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So, you've made it this far, have you? It takes dedication to find this page hidden deep within the Tagonist Knights Website.


Quotes from the novel found on this page will give a hint of the fascinating and wonderous world of the Primordial Quaternity. Learn about a fan favorite scene as those in the novel face against impossible odds. Catch your breath from this impending threat to enjoy entertaining memes and related artwork. Learn about the origins of not only this book but the ongoing series. Before you depart, take a moment to learn of the hidden truths seeded throughout the novel that gives greater insight into interesting details about the book.

“I know all too well that ignoring the thunder of hooves striking soil in the distance will not make the charging army that is about to come up over the hill to go away.” – Airmid


Fan Favorite

A scene selected from the book.

The opening scene is straight out of a horror movie. This ink like thing oozing up from the basement, slowly killing things. First, insects and small rodents hiding underneath the home. The family dog becomes prey before it attacks its first human victim. The sudden shift of focus of this scared little girl hiding behind her bed as she hears the screams and shouts of what is happening to her family is terrifying. Then, when she sees something strike the wall and fall before her... The remains of someone she loved. It is a gut wrenching experience to think that she's next. Then, when the bed is flung away, this demonic entity threatening her life and the audience thinks she's going to face the same fate... And then she is saved.


“Of course, the idea of dying a terrible, terrible death without knowing where the terrible, terrible death is coming from is not a wonderful choice either.” – Esper

Relevant Images


“We have the next few days to give you a crash course on how to stop a demon.” – Scythe

Origin Story:
2020 Happened

A pandemic struck the world as a virus spread across the globe killing millions of people. Everything that felt like it was out of the pages of a fictional narrative, occurred. A power mad insane person in control of the United States, the world sliding into a nightmarish existence, it was the reality in which the author first attempted to write a book called "Tomb of Mankind". It was a much older idea involving a viral outbreak that kills most of human life and a benevolent artificial intelligence attempts to prevent the extinction of the human race.

It became far too depressing to write about a setting that was a little too reflecting of current events. So, the author dug up a collection of older ideas and cobbled together a horror story based off an abandoned concept from years ago. 

The Primordial Quaternity series is the combination of two much older ideas. The first is a team of supernatural beings trying to save the world. This included a female vampire, Frankenstein's monster, an ancient Egyptian spirit who was a former slave using an artifact to take mortal form, a werewolf, and a man whose legacy includes a hunter of supernatural beings and a magical artifact collectors. The only elements of that concept was a listing scribbled on a piece of paper.

The second source of ideas was a series of four stories. A man trying to exact revenge on vampires. A half demon/half mortal slayer of anything she deemed as evil, similar to Judge Dredd in she was judge, jury, and executioner as a vigilante. There was a psychic trying to help spirits in need. Lastly, a little girl's family is murdered by a demon and a mysterious stranger arrives to help her. The combination of these ideas pooled together as inspiration for this book.


Origin Story:
Old Ideas

The original four-story concept involved a group of "protectors of the light" that were inspired by the Dresden Files where a council essentially policed magic and prevented evil things from taking over. Yet, they were just as ruthless and in the view of many, just as bad as the evil they stood against. In the original draft involving the four stories in one, this faction of protectors is attacked by equally powerful factions of "evil" beings that steal four powerful magical objects that they want to use against their enemies. Then it becomes a battle among the "evil" forces vying for control and the survivors of the forces of "good".

Inspiration struck the author when he was at his day job, hammering out the details one morning while working. Four stories, four elements. Perfect. No more generic good versus evil, it was now four ancient tribes. Each of the elements being unique and helped define how each of them functioned. It was during the writing of the novel that more refined details behind each one was developed.

Only two of the original concepts were kept. Aethel and Emma's opening scenes being practically word for word the same as the first draft. Quinn and Scythe was similar until the issue with the murdered woman was resolved. Greater development of the teenage girl was added and a new scene between Quinn and the spirit of the victim was inserted. The first meeting with the three sisters with Aethel seeking information remained the same. The rest was new material.

The author liked the original concept of the son of a hunter and a collector. Add in influences from Penelope from the Criminal Minds series as a computer tech expert that is mostly a voice on the phone led to Henry and Esper.

Origin Story:
Multiple Changes

Of the original four ideas, the author didn't like the demon woman. She was too dark and Aethel had that brooding loner concept covered. Secondly, the was an alteration concerning the origins of a demon which eliminated her origin story. The second was a man searching for vengeance. That went nowhere in the original draft, that story was cut completely. Although... The scene of Henry meeting with a group of vampire hunters and being attacked at the end of Crystal of Air, all of that was from the original draft involving these cut scenes of a man trying to get revenge. So, not all was lost from that story arc.

There was a need for a fourth element and so the author thought of a love story involving a vampire woman, linking to the second of two older concepts that had a female vampire in the group of supernatural beings. Her with a normal, vanilla type guy struggling to keep up with all of these fantastic elements felt ideal way to introduce the audience to this mystical world through his eyes.

The author had every intention for it to be a good versus evil story, but during the creation of the narrative, he realized that the solution would not be that easy and that's how the narrative evolved. Also, he hadn't worked out the details concerning how spirits worked, spiritual energy, what the four Quaternity were like and how they functioned in larger society. All of that was a bit of mystery as he began writing the novel. It was a learn as you go experience.

The story became therapeutic, finding hope in a dark chapter in human history that was life at the time. As the series has continued, the ongoing question of, how does one save the modern world? So far, the answer is just out of reach.


“I would rather hear a clumsy truth than flowery poetry hiding the man I love from me.” – Carmilla

Easter Eggs and Inspiration


Quinn's attempts to contain and dissipate spiritual energy, is inspired by the mythology in the Supernatural TV series.


The inspiration for the evil spirit is from the movie: 13 Ghosts, the one from the junkyard claiming new victims.


Henry is essentially the grandson of Indiana Jones who was Henry Jones Junior.


The concept of artifacts, those who collect them like Henry, was inspired by the Warehouse 13 TV series.


Lot #665 being a music box refers to the opening of the Phantom of the Opera musical.


The auction house is inspired by a similar location in the movie Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. 

Colorful Balloons

Henry turned 26 in May, referring to the author's birthday, May 26th.


Milo is named after the main protagonist in the movie, Atlantis: The Lost Empire.


Carmilla is named after the first female vampire in literature.


The girl sitting in a police car after the murder of her family is inspired by a scene from the TV show: CSI.

R (7).jpg

On page 41, Aethel refers to Emma's ancestor, Nimue, who is the wife of Merlin in a TV miniseries.


Aethel means noble, often referring to a king or queen.


Nuwa is the name of a goddess in Chinese mythology and credited for creating humanity.


The Phantom of the Opera musical was based off a French novel published in 1910.


The teen heartthrob that Henry speaks of is Elvis Presley.


On page 65, Quinn's comment about massaging her brain refers to a joke on the Simpsons.


On page 78, Carmilla's father's victims being called "brides" refers to the brides of Dracula.


The three sisters represent several trios of women in mythology, including the three fates of Greek Mythology.


The youngest sister makes several references to the three witches from the play Macbeth.


Airmid is the name of an Irish goddess with connections to herbal remedies and healing.


Ponzi is named after Charles Ponzi, a con artist who that led to the term: Ponzi Scheme.

R (1).jpg

The vampire reference on page 113 is a book series and television show called “The Strain”.


Carmilla was born in 1872 because the novel of the same name, which inspired her name, was published in that year.


The story about the rabbit is called the Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams.

300-poster (1).jpg

300 men against a Persian army refers to a myth of 300 Spartan Warriors fighting off an invasion to their homeland. 

paradoxdreamer 1.jpg

Esper relates to a race of small beings, which are the gnomes from Mystical Alliance and Knowing Gnowing. 


Henry's great grandfather is inspired by the father of Indiana Jones.


The Ark of the Covenant connected to Henry's family refers to the plot of the first Indiana Jones movie.


On page 179, the 5th and 6th century is the era of King Arthur.


The road named after a Scottish king is Old MacBeth Road, which can be found in South Carolina.


Lindita means, the day is born, marking her as the first of the three fates.


Asha means “alive and well” which marks her as the middle of the three fates from Greek Mythology.


The name Morana means death. The third of the fates is meant to end someone's life.


The playwright that is mentioned is Shakespeare, alluding to the three witches in the Macbeth play.


Mesopotamia is mentioned on page 200. It is believed that it is where human life first began.


On page 214, Henry's story of the Holy Grail refers to plot of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Pink Blossom

Sarilia is a name that means “relating to springtime”.


Morris Code was used as a plot device against aliens in the movie: Independence Day.


On page 234, Esper nearly says, "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego." A fictional theif.

R (3).jpg

On page 264, the movie of vampires and werewolves refers to Underworld.

R (4).jpg

The origins of Aethel as a servant is inspired by the movie: Sword in the Stone.


Myrddin Wyllt was the name of the historical figure that was the inspiration for Merlin.

The ending blindsided the author as much as it would an audience first reading the story. He had every intention of the book series leading into water with them meeting the Alchemist in the next novel. The last ten pages changed all of that setting the stage for Crystal of Air. Despite the unexpected difference at the end, the writer could not be happier with that happening, because he loves it when a story takes on a life of its own. It also forever altered the course of the larger storyline. Originally it was Earth, Water, Air, and then Fire. Now it will be Earth, Air, Fire, and finally Water. Why? That, dear readers, is a story for another day...


“You've been hanging out with a spirit of a murdered woman for five days and you're questioning the logic of all this?” – Scythe

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