who inspired the lifelike comic book artwork.


On page 217, Logan is referring to the book that the grandfather is reading to his grandson in the movie "Princess Bride".

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby make a cameo during the meeting on pages 235-236. They are famous in the world of comic books.

What_If__Vol_1_1 (2).jpg

On Page 258, Kimberly repeats the phrase "What if...?" which is a reference to a comic series of the same name. 


Page 269, the fan starts to say "Chris Claremont", the creator of Jubilee, the character that inspired "Sparkle" in the book.


Logan disappears for three months, the same amount of time that Superman vanished after his death before returning.


"Cave of Solitude" refers to the Batcave (Batman) and Fortress of Solitude (Superman), a place where each find sanctuary. 

Kimberly and Penelope work for a comic book company called Tagonist Productions. This is a reference to Tagonist Knights Publishing, the same company you are now visiting the website of. In an early draft it was "Paradox Productions" but after creating Tagonist Knights Publishing, the author made the change in the book in honor of this. 

Dis - Copy.jpg

“The greatest wonders of this world began with faith in the impossible, a creation from the depths of one’s imagination, something truly beautiful from nothing.” – Logan

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