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The crew of the Starship Sunfire is starting their maiden voyage after its reconstruction. Dryad and Brent wish to visit their respective home worlds with Hallie joining them. Gold attempts to help Parallax with the psychological damage done to her by the Oria, not knowing that the last among them is lurking in the synthetic woman's mind. Lexia and Glen are provided information concerning where her mother may be leading them to visit an unexplored planet. Before she leaves, she promotes Tedorn to acting captain in her absence. This leads to Ter as second in command. What could go wrong?

“Those that first stepped on board the Sunfire has changed, grown, developed, and become someone different than who they once were.” - Parallax


Fan Favorite

A scene selected from the book.

With each new novel that is presented to the public, there will be an expected period of time for those to find a copy of the book and read through the story that is found within its pages. Tagonist Knights Publishing knows that there may not be a favorite scene provided by an audience member for some time, especially after a primary and secondary book page is established for the first time. So, as of this moment, there is not a favorite scene to feature for this narrative.

If you are someone who has read this novel and would like to make a suggestion for a fan favorite scene, send a message to 


“Please don’t discuss our sex life in front of your sister.” - Dryad

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“You just overly simplified one of the greatest events to occur in this Universe into a single sentence.” - Eve

Origin Story:
Ah'va ik'ti.

The concept for this novel was playing around in the mind of the author for several years. After Tinker's Treasure, the idea of a character's name in addition to a descriptive word as potential titles led to the idea of Tedorn's Tales. A play on the word tails in that he has a tail. Beyond the title, not much was created for the story other than a random thought of, "What if Tedorn was put in charge as captain of the ship for one reason or another?"

Tedorn's Tales was originally meant to be the 6th book in the series but with Rua'So'Nid's Return expanding into a two-part narrative, that was pushed back. Inspiration was drawn from both the anthology concept of Gnowing Knowing with a series of short stories as well as the idea of a split novel that was used in the two stories format of the Twin Flame novel.

Tedorn's language has been slowly developed since its introduction in the Lexia's Legacy, the first in the series. Originally, he spoke broken English, but the author was inspired to start creating a unique language for him. As the series has progressed, his vocabulary has grown and the idea of presenting a way for an audience to learn his language surfaced. So, when a novel was going to be named after the Nimrev, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to help a reader to not learn how to speak the way he does or at least translate what he says.

As development of the novel progressed, there was space remaining after aligning translation of what was conveyed in the story. So, the author used this to not only teach what was being said but delving into the origins and deeper psychological and emotional development of acting captain Tedorn.


“I will provide credit for such accomplishments to the unique leadership of Captain Tedorn and Commander Ter.” - Parallax

Easter Eggs and Inspiration


The Starship Sunfire is named after that author's second car, a Pontiac Sunfire.


The fate of the original Sunfire and the creation of its latest version is explained in Liam's Legend.


The Cosmic Union is inspired by the Federation from Star Trek.


Gold is modeled after Star Trek: TNG's Guinan, named after Whoopie GOLDberg.

Periodic Table

Eleriont is a combination of the word "element" and "periodic" table of elements.


The Vostok is named after the first manned space exploration vehicle in human history.


Brent is named after Brent Spiner who played Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

starryai-0-1019694373-1-0-photo (1).png

The race of androids that Brent belongs to is called the Erocatad. It is the words Data Core spelled backwards.

Astronomical Clock

In the Sunfire Chronicles: Click = Minute, Cycle = Day, Phase = Month, Rotation = Year.


Glen is named after the creator of Battlestar Galactica, Glen Larson.


Lexia's time spent with her father, Liam, is found in the novel: Rua'So'Nid's Return.


Tedorn is the letters in "rodent" rearranged and his species, the Nimrev is "vermin" spelled backwards.


Rua'So'Nid is Dinosaur spelled backwards and a former member of the Sunfire crew.


Hallie is named after Hallie Todd who played Lal in Star Trek: TNG.


Yggdrasil is named after a tree in which all nine worlds is connected to in Norse Mythology.


Juliana is named after the wife of Data's creator from Star Trek: The Next Generation.


JT-S 2303 refers to the year Juliana was born and her two last names: Tainer and Soong from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

paradoxdreamer front (6).jpg

Page 61, Dryad interacting with Gaia and how this other person was affected is revealed at the end of the novel: Garden of Gaia.


The word Grimalkin means "old female cat".


Ter is named after and her appearance is that of Tyger, a cat the author adopted, named after the William Blake poem.


Avatar is a former member of the crew in the novel, Lexia's Legacy.

Paradoxdreamer_v2 - Copy.jpg

The encounter with the Dyson Sphere and Tinker's warning occurred in Tinker's Treasure.

Slot machines

The planet Sagev is Vegas spelled backwards, one of many references to Las Vegas and its gambling locations. 

Legacy Cover Full_edited.jpg

Page 87, "crew of misfits, refugees, and lost souls" refers to the 'teaser' text on the back of the novel: Lexia's Legacy.


Page 87, working for 6 rotations (days) and resting on the 7th refers to Hebrew and Christian creation mythology.


Trivilians greed and focus on accumulation of wealth is inspired by Star Trek's Ferengi.


Page 112, "Imagine a scene..." refers to the opening from: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Happy Puppy

Eninac is Canine spelled backwards which refers to dogs, an race of dog people.

Underwater Creatures

Aecatec is Cetacea spelled backwards. A Cetacea refers to mammals including whales.

Playing Poker

A "whale" is a term used for someone who spends a lot of money at a gambling.


The Narktar, warrior race of lizards, is greatly inspired by Star Trek's Klingons.


Xennial is a term used to refer to a generation born from 1977-1985 which the author belongs to.


The individual that Lexia and Glen encounter has a skeleton made from cartilage much like a shark.

While in a temporal nexus in the second novel of the series, Tinker's Treasure, Lexia encounters a woman named Gaia. The author intended even back then that it was the daughter of Dryad from the future. However, later, the author used the same name for a goddess in the Human Born series. At the time, he didn't plan for Dryad to travel between realities until later in the series, Dryad's Dream. Are they the same woman? No. However, to resolve this lingering unresolved plot element, Gaia reveals at the end of the book, Garden of Gaia, that she met Dryad during her time as a Tagonist Knight. That inspired her to create a race of plant people. In turn, this finally resolves who Gaia was that Lexia met. Dryad's daughter is named after the goddess that she became friends with and aided in the Human Born series.


“Every choice we make, emotion we experience, and thought that crosses our mind, has the potential to forever alter the course of history and send waves of change throughout the Universe.” - Lexia

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