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Two stories, separate realities, and parallel worlds. Meet Artemis and her friend Nashota. Learn more by delving into their thoughts. Discover more about this incredible tale through provided images. Explore the creation of this book with behind- the-scenes knowledge provided. Uncover unique information and veiled concepts that will enhance your experience.

“What we create. What we bring into this world. The lives we have experienced. All of which may provide a light in a dark world to guide others towards achieving their dreams.” - Artemis


Fan Favorite

A scene selected from the book.

Each performance by Artemis is an incredible experience, so it's difficult to pick just one. Even when she's alone and singing to herself in her hotel room are some of the most heartbreaking experiences for a reader. A favorite among them is when she is singing this incredibly inspirational song that starts out with her alone on stage. Yet, as the song progresses, other versions of herself appear on stage, each made from the same light emanating from her body. Soon there are dozens of them creating a choir of voices, each different notes sung by the same original woman. Visually it would be this awe-inspiring moment for an audience to see that play out in a movie or television version of this novel.

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“The only way I will ever emerge from the darkness is to expose my light to the world, and not let it be hidden any longer by a cloak of shadows.” - Artemis

Relevant Images

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“Being alone doesn't mean you're not loved.” - Nashota

Origin Story:
A Different Idea

The original concept was that the story starts out with a man having recently lost his wife to a long term illness. This would later be reflected in the death of the mother of Artemis in how she knew she was dying months before she passed. The man joins the talent competition to honor the memory of his wife who was a singer that never fulfilled her dream of doing so on stage.

He has no singing talent at all but goes anyway because he wants to feel a connection with her. When he attempts to sing, much to his surprise, he does so beautifully. The spirit of his wife gives him the ability to accomplish this miracle. Eventually people see her with him on stage. This is reflected in the final chapter where the Artemis and Belinti are together, one being a type of spiritual light.

The story was too depressing to write. Starting off that way was too painful for the author to proceed with the idea. So, he shelved the idea for years until he discovered the concept of a Twin Flame. That led to the idea of two people from separate parallel worlds existing next to one another, aware of the other's existence. Connecting with each other on a spiritual level felt perfect.

 The author wanted them to be unique and that's when he thought of the sun and the moon. That concept molded their appearance. Also, it was then he had the idea of bringing Gemini, the Tagonist Knight, into the story playing a role in both narratives. Her name meaning "twin" each time hinting at the truth.

By pure coincidence it was his 20th book published at the end of 2020. Twins, Twin Flame, Two, all being themes. He couldn't have planned it better. Perfect.


“My mother would tell me that tears are a message from our soul to the world around us, a reminder of its presence within us.” – Artemis

Easter Eggs and Inspiration


Artemis is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, twin sister of Apollo who was the sun god.


The mask that Artemis wears is a homage to the one worn by the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera.


Artemis symbolizes the moon, which is why the author chose her particular skin tone and sensitivity to light.


Artemis begins the story wearing all black to represent the darkness of a new moon.

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The name Nashota means "Twin", hinting at the truth of her being at the talent contest.

Violin Shop

Nashota plays the violin because it is the favorite instrument of the author.


On page 11, 909 and 910 refers to 1909 and 1910, the years the Phantom of the Opera was first published as a serial in '09 and as a book in '10.


On page 11, 986 refers to 1986, the year the Phantom of the Opera musical was first performed.


In Chapter 2, the man Nashota is referring to is Logan, from the novel: Eye of the Beholder.


Nashota dancing while playing a violin is inspired by a Lindsey Stirling who does both.


Eternal Illumination is a play on the title "The Inner Light", which the song's backstory refers to that TNG episode. 


Selene is a moon goddess representing the moon itself.

R (1).png

Neal Armstrong is the first man to step foot on the moon.

Twin Girls

Tomasa and Didymus are names that mean "Twin".


The story of Nashota's grandparents is based on the opening of the movie "Up".


Elbert is named after Elbert Frank Cox, the first black person in the world to receive a PHD in mathematics.


Elbert’s last name is honor of Katherine Johnson, who did mathematics for NASA.


Elbert Johnson represents the left side of the brain, reading, writing, and mathematics.


Manal is named after Manal AlDowayan, a contemporary artist from Saudi Arabia


Manal's last name is in honor of Dia Azzawi, a painter and sculptor from Iraq.


Manal Azzawi represents the right side of the brain, creativity and problem solving.


Janis Nicks is named after Janis Joplin who was a singer and songwriter from the 60s and 70s.


Janis Nicks is named after Stevie Nicks who was a singer and songwriter from the 60s and 70s.

Difference-Between-Soul-and-Spirit_Figure-2 (1).jpg

Where the first two judges is the mind, Janis represents the soul/spirit of a prson.


Nico is named after Nico Tortorella, an actor who came out as gender fluid.


Nico's last name comes from Asia Kate Dillon, a non-binary actor.


Where the others represent the mind and soul, Nico represents the body and the physical self.


A bespoke suit from Savile Row is the most expensive men's suits in the world.

Violin Shop

A Stradivarius violin is the most expensive violin in the world.


The oldest living plant is the Great Basin bristlecone pine, the tree that Artemis mentions in her story.

R (9).jpg

Lindsey Sterling auditioned on America's Got Talent, facing the same criticism that Nashota does.

Night Sky

Artemis feels most comfortable at night, in darkness, symbolic of her being the moon.

Ice Texture

Artemis prefers colder temperatures since the moon comes out at night.


Aaron is named after Aaron Rabe. known for his costume designs as a cosplayer.


On page 118, the quote "When a voice..." is from the novel: Tapestry of the Second Born.


On page 132, Artemis hints at the symbolism of the four judges: Mind, body, and soul.


The joke about the duck selling insurance refers to Aflac Inc., which uses a duck mascot.


Michelle is named after Torine Michelle from Norway.


Alan is named after Alan Walker, a British-born Norwegian DJ.


Kenneth is Keneth Nilsen, a Norwegian music producer known as K-391.


Mattias is named after Mattias Braan, a Swedish DJ known as Mangoo.


Martin is named after Martin Tungevaag, a Norwegian artist who goes by his last name.

The author knew that Tammy and Nashota would be the same person, somehow existing in two separate worlds at the same time. What better way to introduce the world to Gemini, Knight of the Rose. She became the second appearance of a Tagonist Knight, the other being Paradox who played an increasingly larger role within the Sunfire Chronicles. Having the opportunity to use the text created for this website into one of his novels was an incredible moment for him. It allowed him to explain how this wonderful union between Artemis and Belinti took place and present one of the Tagonist Knights.


“Please don’t say disparaging words about your behavior or yourself. If you are to be both damsel and dragon, I will adorn myself in my armor to save you from your own forked tongue and to protect the gentle soul that I first met.” – Artemis

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