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So, you've made it this far, have you? It takes dedication to find this page hidden deep within the Tagonist Knights Website.


Imagine your dreams were gateways to other realities, not creations of your mind. Experience this journey with Dryad as the crew of the Sunfire confront a former friend. Learn more about those involved through quotes and their reality through related artwork/images provided. Delve deeply into the narrative by learning about the story behind its origins. Explore the hidden truths and easter eggs that are found throughout the book. Are you prepared for a journey through the multiverse? Close your eyes and dream of another world...

“The problem is that the only one who had any information about it was Suzie, that psychotic little girl who tried to kill us.” – Lexia

Say Hello - The Cast of Dryad's Dream

“She has to be stopped at any cost. I don’t want to be the one to do it, but if someone must end her, it will be me who pulls the trigger.”


Human Captain

“I don’t want anyone else and never will. If something happens to you, no one will ever take your place.”


Human Swordsman

“One small step for me, one giant leap for botanical kind.”


Humanoid Plant

“Human history has proven that those who seek to focus their anger, hatred, and prejudice towards a single enemy will find a new opponent when the previous one is eliminated.”


Android Zenobiologist

“Ah’ix ‘ky me’ka be’ooz oss’ay ix‘ky me’ka. Ah’na ix’ky me’ka be’ooz ya’ay ya’na iv’ma.”


Gerbil Engineer

“Is this the part where you tell me what I’m supposed to do? I’ll just ignore whatever it is you just told me to do unless I’m interested in doing it anyway.”


Cat Theif

“Everything is so much more interesting in my mind than anything I’ve ever actually encountered.”


Synthetic Being

“Eventually, all life must shed its innocence and learn the truth of this reality.”


Synthetic Human

“I keep forgetting that your mind is limited in its understanding of the Universe and the possibilities of the potential of what can exist.” – Zoon

Relevant Memes/Artwork

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“Oh yes, humans in general are the most peculiar creatures I have ever encountered throughout my entire existence. So many fluids that get everywhere.” – Zoon

Origin Story:
If only...

Before he began writing the previous book, the author was aware of the series of series of the tragic events that would conclude that novel. He was preparing for how it would open up the gateway for Dryad to visit other realities. It was an idea he had been playing around with, that if any book series connected with the multiverse, it would be the Sunfire Chronicles. It was exciting for him to visit the various realities from other storylines that he had previously published. 

There was an established plan for this to be the middle book of the trilogy, where the author had prior knowledge that everything would en in tragedy. It was his homage of the the original Star Wars trilogy, where the Empire won against the rebels in the second movie and they lost someone close to them.

Among other details revealed in this book, it confirms an ambiguous ending of the novel: Eye of the Beholder. Is the "cartoon" world real, or just a fictional reality in Logan's mind? Was it just a dream? Dryad's visitation proves it exists. 

The author has been fascinated with multiple realities since he was in high school. It has been a long standing beleif that one of the ways one could connect with these other realities was in our dreams. There is an episode of the Justice League the animated series that hinted that the creators of comic books were writing about these other realities. Unknown to them, the stories they were telling actually existed somewhere in the multiverse, as seen in their minds.

Dryad becomes the Knight of the Cosmos, replacing Parallax at the end. This book left several major cliff hangers that took two full books to resolve.

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“One, two, mommy is coming for you… Three, four, you are at death’s door… Five, six, no more of your tricks… Seven, eight, she has sealed your fate… Nine, ten, never threaten me again…” – Suzie

Easter Eggs and Inspiration


A "rotation" is one year, inspired by the phrase "rotation of the galactic axis" from the movie: Galaxy Quest.


The Cosmic Union was greatly inspired by the Star Trek Universe, The Next Generation being my favorite.

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The opening scene is set in the world of the Age of Shadows, the creatures are vampires from Silhouette of the Moon.


Brent is named after Brent Spiner, who played Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation

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The empty container that Dryad used to sleep in was first introduced in Lexia's Legacy.


The Starship Sunfire is named after the author's second car, a Pontiac Sunfire.


On page 6, Dryad is quoting an astronaut, Neil Armstrong. “That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”


How Lexia is tied to the origins of Jamahe is found in the novel: Parallax's Paradox.

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Tinker, a former crew member is often mentioned. He was in the first two books of the series.


Suzie was first introduced in the novel, Tinker's Treasure along with Frank, her creation.


Tedorn gets his name from rearranging the letters in the word "Rodent".


Tedorn's species, the Nimrev, is the word "Vermin" spelled backwards.


Dryad activates her energy shields by saying, "Engage". This is a reference to Captain Picard from Star Trek: TNG.


Rua'So'Nid, a former crew member, left the series at the end of Tinker's Treasure.


The race of androids that Brent belongs to is called the Erocatad. It is the words Data Core spelled backwards.


The opening of Chapter 2 refers to the novel: Prisoner of Silence.


In both Chapter 1 and 2, the voice telling Dryad to leave is Raven, Knight of Shadows.

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The way Raven speaks, is similar to the witch from the novel: Silhouette of the Moon


Glen is named after the creator of Battlestar Galactica, Glen Larson, since he was once Nolyc.


On page 28, the story of the father and son refers to Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise.


Frea and Ferno are former crew members that departed the series at the end of the first novel: Lexia's Legacy.


On page 32, Brent mentions two dreams. The first refers to the novel: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?


On page 32, the second dream Brent mentions refers to the movie "I, Robot" and the dream Sunny creates a drawing of.


The opening of Chapter 3 is a reality introduced in the novel: Eye of the Beholder.

Gemini Solo.png

The woman that Dryad speaks to in the opening of Chapter 3 is Gemini, Knight of the Rose.


In Chapter 3, Liam is wearing is an outfit modeled after Malcom Reynolds, the captain of the Serenity of the Firefly TV series.

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Why is one of the Oria acting differently than the rest? The answer is revealed in the 6th book of the Sunfire Chronicles.

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The opening of Chapter 4 refers to the first story in the anthology: Knowing Gnowing.

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Gold, a former crew member, is the first to use the phrase "Brave Warrior" for Dryad in the novel: Tinker's Treasure.


“They’re here” while staring at a screen filled with static is a refers to the movie, Poltergeist.

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The opening of Chapter 5 involves Alice, from the Noble Souls Trilogy.


“Prepare for trouble. Make that double. Yeah, that’s right!” is spoken by Team Rocket from the Pokemon TV series.

Fiery Sun

On page 90, experiment 5,778 refers to the surface temperature of the sun using the Kelvin scale.

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On page 96, Parallax creates an outfit for herself mimicking the one worn by Lexia.


I drew inspiration in how to reveal Parallax's mental state from the TV show: Criminal Minds. 

Big Cat

The word Grimalkin mans "old female cat", first introduced in the novel: Lexia's Legacy.

Green Eyed Cat

Pintac, the home world of the Grimalkin, is the word "Catnip" spelled backwards. 


Frank first appeared in the novel: Tinker's Treasure, and is named for Frankenstein's Monster.


A wolpertinger is from German folklore, a mythical rabbit.


"Come to an accord" is a line from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.


On page 116, Glen refers to his former identity "Nolyc" which is Cyclon spelled backwards.


Ter is named after and her appearance is that of Tyger, a cat the author adopted, named after the William Blake poem.


Gertrude is an inventor and a protagonist in the novel, Mystical Alliance.

Paradox Solo.png

On page 127, Dryad is referring to Paradox, Knight of the Cosmos.


"May the... Be with you..." Refers to Star Wars, "May the Force be with you."


How Glen was introduced back into Lexia's life and was transformed, is found within the novel: Lexia's Legacy.


The plant with sharp teeth refers to "Little Shop of Horrors".


The fork design that Glen is using to eat is modeled after what was used in Star Trek.