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It takes dedication to find this page hidden deep within the Tagonist Knights Website.


Dearly Beloved, we have gathered here today to celebrate a fan favorite scene found within the pages of this book. While here, you will be provided the opportunity to enjoy heartfelt quotes, charming memes, and fascinating artwork. Are you curious about how the story came to be? Here on the bonus page of this book, you can learn about the behind-the-scenes insight into its creation and the journey that led to this moment. Lastly, before you go, explore the Easter Eggs and hidden truths found throughout the novel.

“You are the breath that sustains me, the heartbeat in my chest, and the warmth that protects me on a chilly night. When I speak of how I feel, it is your name that crosses my lips, for it is the embodiment of what I cherish most in my life.” – Oliver


Fan Favorite

A scene selected from the book.

The final scene involving the wedding vows is one of those beautiful moments that is the culmination of three books. Oliver and Mina have struggled to overcome their issues with romance and love in the past. The poem that Oliver reads is beautiful. The final words of Mina describing a fairy tale is heartwarming and a great way to end the novel.

The favorite moment of that scene is when Mina feels like Oliver is too far away, even if he is within arm's reach, standing there before her. She needs to feel him close and moves forward, hugging him tightly. That interaction represented just how dearly they care about each other.


“As human beings, we are flawed, every one of us, and that is why we need to connect with others, to find those missing pieces to make us whole.” – Alice

Relevant Images

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“The scars of your memories are etched upon your soul, but they do not define who you are.” – Alice

Origin Story:
A Trilogy?

There were no plans for a sequel to Heart of Ice, let alone a trilogy. However, after Queen's Court, the author wanted to return to Oliver and Mina's relationship again to complete their story. Before writing the book, he knew the story would end with the wedding vows ceremony and that Mina would go off to Europe at one point. Sometimes small sparks of an idea lead to a novel being written.

This was the first book that the author used a three-act structure. In the case of this book, the main cast is introduced within the first 100 pages. Mina accepting her job that led to her life in Europe and being separate from Oliver was the focus of the second third of the novel. This allowed for Oliver's plight and his dealings with his mother to create tension that needed resolution. It also allowed for both Oliver and Mina to face their own personal obstacles without the other's strengths. The last third was focused on the reunited couple with the return of Mina, the proposal, preparing for the ceremony, and the wedding scene.

Originally, the novel was going to be just about Mina and Oliver, but it quickly revealed itself to be a mixture of a sequel to both Heart of Ice and their relationship as well as a follow up to Queen's Court to explore the relationship between Hoven and Alice. Fans of either couple can enjoy this book.

The author used a method of "who hasn't been in a scene together" approach. That's how Hoven and Mina ended up alone together or Mitch meeting with Oliver. Mina and Oliver's mother at the end was unexpected but provided unique insight to the "villain" of the series. The revelation that potentially changed Oliver's mother to be a sympathetic allowed the audience a new perspective.


“Not all lives lost to the darkness should forever be damned for the mistakes they have made in their past.” – Alice

Easter Eggs and Inspiration


Oliver is named after the cat from the movie: Oliver and Company.


Alice and Oliver's last name, Kent, is derived from Clark Kent.


Alice is named after the central character from Alice in Wonderland.


Mitch's last name, Bulsara, is the birth name of Freddie Mercury, lead singer of "Queen".


Penelope, Kimberly, and Logan were first introduced in the novel: Eye of the Beholder.

paradoxdreamer  Heart of Ice 1.jpg

On page 26, Mina compares Oliver to a flower, a reference to the front cover of the novel: Heart of Ice.

Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream

On page 36, Oliver mentions Cookie Dough ice cream, which is the author's favorite flavor.


Mystery Alliance is featured in the novel: Eye of the Beholder. Penelope and Kimberly are the creative team behind it.


Cara plays two online games, the first is Mystical Alliance, based on the novel of the same name.


Cara plays two online games, the second refers to the novel: Eclipse of the Sun.

Matthew_Allen_Dickerson - Copy.jpg

On page 150, Hoven reads to Alice the same story left for Christopher's parents at the end of the novel: In a Heartbeat.

R (2).jpg

On page 181, the phrase "a series of unfortunate events" was intentionally referring to the book series of the same name.


On page 196, Mitch refers to three ghosts visiting Oliver’s mother, a reference to the book: A Christmas Carol.


In Chapter 11, Roy is named and modeled after a character from the television show: Wings.


Katherine is named after the author's first cat, a black female stray he adopted as a child.


November 18th, when Oliver proposes, is the release date of the movie: Oliver and Company.

May 25th, the day of the wedding, is the day Tagonist Knights Publishing first launched.

Paradoxdreamer_front (3)_edited.jpg

Oliver's wedding speech, is a poem the author wrote years before creating the book.

The elder man who is doing the ceremony for the wedding has the exact same description given to the elder man from the novel: Tapestry of the Second Born. For those who have read that book, they know that the elder man in that novel is essentially God. Who better to fulfill the role of the wedding ceremony?


“You do realize the only reason I put up with you is that I’m mentally undressing you right now.” - Cara

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