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Delve into a world that is an amalgamation of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and yes, even romance. Learn more about this mysterious walled city through a behind the scenes look into its creation. Be inspired by the Easter Eggs that will help you learn more about hidden truths. Explore the world through quotes and related artwork. Delve deeply into the story through a favorite scene selected by the audience. In the end, while borrowing from these various genres, at its heart, this is a murder mystery. Can find the answers your seek?

“I will die the way I lived. Surrounded by the dead, with bits and pieces of their flesh splattered all over me.” - Patricia


Fan Favorite

A scene selected from the book.

With each new novel that is presented to the public, there will be an expected period of time for those to find a copy of the book and read through the story that is found within its pages. Tagonist Knights Publishing knows that there may not be a favorite scene provided by an audience member for some time, especially after a primary and secondary book page is established for the first time. So, as of this moment, there is not a favorite scene to feature for this narrative.

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“To end a life leaves a wound upon the soul, those who are connected to the event, and the world itself feels a pain when it occurs.” - Adriana

Relevant Images

Crimson Ghost

“A governing body that allows the death of even a single citizen for what they claim is the greater good is unworthy of the position of authority that they have over others.” - Adriana

Origin Story:
Just an Idea

The Human Born series began as an idea for the author, one that multiple books were written about before he gave up on it nearly a decade before returning to the series and in some cases, completely re-writing the origins. Blood Oath, Arcane Inheritance, Emerald Intrigue, and Garden of Gaia all had complete novels that needed a lot of work and was nearly re-written to create something original from the previous rough drafts. However, the foundation was there for those novels. Even that of Replicating Life had something to work from earlier stories. The story was never completed, but the names of those involved, the concept, much of the groundwork was there to work from as the author returned to these concepts.

An idea for this novel was hinted at back with the original series concept. Each story would branch out into the next. Originally the stolen dragon egg in Emerald Intrigue would reach this city and that would spark this branch off a story. However, other novel ideas took over and there is only a mention of it in that novel.

With each new re-write of a book in the series, that pushed the next novel beyond its original creation. Instead of narratives branching off from one another, it became a linear series. The core concept of each book being a standalone story where you don't need to read previous books to know what is going on. It also refers to, involves people from, and grows from the previous books for fans who read the whole series. Each new story builds upon what came before it as the world develops.


Origin Story:
Much Larger Book

The core of the story began with wanting to include all four genres more directly due to the gods being involved in its construction. Sci-fi and fantasy led to the concept of the golems being a merging of stone and machinery. Horror became an underlying element.

The original draft was much longer with several sub-plots that were eventually eliminated. One being the elf woman from Emerald Intrigue, Delora, was revived and she makes it her mission to help protect her brother from the leader of the elves. She is the one who murders the elf leader leading to the scene where his burned body is discovered. The story was taken out to streamline the narrative. The little brother is mentioned in the scene with the council ruling the city as the junior member and Delora's recovery is linked to being aided by Adriana.

Multiple scenes involving the "Temple" was eliminated, keeping only a few key elements. What came as a surprise to the author that the story developed more so into a murder mystery. It became a focus on who was involved with misleading information as to who was responsible.

The original draft had the main group of people, with Delora still involved in the narrative, heading underground. A hoard of zombies chase them down through a corridor where a group of golems help them down a massively long fall to reach a giant object hanging in the air deep under the city. It is through this that Adriana connects to the god deep underground with the hopes of healing his troubled soul.

“One must think beyond the boundaries of reality and the limitations of our mortal form if we are going to be able to stop something greater than our comprehension.” - Sophia

Easter Eggs and Inspiration


Chuthul is the letters of Cthulhu rearranged. Cthulhu is a cosmic entity created by writer H.P. Lovecraft.


In Greek mythology, Theseus killed the minotaur.

Free Range Cow

Page 6, cows have a better sense of smell than dogs.

paradoxdreamer  Emerald Intrigue 1 (1).jpg

Page 28, Ramone is the brother of Delora from Emerald Intrigue.


Page 29, Daphne is named after a naiad from Greek Mythology.


Page 30, Muramasa is named a sword maker who created several "cursed" weapons.


Sargon is named after the first ruler of the Akkadian Empire.


Jophiel is named after an angel in Christian and Jewish mythology.

R (1).jpg

The name Mabuz, means Ruler of Death Castle.

Sophia Jex-Blake

Sophia is named after Sophia Louisa Jex-Blak, the first practicing female doctor in Scotland


Page 46, Kersh is the rearranged lettering of Shrek, an ogre made famous from a movie franchise.

Manfred Clynes

Pages 52, Manfred Clynes was an Austrian scientist, inventor, and musician

Nathan Kline

Page 52, Nathan S. Kline was an American scientist.

starryai-0-1018355059-1-0-photo (1).png

Daisy first appeared in the novel: Replicating Life.

paradoxdreamer ebook.jpg

Daisy's experiences with an artificial human are detailed in the novel: Replicating Life.


Page 90, the blue and red bottles are a reference to magic replenishment and healing potions in video games.

Jon Brower Minnoch

Charles weighs the same as Jon Brower Minnoch, the heaviest human ever recorded.

Matthew_Allen_Dickerson_1 - Copy.jpg

Page 106, Patricia is referring to a quote originally spoken at the end of the novel: Lexia's Legacy.

Glass Mosiac

Page 108, four gods are represented. Mathematics in the mosaic design represent Nikola.


Page 108, Gaia is represented in the mosaic by the Tree of Life.

Paper Cut Heart

Page 109, Twin Flame is represented by the heart.


Page 109, the need for blood of the living represents Lillith. 

Paradoxdreamer_2_front (2).jpg

Page 132, the conflict between the European Alliance and the Greek Empire is explored in the novel: Arcane Inheritance.


On page 153, the dragons are featured in the novels Emerald Intrigue and Garden of Gaia.


Much of what Sophia mentions concerning her father occurred in the novel: Blood Oath.

Four Sunfire.jpg

Page 179/180, the unique form of telling time was first introduced in the Sunfire Chronicles.


Page 193, 14,000,605 is the number of possible futures Dr. Strange viewed with only one solution in Avengers: Infinity War.


Page 198, Daisy being warned before entering the city refers to Lubomir speaking to her at the end of the novel: Replicating Life.

Paradoxdreamer_2_front (2).jpg

Page 216, the powerful mage stopping a being of energy was in the novel: Arcane Inheritance.

paradoxdreamer ebook.jpg

Page 217, Daisy meets the ancestor of Merlin at the end of the novel: Replicating Life.

Book Shelf

Page 229: Science fiction = Nikola. Fantasy = Gaia. Horror = Lilith. Romance = Twin Flame. A reference to the four gods. 

R (7).jpg

Page 229/230, the first three levels of magic are introduced in the Merlin miniseries.

Martin King

Page 237, the wise man Adriana is quoting is Martin Luther King.


Page 259, the final line of the chapter refers to a scene from the 1984 Ghostbuster's movie.


Page 267, Nikola has assumed a version of the "gray" alien popular in science fiction.

paradoxdreamer ebook.jpg

Page 271 reveals hidden truths hinted at in the novel: Replicating Life.

Four Sunfire.jpg

Page 272, the home world of the Erocatad, a race of synthetic beings in the Sunfire Chronicles, is called Alpha Prime.


Page 282, Delora and her fate is featured in the novel: Emerald Intrigue.


Page 301, Gaia met Dryad from the Sunfire Chronicles. 

The world that Adriana visits is that of the Primordial Quaternity books. She takes up the role of the Knight of Revelations, what will one day be bestowed upon Phoenix. A rather fitting role in that she is the first to learn about what it is like to be a Tagonist Knight, their limitations, and the role they are meant to fulfill. The series falls under that genre of literature that the Knight of Revelations is involved with and it felt like an ideal place for her to learn more about her role as the first Tagonist Knight.


“I wouldn’t respect you if you weren’t a little vicious.” - Patricia

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