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It takes dedication to find this page hidden deep within the Tagonist Knights Website.


Here you will learn of a fan favorite scene and discover the existence of time travel. Explore the origins of the story and how it came to be. Enjoy memes and related artwork concerning this fascinating topic. On this page you will be presented an assortment of Easter Eggs and hidden treasures much like Felicity when she found herself in her past. Although, in her case, it was by accident. You may not be empathic like her, but several quotes that are provided will allow you into the thoughts of these individuals before you go back to the future!

“What do I have to do to convince you that I love you? I traveled through the space-time continuum just to meet you and did it again so that I could spend a lifetime with you.” – Felicity


Fan Favorite

A scene selected from the book.

Near the end of the book, Felicity and Christopher are discussing the differences between the world he came from and the one he finds himself in. He is puzzled by the motivation of people who produce and share what they created without expecting money as payment in a world that no longer uses currency. Felicity explains that for a society of empathic individuals, those who can feel and experience the emotions of others around them, to create something and feel appreciation for what they've done feels good. Bringing joy into the lives of others is their motivation. By helping others and providing for one another with a mutual interest in our collective happiness, we as a society grow closer together.


“You’ve just proven the existence of time travel, and you’re already moving onto another project.” – Lynx

Relevant Images

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“We are a culmination of the lives of those who came before us, their accomplishments and failures, everything they have done has laid the groundwork for the world we are so blessed to live in.” – Felicity

Origin Story:
Purpose of a Life

The concept for the novel is rooted in the idea that the author was struggling with, was his life important? Is anything he did with his life going to affect the world in any way? What legacy was he going to leave behind? What impact would he make on history if any?

There was a time in the author's life that he did what Christopher created, writing down a chain of ideas from time travel, to multiple dimensions of existence, to a theory concerning deciphering human behavior. It was just ideas spilling out onto paper/computer screen.

The idea of a man who was dying at a young age, who hadn't lived his life due to this long term health condition, somehow affecting the future in a way he would never realize made him wonder, what if?

At the time, the author was feeling lonely which led to a time travel romance... The original draft concluded when Felicity and Christopher vanished. The author stopped because the thought of tackling what the future was going to be like was too overwhelming. It was too much for him to handle, so he gave up up on the project.

It wasn't until many years later that he picked up the idea again and finished the first complete draft. Once complete, he realized it was too short and extended several scenes including the tree standing in the place of Christopher's home's location, the interaction with the deer, and an explanation of animals no longer being pets, but roommates.


“Every time your species set limitations for themselves, you consistently break free from those boundaries time and again.” – Lynx

Easter Eggs and Inspiration


Lynx is the name of an antagonist in the game, Chrono Cross.

White Brick House

In the mind of the author, Felicity and Lynx arrive in what was once his childhood home.

Reading a Newspaper

The location of the newspaper is based off real world geography of the author's home town.

Colorful Balloons

The day that Felicity and Lynx arrive in the past is May 26th, which is the author's birthday.

Clock in Station

Felicity and Lynx use a way of telling time "rotations, cycles, and clicks" which is also used in the Sunfire Chronicles.

Modern Kitchen

The description of and layout of Christopher's home matches that of the author's house at the time he wrote this novel.


Christopher's name, Geisel, comes from Theador “Doctor” Seuss Geisel.


Christopher's name, Maury, comes from Jim Maury Henson.


Page 33, artwork made from dots of color is called Pointillism.

Reading Glasses

Each "future" word that Felicity and others introduces is a chain of words linked together and spelled backwards.


Christopher choosing red is due to it being the author's favorite color as well.


Felicity's mother is named after Beverly Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Felicity's Father is named after Jack Crusher, Beverly Crusher's husband from Star Trek.


Page 211, Felicity describes a merging of two individuals, which occurs between Frea and Ferno in Lexia's Legacy.


Page 258, the sequoioideae family refers to Redwood trees, the largest on Earth.

Christopher and Felicity's son is named after a famous author. Herbert George is the H.G. in H.G. Wells, the author of the novel “The Time Machine”. Often what an author introduces to the world in the form of fiction becomes reality. That was the hope of presenting this novel to the public, that one day the utopia that Felicity comes from will become our reality.


Lynx has a wisp of white hair much like Data did in the future in the final two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Laptop Writing

The words "Paradox Dreamer" is linked to the "storyteller". It was a user name the author often used online.

Tourist Couple with Map

Christopher's parents, Earl and Maxine, are the middle names of the author's parents.

“I’m empathic, not a mind reader, Christopher.” – Felicity

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